Messages 1984 to 2000

John: Getting Rid of Negative Spirit Influence.

August 14, 2000

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


Dear God of Love, I pray for a great inflowing of Your Divine Love at this time. I pray to be in harmony with Your Will. I pray to become a better example of Your Love made manifest in my daily living.

_Our brother, X_, wants to understand why he feels more free from negative spirit influences. He has been praying for Your Love, Help and Protection. We have been praying for him too, that he will gain spiritual strength to rise above the influences of angry spirits.

We pray for greater faith in the Power of Your Love to bring peace and joy into our lives. If I’m in condition to receive Your angels’ thoughts clearly. I would like to channel a message from them to help Your children who are seeking truth to find their Way to closer at-onement with You. Amen.


I am here now to write, my dear sister in Christ, and as you perceive, we have been “clamoring” to decide which one of us would have the privilege of delivering this message through you today, but of course, it’s in fun and great harmony that this is done because we’re hoping to impart to you the realization that we are pleased that you are willing to serve the cause in this way, in spite of your many unpleasant experiences associated with same.

It is good that a greater understanding is being developed around the mediumship issue because, as people grow in spiritual clarity, their ability to receive higher truth increases. In the meantime, there are many helpful messages we can deliver for many seeking souls on so many different levels of soul development.

X__ is seeking spiritual enlightenment and therefore has found the Way to attain divine at-onement with God. He is indeed blessed to have a seeking soul. Now the work begins to overcome inherited attitudes which are not in harmony with love. Guard your thoughts, become aware of when the feelings you have are negative, so they can be changed through sincere desires to do so, and through faith and prayer. Ask the angels to be with you, to surround you with their love, pray for God’s Love to flow into your soul and give you the strength to rise above old, familiar negative thought patterns. Changes can be made. With the help of God’s Love, these can be eliminated entirely when the desire is strong enough, the prayers sincere enough, persistent, prolonged and petitioned in faith. The angels will never fail to come to your aid when you call out to God for help and Love. When you know this in your heart and soul and believe it in your mind, you will be well on your way to getting rid of unwanted negative spirit influences.

But when you “forget” to pray, or when you fall down again to former negative thinking and reacting to situations you find yourself in, and believe that you are “stuck” again in a place over which you have no control, then you invite your former spirit companions to make rapport with you again and activate the anger and other unloving thoughts and attitudes which cause distress in your life.

Positive thinking is helpful in changing your attraction to negative spirit influences. They don’t feel comfortable in the presence of Love, of loving thoughts, or of joy and happiness. Breaking away is as simple as changing thought patterns. If you prefer to be happy and hold onto upbeat thoughts, choose to do so, for in so choosing, you are unloosening the ties that bind you to your old, longstanding, unloving beliefs in male dominance, for example, hanging onto notions that the male gender is in some way more exalted than its counterpart. This is not a truth, and when you hang onto a belief which is not true, you will be creating more unrest for yourself and others around you.

Just because something has been believed in for a long time does not make it correct. If you wish to participate in spiritual evolution and become free from sin, truthful seeking from a sincere heart needs to be the key to your search. It can be done. You have started your search for enlightenment, it will continue to come to you in bits and pieces until you become filled with it, uplifted by it, changed into a loving soul.

God blesses you according to your desires for truth. For a person who desires to remain in control, they will have a more difficult time learning to apply truth in their life. Keep up your good prayers to be transformed by God’s Love. Be willing to put yourself into God’s Care and to change your thinking, to reverse your negative attitudes, to become aware of the fact that former beliefs were/are negative and need to be changed.

These are steps which need to be taken in order to shed the cloak of “superiority” passed down for generations as “accepted” fact, but which are frowned upon by a Loving Creator Who created all His children equal in His sight. So here you might think if God is a “He”, that proves the male gender is superior, but God is Soul, the All in All. Gender does not apply to God. The term “He” is used for convenience to impart the feeling of a personal, loving Creator. He/She would be more accurate, even if somewhat clumsy or unacceptable to some.

Everyone is responsible for the development of their own soul’s love. Everyone has their own unique set of hang-ups and blocks, fears, attitudes, lack of self love and acceptance, which get in the way of their spiritual growth and development. Therefore, you need to discover what it is you will have to do to get rid of them. A special blessing you treat yourselves to when praying for the Grace of God’s Love is that It helps you up, to rise above and beyond the limits of your blocks and fears; it works on your soul and changes it into a new creation, as the Substance of God’s Love has the power to do. And you can remain there, above the influence of negative spirits, because you have chosen to activate the power of this Love in your life.

In time, the condition of your enlightened soul will change your mind’s beliefs into loving and positive thoughts. You may not even be aware of when these change, but it is of no consequence how or when the changes occur - just to know that you have been born again in the love of God is what’s of value in your life.

I hope and pray that I have explained this in a way that you will understand and accept; that you will continue to strive to increase the spirituality of your thoughts, as you continue to pray for God’s Love to transform your soul’s love nature into a divine substance of love.

I will leave you for now, but will remain with you in spirit, and will come whenever you ask for help, protection or love. I am your friend, who loves you with God’s Love in my soul. I rarely accept this opportunity to deliver messages through you.

I am John, the beloved apostle of Jesus and a follower of his teachings.