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Swift Bear: Why do people blame God for the evil in this world?

September 8, 2000


Received by Alfredo


Question: Why are there so many people doubting of God’s existence?


Watch your surroundings, observe the stirred-up minds of this world, hoping to find an answer for all what is happening.

They ask themselves, if God does exist. Why?

Why so much injustice, so much evil, which human beings inflict upon themselves?

You can answer it for yourselves, with your questions you will find the answer, yet you don’t want to admit your guilt. It is so much easier to say: “God does not exist, and if He exists, He is cruel, because He permits those occurrences.”

If one of your children commits a severe fault, what will you say?

“You have disappointed me, I did not expect you to do that, how could you?”

Yet you never reason: “It is my fault, I have been the cause.”

For you recognize that each one is responsible of his own actions. You, however seek constantly to find someone else guilty of your errors.

It was your son, who caused the damage, not you the parents, who simply cultivated in your sons love, education, the right way. You know that you have put all your kindness in their education. Nevertheless, some did not want to finish it, they preferred their own liberty, turning a deaf ear to your advice.

Finally you think: “I tried, but I love him, though, and I will continue trying. It is not my fault, but I have hope that he will change his attitude.”

This is your routine, but it is a special routine for you, you try hard, because you love, you try hard, because you have God’s Love within you, whoever does not feel It, may pray for His Love, and will undoubtedly receive It.

As you don’t deny your love to your children, so God does not deny It to you. Don’t you recognize His voice? Yes, he speaks to you inside you, but you refuse to listen, saying that God does not exist. Repeating always the same words, time and again, blaming someone else of your fault.

Have you looked inside you? Do you recognize your fault?

Or you, who don’t believe in God, do you blame the system, nature? Do you blame the human being?

We are all one big family, part of the universe, with our own mind and our liberty to decide, and finally we will learn from our errors. And we will recognize that we all have our share of guilt, that God educates us patiently in His Love.

Some become aware earlier; for some, perhaps it takes much time to recognize it; and others seem to never recognize it. But I assure you, ultimately, all will learn.

Life of itself is continuous learning, and this life never ends, you are transformed, change your state, and you see your mistakes, trying to correct them in the future. Then you regret, saying: “Sure, it is true, God exists, He loves me and takes care of me! How could it be that I did not realize this earlier? Brothers, listen to me, I have learned that God exists, that He does not forsake us, that we are responsible for our deeds, with our liberty to decide!”

It is essential for us to learn, to educate, we are persons with a free will. If it would not be so, what would be the use of it? We would be like puppets on a string in God’s Hands, and then we would not be capable of deciding our life.

So, go on, let’s learn! You are not alone, you have God’s Love and his messengers to take care of you, to help you, and to guide you. Do not despair, because ultimately you will harvest the beneficial fruit of your life.

Swift Bear