Messages 1984 to 2000

Kahlil Gibran: Poetry.

March 19, 1999

Received by Amada Reza.

From Kahlil Gibran


The magic of love binds the soul to the forces of heaven and earth, the bond that unites all things alive and well.

You dwell in the prism of light that shines from the heart of the universe, blind to the eye who sees only the temporary.

Recall the past before time touched your memory when you knew the connectedness of your being to that of its Maker and its twin, itself, one being.

This is pure desire, to become in one flawless moment, an individual in the nature of all things. The promise of what we are is not forgotten, it is written in our longing and passion. You are the Star, my God, my Blessed One, Who guides my slow steps to the stairway to heaven.

Then, in my time, may it be that You open my eyes once again to see You and, in this Love, perfect and divine, the only fulfillment of this exalted child, your son, your daughter, the jewel of Your heart, meet in the canyons of the stars.

I love like this grand music that sings in my heart and my skin. With Your Love let me light the rest of my days. God help me love You as You love me that I may love the world.