Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: Dr. Samuels’ channelings.

August 1, 1999

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


Dear Creator, Heavenly Parent, Source of All Love, we’re striving to follow in Your Way, to come closer to Your Nature of Love. We’ve been told that the best way for us to help your children learn about the availability of Your wondrous transforming Love is to exemplify It in our daily living. We’ve been told to teach people what they need to do to activate the highest potential of their soul and that, in time, the Power of Your Divine Love in their souls will bring them up to a higher spiritual level where they will be able to grasp higher spiritual truths.

We’ve been told to accept our brothers and sisters where they are, with their imperfections, knowing that they will learn, grow, change, if they want to develop the highest potential of their souls.

How do we deal with the question of a medium’s “imperfect” channelings? Are we to make rules and regulations? Disclaimers, etc.? Or continue to emphasize the importance of a person’s own responsibility to discern truth? Even though the truth never changes, people’s ability to grasp it does; what one believes through the developed soul will dramatically change as the soul becomes enlightened through love. How would the angels, as spokespeople of God, want us to proclaim a medium’s less-than-loving expressions and/or channelings? What “rules” should our church have in regard to “instructions from the angels”? How can we leave the “discernment” up to the followers when they haven’t developed the ability to discern truth yet and since it’s an ongoing process and changes as the soul grows? We are wondering, for example, how we should handle/respond to “guidances” which have come through Dr. Samuels which tend to contradict the way we’ve been influenced to represent the truths in our church. 1 As you see, we need help and would like to follow in the highest and best way to fulfill the needs of God’s children [Jesus takes over the pen] and yet somehow give them the structure they need to feel comfortable with knowing what is required of them to live by the “rules” of the church.


God has given His children free will to choose. Man tends to want to take those free will choices away because of the apparent inability of the masses to make the highest and best choices at all times. We understand very well the question - it is one we struggle with often and every day, in some way, with the many we attempt to guide and influence to live on the higher spiritual pathway in life. I am your friend and brother who comes to you today in answer to your desire to receive clarity on this controversial issue, Jesus of the Bible who is Master of the Celestial Heavens.

The truths of God are unfolding in the hearts of His children. Take the issue of the “gender” of God, where “someone received” God has a dual nature. This is not true. God is Soul, Pure Spirit, no part of the material is part of God. If I say He is the All-in-All, equal parts male and female because of being Soul, complete with all Its parts, already there is a contradiction because I referred to God as “He.” But don’t you feel it’s better than calling God “It?” How do we say Father/Mother God and at the same time say that gender does not apply to the Creator? Words in any language do not lend themselves to a comprehensive description of God for the reason that words are satisfying the need of the mind to understand something, and before you can understand the nature of God, you need to open the perceptions of soul through love and grasp the “feeling” of a tremendously high energy, a power and source far and away beyond something you have any knowledge of.

This is one of the major stumbling blocks people have created in seeing me as being God because they can more readily identify with a person similar to themselves, even though they know that I am the Son of God. For some unknown reason, it seems easier for them to “presume” God incarnated than to realize they can acquire divine qualities like the ones I exemplified. And this is due to the limitations of the human mind to grasp Truth. So when I have the task of representing God, it serves the cause better at times to not insist that I am not God, but to explain the truths in ways they might be able to grasp with their limitations so they will be able to grow, expand, and learn by getting rid of negative qualities.

It is like needing to crawl before you can walk, needing to walk before you can run. We cannot expect a newborn baby to run anymore than we can expect a soul, laden with false beliefs, to grasp truth. We need to accept them, let them know that God Loves them and has a Gift for them which will lead them out of confusion into the light of Love and Truth. Steps need to be taken one at a time. There’s no shortcut. Some false beliefs have a strong hold on a person and they hang in there, long after the soul knows better. It is far better to continue emphasizing the truths of God’s Love having the power to keep raising a person to higher elevations than to “insist” that person get rid of false beliefs still clinging to the mind for reasons of comfort or habit, or whatever the limitations an inflexible mind seems to need for survival, trying to “fit in” with the material world’s requirements.

We can emphasize that the truth doesn’t always fit into the framework of reason, but to the reasoning mind that would seem like a cop-out on our part as a way of saying spiritual laws can’t be explained to the reasoning mind. Even though we know this is true, we do try to also explain that there is a way the energies of the mind can be developed to a point where the truths learned by the soul can be “understood” because as the soul takes on a special higher quality, the mind’s vibration changes also and can thereby grasp something which it had been heretofore unable to understand.

That would be the more kind and merciful way of explaining it to the intellectual person, but as you see, this would show them that unless they change their souls, they would never be able to grasp spiritual truths. This is why so many people are willing to accept that God doesn’t want us to understand spiritual things, that if it’s not a “mystery”, it’s not of God.

The bottom line in all this is that each individual child of God is responsible for his and her own soul development and relationship to the Creator Soul. The way to spiritual enlightenment is through prayer - heartfelt desires to do God’s Will, to live in harmony with God’s Love, to strive to get rid of anger and hatred - but have faith that the Power of God’s Love in the soul will assist in accomplishing that goal. Teach that through receiving God’s Love into your soul on a regular basis will enable you to understand the “mysteries of God.”

Information that comes through is faulty because it does not apply to all people at the same time, it depends on where they are in the development of their soul’s love. It really isn’t any more complicated than a person wants to make it and I assure you that people want to make it extremely complicated. There are certain people and groups of people who like to make rules because there are a vast majority who need to have rules to follow while they are trying to come up to a higher level of awareness. They cannot discern what choice is highest and best for them to make without the written rule. They cannot live by the Law of Love because they are too caught up in hating their neighbor. They are not yet in touch with the love nature of their soul. They don’t see above the color of their neighbor’s skin, so how then can they know that Love is the fulfillment of the law?

It would be like trying to go through the Bible word by word and saying “this is wrong and this is right, now how do we join the thoughts together in a lovely and understandable way when we cut out the incorrect phrases?” If we were to say “this paragraph of a channeling was highly influenced by the medium’s mind and own opinion” then would we have to go back to year one of their channelings and make corrections? I do not think that would be helpful or productive. There are people who have latched onto certain phrases or ideas which fit so well with their way of thinking, believing, feeling, that anything which would “come through” disclaiming the validity of what had been “delivered” would only further divide the factions. We are not looking for ways to further divide the factions - the individuals involved are already doing a great enough job of that without our help in the matter.2

So in our “ignoring” the issue, as some of you interpret that we do or are doing, it is the “best” means we have of not intensifying it. And since you have been able to understand that being examples of God’s Love made manifest in your daily living is the best teacher, then it is not up to you to find fault with imperfections or disclaim the accuracy of a medium’s channeling, but to emphasize the Love and its Power to change the soul. We can write more on this later, but now you are becoming weary of the whole “mess” and I don’t blame you. We have oftentimes become weary and have tried dealing with it in different ways, searching for a “golden rule” to follow in guiding our co-workers, but so far we haven’t hit upon it.

I will leave you with my blessings and say that I feel you have a good understanding of what I’ve been trying to convey in this message.

I am your friend and brother in Spirit,

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens


1 Dr Samuel has confirmed through another medium that his personal opinions came through far too often in terms of his apparent guidance regarding church structure and rules.

2 These disagreements lead to a major split amongst Divine Love followers, a split that has remained to this day.