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Jesus: Evil Spirit Influence.

June 25, 1987

Received by D.L.


Dear Master, in yourlast message through me, you related that evil spirits can no longer prey upon the innocent in the spirit world because they and the innocent live in different localities. I do understand from previous messages through Mr. Padgett that a lower or evil spirit is kept to his own sphere and cannot enter a higher sphere until his soul development permits such advancement. But I am confused. Do not evil spirits prey upon innocent mortals on earth and attempt to do them harm? And, if so, why is this permitted with innocent mortals if evil spirits are no longer permitted to torment innocent spirits? Is this because both evil spirits and mortals are located in the same locality or plane, the earth plane? And does this also have something to do with the Laws of Communication and Rapport, which I sense it does?

Please enlighten us further about why innocent mortals of earth remain vulnerable to evil spirit influences whereas innocent spirits in the spirit world are protected against such influence. Without this clarification, I fear that others reading your last message through me might be similarly confused as to why innocent mortals remain subject to evil spirit influences while innocent spirits do not.

_One final question, if I may, dear Master. Should I withhold these last two messages until that time when you have given a corroborative message to K___, or should I share them with the trustees at our annual meeting and not wait for possible forthcoming messages through her?

Thank you for all that you do to help and guide us in our lives, and for communicating so many of the Father’s Truths to humankind. I love you, Master, and now welcome your message of this day.


I am now here to write, my dear brother in Christ, and I am most happy to come to you this day to answer the questions you have put before me. I am your friend and brother in spirit, Jesus, Master of the Celestial Heavens and the eternal leader of our church.

First of all, let me say that I well understand your confusion and I am glad that you have brought your concerns to my attention. I realize that what I have introduced, if taken alone and with no further explanation or elucidation, would pose a problem in terms of an understanding of how the Laws of God operate among His children, both in the spirit world and upon the earth. It is true that I spoke of the “innocent” of earth by inference, or by the fact that I mentioned the innocent of the spirit world. And, of course, one’s mind becomes directed to a consideration of the innocent on earth, once innocence is discussed and applied to spirits and spirit living.

But when I speak of the innocent in the spirit world, you must know that I am speaking of those souls who have advanced beyond those planes or spheres where they are no longer in association with their less developed brothers and sisters, many of whom are still steeped in their evil ways and aspirations. Consequently, where these more advanced spirits are concerned, they are now living in localities above that in which these lower spirits reside. And since you know that these lower spirits cannot enter higher spheres until their soul condition permits, meaning until such time that expiation of wrongs done and improvements in their souls’ condition allows such advancement, you will understand that these lower spirits can hold no influence over their more advanced brothers and sisters.

Now, on earth, you were correct in pointing out that evil spirits do continue to have some influence over mortals left behind, but this influence is no longer as direct as it may have been when these spirits were still in the flesh themselves, and when they still had direct physical as well as spiritual access to their brothers and sisters. Mortals can do great harm to other mortals because of their more immediate and substantial contact with one another. But once a mortal becomes a spirit, his opportunity for imposing further harm, while not completely eliminated where the mortals left behind are concerned, is greatly reduced. Thought influence becomes their only remaining “weapon” to be employed to attempt to perpetrate further harm.

Now, while this is so, we must also consider the term “innocent.” You were correct in picking up my thought that this term, while descriptive, is not all-inclusive and can be misleading. The truly innocent are those who are without sin, and who have achieved a purity of soul which is such as to be able to resist all evil influences, so far as is known. There may come a time when those in the Spiritual Heavens, below the Celestial, may undergo such changes as to one day be vulnerable to falling from their restored condition of perfection - this cannot be said with assurance one way or the other, for only God knows this fact - but the likelihood is strong that perfected spirits will not ever lapse into sinfulness again. However, it can be said with complete confidence and affirmation that no Celestial spirit can ever lapse into sinfulness through all eternity because his soul has taken on the Divinity of the Father; and a soul possessed of the Divinity of the Father is incapable of sinning - as incapable of so doing as the Father Himself, one might say.

But when we speak of the “innocent” of earth, there is a different connotation implied by the use of this term. Truly innocent mortals, such as has been defined above, are indeed a great rarity on the earth plane. Sinfulness, generally, and almost without exception, forms a part of the nature of mortals to more or less degree. And, so, strictly speaking, there are no truly innocent mortals who are completely without sin, or sinful tendencies at the very least. And when the evil spirits apply their sinful desires in the direction of mortals, if an “innocent” mortal acts upon the evil influences exerted by such spirits, it is because that mortal at least has the tendency developed within him to so respond to these influences. There is always a great war being waged among the souls of men in terms of choosing between good and evil inclinations. And this war usually persists for long after a mortal enters the spirit world and can finally rid himself of all evil inclinations. This is done through expiation of wrongs done in combination with the assertion of ever-increasing thoughts and acts of goodness until such time when all sin has been removed and all that remains are desires for goodness, truth, and happiness.

