Messages 1984 to 2000

Why is it so hard to open our minds to Truth?

September 28, 2000

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


Dear God of Love, I pray for a great inflowing of Your Divine Love at this time. I pray to be enabled to put aside my forethoughts, so as to not interfere with my reception of an angel’s message. I pray to be in condition to receive Celestial thoughts clearly. A question has been asked, “Why is it so hard to modify our behavior?” I would like to add, “even when we know the truth?” Thank You for all the many blessings You bestow upon us everyday. Help us please to be more mindful of these and to rise above blocks and attitudes, which interfere with allowing us to remain on a spiritual level of awareness throughout our days. I love You, dear Creator Soul. I desire to do Your Will in my life and become a better example of Your Love made manifest. Amen


I am here now to write, my dear sister in Christ Love, and I have come in answer to your desire to receive a written message from one of your Celestial guardians. And, even though it may not be one of your consistent awarenesses, you do have Celestial protection at all times, as do all our angelic co-workers desiring to do God’s Will in their lives and desiring to serve Him by exemplifying the greatness of His Love for His children.

We are acutely aware of when you make the effort and prepare yourself for receiving a message. And, strange as it may seem to you, we do discuss among ourselves who it will be who has the privilege of writing the message. Even though we often gather and confer, exchanging thoughts and ideas of how the thought might be more clearly expressed, there is one main writer making rapport with mind and hand so as to lessen the confusion of thought input and transference.

We often influence seeking souls directly when they have burning questions for truth, but oftentimes their lack of faith in their own goodness prevents them from accepting our thoughts as true. They might believe such explanations come from their own thoughts and conclusions, not unlike your own, at times.

As you have become aware of, and as has been confirmed often through many messages, people are creatures of habit. It is a long arduous process to learn something well, and once it has become established as “fact” in a person’s mind, it tends to want to remain there forever, even when that person discovers that it is incomplete and needs modification or that the entire concept is incorrect like, “the world is flat” or “what goes up must come down,” (when the truth is it might go into orbit or be destroyed).

The future solution to this problem would be to either not learn erroneous information or pray for God’s Divine Love and develop the higher perceptions of soul, which then allow truthful information to be discerned from the onset of exposure to the information.

Many people are not seeking truth with heartfelt longings. They seem satisfied to believe what they read or are told by others, and this greatly limits their knowledge of truth. They have the attitude, for example, “If it was good enough for Grandma, it is good enough for me.” They continue believing in certain dogmas of the church without questioning their accuracy or validity.

Most people are mind-centered, not soul/spiritual/heart-centered. The conclusions they reach are done so by intellectual reasoning and thought process without activating the deeper intuition of soul, which is the only center which has the ability to discern truth. Spiritual truth does not fit into the framework of reason by a mind belonging to a person unenlightened by Love. This can be observed by the vast amount of souls who are lost and struggling, fighting, hating, and creating excuses for why they cannot love one another. Only prayerful, enlightened and loving souls can rise above their former attitudes, which still hold so many hostage.

The reason it is so difficult to change fixed patterns of thinking and reacting, even though you may realize these are not highest and best for your fulfillment and happiness, is because they have become an “automatic reaction,” an immediate mental interpretation of what has occurred and, therefore, an expectation to do thus and so. You may believe that to respond differently would mean that you are a “wimp” or that you are allowing someone to take advantage of you; you are not a “man.” Whatever the mind has been trained to believe is the way it will react.

In order to bring about meaningful changes in your personality is to develop your love nature, which resides in your soul. Your mind is incapable of bringing about changes to your soul. The only way a person can learn the truth is through love, by first learning it with the soul, then accepting it with the mind. You can now understand why it seems so impossible to learn, grow and change.

The role the mind has to play is to become subservient to the soul, and this it is loath to do. The mind has to still itself and concede that it alone cannot grasp truth, but needs outside help. By becoming humble and prayerful, the person is on the threshold of opening the door to developing the perceptions of love and faith, which are the qualities needed to grasp spiritual truth.

Too many, for too long have decided that all they need is a good mind in order to make it in the world. But you can readily see what has become of the world with this kind of thinking, which abounds. There is an answer, and it lies with each individual soul taking responsibility for his and her own spiritual development.

In order for the Love to change the quality of the soul to the degree that it has a powerful and convincing influence over the rigid mindset, which has resulted in stagnation for so long, one must seek truth with heartfelt and soulful aspirations and longings, and make every effort possible to rise above anger and hatefulness. When a person progresses in Love, it becomes evident that it is not loving to kill another human being; it becomes desirable to live peacefully and to demonstrate acceptance for others, even though they have different beliefs, lifestyles, etc.

All human beings are God’s beloved children. They are souls with the same potential to become born again in Love. A truly born-again soul has no anger or hatred. It will be a beautiful world when an abundant amount of earthlings are seeking truth and love and coming into alignment with God’s Will. When this comes to pass, for it will surely come, the great harmonious and loving influences of these earth angels will bring about a change, even in some hardened hearts, causing them to realize that they are their own worst enemy, that they are the ones perpetuating their sickness and suffering by continuing their violent retaliations.

They will someday decide that they are tired of fighting and that living in peace is a more desirable situation and state of mind to strive for. But for now, there are many unevolved souls who choose to remain angry and hostile, who are not heart-centered, who have convinced themselves that the Creator is a “God of wrath”. That is only a mental conclusion, because if they were seeking truth with a sincere and contrite heart, they would know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Creator is a loving, caring God, wanting His children to live in peace and harmony with one another.

I hope you will be able to find the satisfactory answer to your question in this message. We have been guiding and influencing humankind for many centuries, striving to instill a desire for peace within their hearts. But in order for our influence to be felt, and before it can be effective, souls have to want to change, and be willing to acknowledge that some of the things they have believed in are incorrect, that their attitudes are negative and need to be reversed.

It is up to you, each and every individual soul, to develop a meaningful relationship with God and bring yourselves up into the realm of spiritual truth, where you will rejoice in fulfillment and love. I leave you with my blessings. I am a high Celestial spirit.