Messages 1984 to 2000

Mary Magdalene: Personal Communication.

July 9, 1992

Received by D.L.


I love you, my dear brother in Christ, and I come to you today most happily to convey to you and to the wonderful trustees of the church my humblest thanks for the very fine work you are all doing to spread the Truths of our Father far and wide into the world which is in such desperate need for both His Truths and, more importantly, His Divine Love. I am your humble sister in Christ, known to you as Mary Magdalene, but now simply one of God’s children who resides in one of His glorious Celestial Spheres, and among those who similarly have undergone a transformation of soul to have become our Father’s true, divine children. And, of course, with me is my beloved soulmate, Jesus, who is Master of the Celestial Heavens, yet one who often comes to the sometimes forbidding atmosphere of the earth plane to help those who hunger for they know not what, or who are reaching out with their souls for the Father’s Love and Assistance to bring them out of their despair and restore their lives to one of hope and happiness.

And, of course, my beloved Jesus many times comes to you and to the trustees to offer his presence, love and support for all your efforts on behalf of the Kingdom. You must never feel that any of you are alone and without the support of your guardian angels and the good and loving spirits who are only too willing to serve you in your efforts and your wonderful work for the Father. I know that you sometimes doubt this, thinking that such high and good spirits must have much more important work to accomplish than to spend their time on the earth plane helping you. But in this thought you are greatly mistaken. Surely you must know that there is no work for the Father that is regarded to be unimportant or insignificant. And when the work undertaken involves something so momentous as the very salvation of humankind, how could we ever regard this as not worthy of our undivided and sustained attention?

I know that, in your thoughts, you have often thought of me in relation to my soulmate, and you have felt that it might serve the cause of Truth very well should I contribute a message to mortals, and one especially declaring that Jesus is my soulmate and is not God, the “Son,” sitting at the right hand of the Father’s “Throne,” but is simply a spirit like myself (and yourselves as created children), though the greatest spirit in all the Heavens, and one whom we follow without question in all matters pertaining sometimes to the subtleties of the Father’s Will.

Well, I should like to say that I too am very anxious for so-called “Christians” to understand the truth of the matter, and to cease once and for all to worship my beloved who himself abhors this practice. But you must understand, dear D___, that the world is not always prepared to receive certain Truths, and also some Truths are more important to communicate before others are presented.

The work that you and the trustees are presenting right now to the world are the Truths that are most propitious for humankind to begin to receive and digest. In the course of receiving and incorporating these Truths - and, more importantly, embracing them and becoming their owners through the Father’s Love - one natural consequence will be that it will be well understood that my Master, Jesus, is not God but one of His most beloved sons. The Truth received in this way - through the soul, I mean to say - is really the very best way of communicating the truth of Jesus’ status, whereas merely declaring this to the world in the form of my message is bound to be met with much disbelief, leading to much possible dissension; and this is something we wish to avoid.

It is difficult enough to get through the mind barriers of humankind without contributing that which will only cause further close-mindedness in the telling. Besides, as you well know, it is the Father’s saving Love which is and always must remain our central message. Other facts, perhaps now in dispute, will be come clear and accepted if first humankind seeks the Father and His redeeming Love.

And so my dear brother in Christ, although your suggestion has merit, my message to you today is that the timing of this proclamation and revealment of my beloved’s true status will have the greatest effect if slowly introduced through the back door, if you will, rather than attempting to shout this truth from the housetop, as two of your quaint expressions go.

Of course, personally, I could never tire of declaring that Jesus is my true soulmate, for I love him with a Love that fairly consumes me with bliss. And, to be sure, I am very often by his side in silent affirmation that he and I are one in soul and in the Father’s Love. But I am also most humble, and my greatest concern is to be as supportive as possible to see to it that my beloved’s mission as the Messiah of God receives the full recognition which he so truly and richly deserves. His wonderful start on earth, as great as it was, was merely the beginning of his mission and teachings. And his mission and teachings will not cease until it is decreed that our Celestial Heavens are complete.

You have occasionally wondered where I live in relation to Jesus, and you have been correct in both the thought that his true home is in a higher plane than mine and your understanding that he can and does live in all planes - wherever he chooses to focus his attention and work. And, you are also correct in your assumption that we do share a home together in the plane in which I reside - a home where my beloved and I spend many happy hours, according to your time, sharing our joys in our love and successes, as well as our transitory disappointment when our progress in getting others to accept our glad tidings is not as effective and successful as we have hoped for. For surely you must know, just as on earth, even in the Celestial Heavens we experience our occasional disappointments. But here in the Father’s nourishing and restoring Love is so great that no disappointment we may have lasts for any length of time, or is not replaced by the renewed inflowing of the Father’s Love and the disappearance of all that is not in perfect harmony with that Love.

Our work, very much like your own, is not only what brings us joy but also ongoing fulfillment. And though we too would wish for faster and greater progress in bringing all of God’s children into His Loving Fold, we never tire of our work and we never fail to be wonderfully satisfied by it. And when you and the other trustees come over to join us, your work will continue as before, except then side by side with us in this most glorious privilege of assisting in the Father’s Will and Desires for His children.

As you are a bit tired now, I think it best that we stop for now. But, before doing so, I wish to personally thank you for all your kindly and loving thoughts in my behalf. And my beloved, standing now by my side, also adds his thanks and appreciation, for he knows that a great part of your loving concern has also related to helping restore his true status and identity to the world. And, so, my beloved brother, I will leave you now with the ever-open invitation for you to call upon me again, should you feel so inclined, and I will be sure to visit with you again to share our love for each other and for the added benefit of those in the future who may read our communications.

May the Father continue to shower upon you His Love in great abundance.

Your sister in Christ, Mary, once a fallen child but now enjoying all the bliss of a soul fully redeemed and the love of the greatest soulmate in all of God’s Heavens.


I personally doubt the accuracy of the claim that Mary Magdalene and Jesus are soulmates. We leave the conclusion to the reader to discern the truth of.