Messages 1984 to 2000

Mary: On the channelings through Patricia Talbott Borrero.

August 8, 2000

Aptos, California

Received by Amada Reza.


_Dear God, H___ asks if Mary, the mother of Jesus, did indeed channel messages through Patricia Talbott Borrero. I want to do only Your Will in receiving a message from my sister and guardian, Mary. I pray for an inflowing of Your Love into my soul that I may be elevated in my thoughts to a plane above this material earth to make rapport with her. I want only the truth to be conveyed such as will help the souls of Your children become aware of Your Love and desire for them to become at-one with You. Thank you, dear God. I love You. Amen_


I am here with you, my dear sister in Christ, and I am Mary, the mother of Jesus, and a true follower of my son who lived on earth at a time that God decreed was the time to rebestow the availability of His Love to His children. I want you to realize the Gift of this Love and what It means to you to have It be available to your seeking soul, for this is the Gift that my son taught of and was willing to not forsake even in the face of death.

My dear H___, I assure you that I did visit Patricia and give her the message to tell others that we must pray to God for His Love to come into our life. As you can see, the effect of these messages was such that it influenced many to aspire in faith and hope to our loving God, and this is the best example to you that the messages that were channeled were authentic and from a soulfully loving motive.

Sometimes we in the Celestial Heavens choose mediums who are recognized for their humility and simplicity, where under normal circumstances they possess no outstanding characteristics that would cause people to not think much of such astonishing news being received by such a person. This was the case with Padgett, for he was not remarkable in his speaking presence or persona. He was a devout man, but did not possess leadership qualities that would cause others to follow him.

We can choose a medium from the standpoint that they are pure channels for receiving a message that others can feel or perceive the truth of, because the angel who is delivering the thought is able to come through without much interference from the mortal channel. Often these mediums do not know why they are chosen or even what the message means, they are only aware of the fact that a power greater than themselves has taken hold of their heart, mind and will so that they must obey the command of this higher call.

In the case of Patricia, I was able to transmit my message more or less without any blocks from her mind. She was a relatively clear channel and I was able to convey most of the message I wanted to deliver. As you can see by the response from the witnesses who attended the channelings, their faith allowed them to not only hear what was being said through Patricia, but to feel a movement of their own souls to pray and aspire to God for His Love and the Providence that He bestows upon His faithful children.

I ask you when you consider the effect of such articles that denounce the validity of these visitations, what speaks of God’s Love more, the faith of the masses who attend in awe and love these Celestially inspired words, or the doubt and disbelief that angels can speak to mortals of God’s Love and Will? The answer is clear that the motives of those who are presently in the position of disproving these occurrences indicate they are not in a condition of soul and spiritual aspiration for truth that would enable them to perceive the truth of this event. If they were, in their hearts and minds, pursuing only the truth, they would embrace the substance of what the message was that I conveyed, and that is that mortals must pray to God for His intercession in their lives and, by doing so, turn their lives over in service to helping heal those in need. The world is in need of healing and it must begin with us to seek that healing from a beneficent God who loves and cares for His children.

So, please, do not doubt the goodness of our place in your lives as your elder sisters and brothers who want to guide you to understand the Will of God. We love you and want you to be lifted from your sadness, to turn in joy to God and your brothers and sisters in the knowledge that you are not alone.

We love you and thank you for your prayers and faith. I hope this has adequately answered your question, dear brother, but know that you are just as capable to knowing the truth in your heart as anyone else.

God bless and surround you,

Mary, your friend and sister in Christ.