Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: The Progress of humankind.

May 7, 1987

Received by D.L.


I am now here to write, my dear brother in Christ, and I come to you this day with all my love extended to you and to all the Trustees of our church who are indeed striving mightily along with us, even now, to bring the Truths of the Father’s Love to all of humankind. I am your brother in spirit, Jesus, who is Master of the Celestial Heavens.

Today I wish to impart to you all a message of some importance dealing with a subject that has been touched upon before, but not elaborated upon to that extent where I feel it should have been. I am speaking now of the progress of humankind as this pertains to their daily living.

As you know from previous messages, man is both a spiritual being and a material being, with the spiritual part of him being of vastly more importance. In time, humankind will come to recognize the essential spiritual part of their nature, but this will still require much work on our part to bring this truth to the full extent of their awareness and understanding. As in times past, man is not so different from the days when I was on earth and taught the Truths of the Father to as many who would listen. It still is difficult to penetrate the defensiveness of those who refuse to recognize their Source and their proper relationship to their Creator. However, there must come the time in each person’s life when this relationship must be faced and dealt with. It will not do for man to pursue only those aspects of living which bring to him material rewards alone. The time will come to all when the material phase of their existence will no longer require their attention. And then, as a spirit, this transition will require a different approach to life and living.

If man has made his treasures only that of material benefit, when he comes to the spirit world, he will find that he is poor indeed in terms of the new requirements of spirit living. An uncared for or shriveled soul is indeed a sad thing to behold on the spirit side of life. For whereas a man may have at least some compensations on earth in the pleasure he takes in his material possessions, here, on the spirit side, there are no longer any material treasures he can fall back on and enjoy when confronted with the spiritual demands that he is unable to adjust to. Spirit living requires spiritual goals and application. And if a man has no idea of spiritual life to begin with, he is truly lost when he casts off his mortal vesture and enters this new dimension of living.

I would advise all humankind of the great need to prepare for this transition so that our spirit world will not be filled with so many lost souls who haven’t the least idea of how to readjust to this new mode of living. And when I say “prepare,” what do I mean?

Well, first of all, a man must recognize that his essential nature is a spiritual one while still living on earth. Without this recognition, he cannot possibly prepare for an existence where this essential nature totally dominates the reality of his existence in the spirit world - a world where the material has been left behind for good, and where only the spirit and soulful side of life comes into full prominence.

Next, while still on earth, a man must realize that his spiritual nature must begin to be exercised, else it can never attain to the spiritual “musculature” that is required for healthy and happy spiritual living. On earth, almost everyone recognizes the importance of physical exercise to keep the physical organism active, strong, and healthy. But how many fail to recognize the even greater need to exercise those soulful faculties which ensure the strength and health of their spiritual natures!

So, as I say, the proper time to recognize and begin a regimen of spiritual or soulful exercise is not when one comes over to the spirit side of life, but quite early on the mortal side of life. If this is done while on earth, a man will not come over with a shriveled and uncared for soul, but with one potentially bursting with life and vitality.

Now, in order for this spiritual health to ensue, a man must first recognize the importance of prayer, and, in its application, learn the appropriate ways to lead his life on earth so that he will indeed be exercising his soulful perceptions and “musculature,” if you will.

Goodness and love and truth, and leading a life that incorporates these principles of living in one’s daily activities, are the goals of health and strength that fall in the spiritual domain. But to pursue these principles, or right conducts of living that, in their exercise, make for soulful strength, is not always easy to act upon or achieve in the face of sin, error, and all the many adversities encountered on the mortal plane. It is not enough that one’s heart be merely centered on developing right conduct; as well, more often than not, accomplishment requires the Assistance and additional Strength of our Heavenly Father.

It is true that man can accomplish much on his own. But in living in and among some of the despairing conditions of the earth life, it becomes next to impossible for a man to persist with right conduct in the face of such adversities of mortal living. He is tempted always to seek other ways to manage his life that may seem opportunistic at the time, but, if followed, result in a loss of the right conduct he has been striving to maintain. The pleasures and allurements of this world are ever-present, and are ever tempting man to seek these rather than maintain his intended course of right living. And, so, unless he can find additional support for his own efforts, sooner or later, he is bound to lapse into the very sins and errors he has been attempting to avoid.

Now, when I say “additional support,” of course, you know I am referring to the support that comes from the spirit side of life. Most specifically, I am referring to the support one can so readily obtain from the Father Himself through prayerful petition. But, in addition to the Father, humankind must come to recognize that the Father Himself also has His helpers, and that these helpers are ever prepared to carry out the Father’s Bidding. I am speaking, of course, of all His Celestial angels and good and high spirits whom the Father calls upon frequently to minister unto those of His children who are seeking His Help and Protection.

If humankind would only awaken to the fact that they have both the Father and all His highest spirits ready, willing, and able to lend a helping hand to any and all who ask for this assistance with true sincerity, they would soon learn that they are not alone in their fight to preserve their personal integrity or to gain the soulful and spiritual strength and health that will enable them to come over to this side of life well prepared to continue living a life of soulful productivity and happiness. But all of this is predicated on humankind recognizing that there is a spirit side of life to begin with.

We, along with the Trustees and members of our church, are ever attempting to awaken our mortal brethren to the great need for their developing and maintaining their spiritual health and well being while still living this mortal life. And we are happy to say that some progress is being made among many. But our goal of bringing more and more to a total realization of their essential spiritual natures, and the support that both the Father and we are ever willing to provide, is a work that must continue until the day comes when no man will ever come to the spirit side of life with a shriveled or lost soul - this, the result of a total neglect of spiritual health and development.

As in previous messages, it is my sincere wish that, in reading such messages, many more will begin to awaken to their spiritual selves and natures, and will begin to strive through prayer and a right conduct of living to prepare themselves for a smooth transition between mortal living and life as led in the spirit world. Where your heart is, there will be your treasure also. And I urge humankind to lay up their treasures in that which is not of short duration but in that which is eternal. The material body and its material possessions are of time only, and a limited time at that. But the soul and its spirit body belong to eternity. Should they not then receive the greatest attention and care?

With a Love that comes from the Father of us all, I love all humankind. And I pray that they will heed my message of this day so that, in eventually passing over to the spirit side of life, they will indeed find the Paradise of their hearts’ desires through the earthly preparation of their souls’ exercises.

Thanking you again for this opportunity to communicate some of my thoughts to humankind, I am

Your brother in Love, Jesus.