Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: On D.L.’s Mediumship.

February 17, 1987

Received by D.L.


I am now here to write, my dear brother in Christ, and I come to you to deliver my message of this day. I can see by your heart and desires that you wish to be an instrument of the Father’s Will, and I should like to say and affirm that you will be such as you continue to pray for His Love, as you have been doing so more faithfully of late.

We know that you wish to be a success in your work, and that you fear not being able to do so to the degree of excellence that you can envision. However, as I said before, practice and the receipt of the Father’s Love are all that is required to become the excellent medium that you have the potential of becoming.

Today, I do not have any formal message to deliver, but would like to simply assure you that you are on the right track in pursuing the development of your mediumship potential. All of us here in the Celestial Heavens are so looking forward to what we know will be your ongoing and ultimate success in time to come.

There are many Truths which we have to deliver yet to humankind, and we expect to be able to do so in the very near future. And some of these Truths will be delivered through you if you will continue to pray as you have been doing. I know that it is hard for you to imagine how such a thing could be. But you must understand that many things are not accomplished in a day, but must be slowly and carefully developed over time.

B.R. was correct in his inspirational receipt of the message that you could and would receive higher Truths as your mediumship developed. This was yet another means of slowly revealing to you our intentions so that it would not come as too much of a surprise or shock so as to cause unbelief to arise within you. You must continue to nurture your faith in your ability to receive our messages and in our ability to communicate the same.

At times, we will merely attend to general messages pertaining to church work; and, as you continue to develop, we will begin to insert higher Truths in here and there as your ability to receive them permits. One such Truth, which you have already received, was the Law of Prayer, which is a new concept to humankind in the formal sense, and one that has not been revealed or discussed at any great length before. This Law is a most important one because humankind is mostly unaware of God’s Great Gift of prayer and how this operates. Often, humankind feels that prayer reaches no higher than the sound of their voice, and this is true when the prayers are selfish and unloving. But true, heartfelt prayer and longing always ascends to the Father and is unfailingly responded to in some benevolent way, even though the answer is not always what one may expect.

E___’s prayers and those of all her loving friends were answered benevolently when the Father determined that she would best be helped and relieved by her passing into the spirit world where her work could continue unfettered or uninterrupted by the pain of her mortal condition. To have cured her of her ailment was of course also possible, but not desirable in light of the Father’s higher Purposes for her. For this reason, one should always be mindful of the true nature of prayer - that its outcome will always be in the best interest of the supplicant. And, many times, the supplicant is really unaware of what the best outcome would actually be. Death is by no means a poor outcome if ahead is only the most glorious work and fulfillment, to say nothing of the greatest joy and happiness. And, so, when people pray to the Father, it would greatly help them to realize that their prayers should always be directed in such a way as to leave the final decisions or outcomes to the Father Himself. He sees and knows what is best for His children at all times, whereas humankind has but a short range of vision.

I am happy to say that you are receiving quite well, and this is because you are beginning to place your trust in us and in the Father in more concentrated form. Prayer is the answer; it always is. Communion with the Father opens all doors, both to understanding and to accomplishment on all levels.

And so, my dear brother, I want to thank you for receiving my message today. Be assured that your abilities in mediumship will increase as you continue to seek the Father’s Love and our assistance in bringing forth the Truths of God for His beloved children.

I think this is sufficient a message for the present. In time, we hope to be able to deliver many more messages through you, and more frequently, as you desire to receive them. I should like to add that the church work is proceeding nicely, and I wish to say that all will be accomplished in due course. I love you, each and every one, and we are all looking forward to the publication of the new re-edited volume once the hardware for its reproduction has been selected and finalized. And we will guide and help you in the selection of these things. There is no need to have anxiety about any absolute deadline for any of the church’s work, as this work will always have new phases ongoingly and as time goes on. Just keep working at a comfortable pace and all will indeed be accomplished quite satisfactorily.

Well, my brother, you are a bit tired, and I have just about completed what I wished to say for now. I love you all and I deeply appreciate all that you do to bring harmony to the Father’s Universe of Being. Until next time, then, I will bid you a loving farewell and should like to say that we are all most pleased with your renewed commitment to practice and participate in your message taking efforts. You have done very well today, D___, and we are all looking forward to your great future progress in spiritual development.

I am your brother and friend in spirit,

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens.