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Jesus: The Dissemination of Truth and Reincarnation.

January 10, 1990

Received by D.L.


Dearest Master, Jesus, J____ has asked me to request additional information from you regarding our dear brother in Christ, K. W. - perhaps some helpful suggestions and comments about him and his spiritual work. Are there some words you would like communicated to him and to us today?

Hoping I am sufficiently clear and in good condition to receive your thoughts, I now welcome your loving presence and communication.

My dear brother in Christ, I am now here to communicate several thoughts I have with regard to the request you have put before me today, and I hope that some of these thoughts will serve to be useful not only to our dear brother, K____, but also to the trustees and others who seek to serve the Will of the Father, and to bring to His children the great Truth of His abiding Love for all of His children. I am, of course, your brother, Jesus, who is not only Master of the Celestial Heavens but also a most humble and willing worker for all my mortal brethren on earth who may seek my counsel in the performance of their spiritual endeavors.

Let me begin by saving that we are most appreciative of K____’s willing and able service in bringing more of the Father’s Truths before others. A mind’s awareness of spiritual Truth, while only truly possible when communicated to the mind through the awakened soul that has received some portion of the Divine Love, can be a first good step even when planted in the soil of the intellect. For this reason, even appeals to the intellectual side of humankind have their potential value. Some seeds - in fact, the great majority of them will fall on rocky ground and will be swept away by the winds of ever-changing reasoning, never to take root. But there will be other seeds that will fall in the fertile ground of desire for Truth where, in time, if not immediately, they will take root in preparation for a flowering to come. Sometimes, a Truth heard by the ears and stored by the intellect will remain dormant for many years, waiting perhaps for just that heartfelt condition wherein that Truth begins to find its way into the soil. And, so, we cannot underestimate the importance of any avenue wherein others may learn and, more importantly, obtain the Pearl of Great Price, which is all men’s potential possession for the sincere asking.

In the service of Truth’s unfolding, we are ever anxious to explore and use many avenues of communication in the hope that at least some will prove both useful and effective in ultimately touching the hearts and souls of men. For only when the soul has been activated in yearning will we have been successful in bringing yet another individual under the Protection of the Father’s Loving Grace and Care.

Applying some of these thoughts, now, to K_’s present spiritual efforts, we look upon any attempts to awaken the minds and souls of men to their essential spiritual natures both praiseworthy and important. And, so, we certainly would do nothing to discourage K_’s efforts to reach a variety of public sources with spiritual food for thought. Beginnings have to be made, and K____ does display talents in how to present the written spiritual information in appealing and eye-catching ways. However, we would like to offer one suggestion with regard to our own spiritual focus, and that is that all information pertaining to the highest spiritual Truths of the Father, communicated by me and my Celestial compatriots, be kept separate from other spiritual sources in terms of mailings to others. As I am sure K____ will agree, upon his deeper reflection, an eclectic approach with others, while having some advantages in terms of the variety of information presented, does not carry the impact of any single presentation, exclusively imparted, and very well presented. It is our hope, therefore, that as K____ proceeds with his work and gains an enlarged appreciation of the importance of his potential part in presenting our information in an unadulterated fashion, he will truly come to see and feel at soul level the great service he will be performing in preserving the exclusive focus suggested. Truth and error, you see, cannot stand side by side. Error must eventually give way to Truth, for it is decreed that all error will eventually be eradicated in God’s Universe. In the service of bringing this eventuality to fruition, it becomes important, therefore, that our own efforts and presentations be clear, consistent, and not confounded by any other information that would possibly detract from the purity and potential effective impact our presentations seek to accomplish.

As to K____’s other spiritual sources and the communication of their material, we voice no objection to their presentation in separate mailings, for all appeals of a spiritual nature carry with it at least an awakening spiritual or soulful result possibility. And since awakening must precede possession, there is always some potential value in all sources that accomplish a new or enlarged awareness of our essential spiritual identities. But we would be remiss in our own God-given responsibilities if we did not primarily encourage the pure and singular dissemination of what we in the Celestial Heavens know to be at the very heart of man’s salvation.

Before closing, I would like to make mention of the reincarnation premise touched upon in my earlier communication through K. S., for I recognize that many, K____ included, find this premise to be apparently very reasonable and acceptable. It is indeed true that complete and impartial justice is not served on earth; it is equally true that soul progression must extend beyond one mortal lifetime. The error of reincarnationist thinking, however, is that full justice, expiation, and growth must occur through a succession of mortal lifetimes, when the true fact remains that all of these ends are served on the spirit side of life rather than on earth. Furthermore, the concept of “stages of initiation” has an element of truth in it so long as it is understood that soulful development and advancement is a continual process in the spheres of the spirit world, not the by-product of repeated mortal incarnations.

In other messages, I have made plain that a soul can never be divested of its spirit body, which contains it, in order to make its way into the womb of yet another mortal. And, so, this fact alone is sufficient to make clear that there are no repeated incarnations; the mortal body is temporal whereas the spirit body, so far as is known, is eternal. However, we do appreciate some of the struggles that beset the minds of men who are seeking to understand how the perfect workings of a just God could occur without the apparent need for successive lifetimes of improvement and advancement on earth. But the answer, dear ones, is that the perfect workings of God’s Laws are no less served on the spirit side of life. For it is there that all the questions and concerns a believer in reincarnation may have are truly answered and reconciled, and not on earth where but the kindergarten of man’s soulful evolution begins.

Well, I hope that this additional commentary may be helpful to K____ and to others who may read my message of today. In any event, I am most happy to have had the opportunity to answer some of your concerns, if not all at this time. Yet, as you know, there is always our next communication before us where I will be available and most willing to attempt to address any further concerns brought to my attention.

In closing, let me say again that we are most pleased with the sincere and commendable efforts of both K and M. F., and we are looking forward to supporting all their wonderful spiritual efforts in the coming days and years ahead. Our “army” is indeed growing, and it will not be too long before all corners of the world will be privy to the Truths of salvation through our combined disseminating efforts. I leave you now with my love and blessings, and commend and thank you for the successful receipt of my message of this day. I am

Your brother and friend, Jesus.