Messages 1984 to 2000

Some Answers to Personal Questions, along with a Few Pearls of Wisdom…

April 1st, 1997

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


Dear Father in Heaven,

I’m feeling a little sad this afternoon. I’ve been neglecting my message receiving for awhile…

_____would like to know if there’s something in particular she should be doing? ____would like some encouraging words. Will ____ be able to receive impressions from Rembrandt and Chagall? Is ____’s difficulty in finding a place for her and ____ to live an indication they should be looking in a different area?_

I pray for an inflowing of Your Divine Love at this time. I pray I will put aside my own thoughts and be a clear channel for Jesus’ message, so we may receive the help, love, guidance, support and protection Your Love and Your ministering angels so willingly shower us with every day and in more abundance when we put ourselves into Your Loving Care. I love You God and Your wonderful help and Love.


As you see I am here now to write and I come in answer to your desire of a written message; I am your friend and brother in the Spirit of God’s Love made manifest in my soul, Jesus of the Bible and Master of Celestial Heavens.

I have been wanting to write to help you understand what is going on with your mother. I have seen your concern over her seemingly failing condition; and while it’s true on the physical level, it hasn’t been declining on the other levels, and spiritually or emotionally there has been an improvement in her overall condition.

You are following guidance as it comes to you from all sides, and this confirms the fact in your own thinking as well. It is good to prepare for the event of being left without live-in helpers at all times, as the emotional state of people involved in your family and friends’ relationships is not stable or settled at this time. And it isn’t clear even from our vantage point, to determine which choices will be made by the individuals in question.

One day at a time is all anyone can expect of him or herself; and as one prays for God’s Love and guidance and protection trying to make each decision with love, the next step will follow with clearer resolve and surety.


_Q: ____ would like to know if there’s something in particular she should be doing?_


As ____ prays for a better understanding of what she wants to do, how she wants to be of service to others, these “specialties” of hers will become more obvious to her.

No solid decision as to a career move or choice has to be made at this time, but some direction as to what interests she has and what projects she wants to become involved in will slowly but surely unfold latent talents which she will come to know in due time.


_Q: ____ would like some encouraging words._


____ is doing better even if he isn’t aware of the fact yet. By “better” we always consider the soul qualities before the physical; even though one is a reflection of the other, the healing first has to take place in the spiritual nature before significant physical improvements will be lasting ones.

So continue your fervent and sincere prayers as often as possible, have faith in the Power of God’s Love to change your condition to a vibrant and healthy one.

There will be setbacks only because old patterns aren’t totally removed and when they come into play and negative thoughts are entertained and even dwell for a time in your person, they will help you fall or at least stumble and feel depressed and down trodden, until the Love is activated and extended to others and manifested on a more regular basis from day to day.

Live the Love, let It come in to your soul and permeate your being until all anger and negative thoughts flow out and away. They will only detain your joy and happiness and freedom from sadness.

Each person has his and her own struggles. We will not pretend they don’t exist, but we will advise you they could be a lot less damaging to your happiness if you’d put them in their place, namely, in the background; not forgetting they are still there to deal with and to get rid of in time when the Love is more abundant in your soul, but not to dwell upon them and allow them to continue causing unhappiness and distress. This too shall pass and more quickly when taken with a grain of salt.

Life is as difficult as you make it or as easy, depending upon your focus, depending upon your attitude, outlook, and cheerfulness. If you aren’t liking your thoughts, or if they are making you sad or angry, you can change them. You can deliberately choose to think about something else and create a better situation for yourself; it’s a matter of discipline and will and faith and self-esteem, but it can be done if the desire is strong enough to make a better place for yourself.


_Q: Will ____ be able to receive impressions from Rembrandt and Chagall?_


Whether or not ____ will be able to discern the thoughts from his artist friends is dependent upon his clarity, faith, desires, prayers and acceptance.

When one prays for faith and the ability to clearly perceive the thoughts of a particular spirit, that’s a good start toward channeling this spirit’s impressions. Pray for protection from impostors. Desire to know the Truth; pray for the Divine Love as often as humanly possible. All these disciplines will help ensure a good rapport with the spirit friends of your choice.


_Q: Is ____’s difficulty in finding a place for her and ____ to live an indication they should be looking in a different area?_


____ is undecided about what she wants to do, so her “guidance” will, therefore, not be crystal clear. For example, if she would pray to do the best thing for ____ , she would be guided in that direction. If she wants to stay in this area, it may conflict with the other guidance. So, there needs to be a choice made, or a list of priorities, to have a direction unfold in a more uncomplicated manner.

Oftentimes, one is one’s worst enemy because of the confusion she or he has created by not making clear choices.

Desire to know the Truth. Desire to make the best decisions; or at least good ones! See other possibilities than the ones you presently think are the only ones to choose from. Things will change, of that there is no doubt. How they change though is dependent upon desires, attitudes, self-worth, faith, and choices of direction.

Things don’t happen by accident; we attract certain things and certain situations as a result of our choices and decisions. In order to make the outcome different, our choices and decisions have to be different.

One day at a time, take each step in a loving direction; do your best and God will do the rest. Accept what comes for the moment; be prepared for better things to evolve for you tomorrow and you’ll be more likely to attract more wonderful and momentous things!

You are somewhat tired this afternoon; so I won’t make my message a longer one, but will thank you for allowing me to write and I hope you will find some helpfulness in the writing.

I love you, each and every one.

I am your friend and brother in Christ who leaves you now with my blessings.

Jesus of the Bible and Master of the Celestial Heavens.