So, as I say, “innocence” on earth is a relative term, and you were impressed correctly when the thought came to you that evil spirits do still inhabit the earth plane; and, as such, they still retain the capacity to attempt to exercise their influence over mortals, just as they were able to exercise such influence over mortals when they themselves were still mortals. But just as mortals retain their free will to resist the evil influences of mortals, so too, they can still exercise their will to resist the attempted evil influences of spirits. When they do not resist, but succumb to these influences, then there is substantially no difference between following the suggestions or temptations of a mortal versus following the same evil suggestions advanced by a spirit. But there is one important difference, and that is, that mortals are much more often aware of mortal influences than spirit influences. Spirit influences are “unseen” but are nonetheless felt. And this is why it becomes so important for humankind to be aware of their vulnerability on the earth plane, and to recognize that, without the protection provided through their prayers for such protection, they are subject not only to mortal temptations but also to the temptations delivered, shall we say, by spirits on the spirit side of life who are ever attempting to live vicariously or in league with mortals they have left behind. It becomes especially important, therefore, that mortals not only be aware of such influence but that they also constantly pray for protection against these unseen spirit forces which are nevertheless very real, and which still exert a considerable amount of force upon the earth and its inhabitants.

Now, as to Laws of Rapport and Communication, yes, indeed, these play a most important part in terms of the limit or limits of spirit influence. As you know, there is a Law of Attraction where like is attracted to like, and this law is most fixed or specific in the spirit world and somewhat less in operation on earth. On earth, one cannot always easily choose his associations; he must live with and among those of varying soul conditions. But on the spirit side of life, as you have been told, the exact condition of the soul determines the exact locality of the spirit.

Now, with regard to spirit influence, those of evil disposition do attempt to influence mortals. But it must be kept in mind that they are essentially attracted to those mortals who they feel some affinity with. And mortals, in turn, by their own thoughts and feelings, add to this attraction. You have heard, for example, that when a mortal activates his animal or lower desires, at the same time, he attracts many spirits who have or have had similar desires as mortals, and who still retain these desires as spirits, whether or not these desires can still be exercised in the same manner as was exercised while they were still mortals. And, so, when given the opportunity by the “calling” of mortals seeking such indulgences, these spirits of similar inclination attempt to participate in these indulgences, even if only vicariously. And, of course, knowing of the mortal’s similar desire, every attempt is made to intensify this desire in the mortal to persist in the indulgent activity so that both spirit and mortal can exercise and attempt to fulfill their appetites for these things jointly.

Earth life is the great period of probation. And, indeed, it can be a period of great temptation or a period of relative freedom from corruptive influences from the spirit side of life. It all depends upon the mortal who must come to recognize that he does not live to himself alone, but is ever exposed to both spirit and mortal influence until such time that his advancement carries him beyond the evil influence exposures encountered on lower planes of existence. But if and when desired, during these formative stages of living and soul progression, the mortal recognizes and knows of the help he may ever receive from the Father and His angels through sincere prayer, and he exercises his desire for assistance and protection in this manner, then he will indeed receive this assistance, protection, and freedom from evil spirit influences through the intervention of those good spirits charged with that mortal’s care.

This has been a long message, but one which I hope will clear up any possible misunderstanding as to what was meant by true innocence as this applies to spirit living versus the relative innocence of mortals whose position is not really innocent in the sense of complete freedom from sin or from sinful inclination. And, yes, communication and rapport is ever established between spirits and mortals, and this is dependent upon the similar underlying desires or inclinations of each. With similar desires or similar inclinations, spirits and mortals do find one another and a rapport is often established and maintained. And this is why it becomes so important for mortals to only entertain and cultivate those good thoughts and desires that will provide for the establishment of rapport and the protection of only the redeemed and higher spirits in and of the spirit world.

Now, as to the sharing of your messages, this is perfectly all right for you to do at your annual meeting. The corroboration among your messages and K_’s will come in due course; and, as I said, not always in the same words but with essentially the same meanings. This is not to say that each message will be duplicated in its entirety. However, there will be subjects touched upon here and there that will be included in both K_’s message and your own. So, as I say, do not concern yourself with corroboration at this time, for it will surely come over time and as I promised.

Well, my brother, I hope you and others will be pleased and satisfied with this clarification I have attempted to give with regard to your own introductory statement and questions. Until next time, then, I thank you once again for receiving my message of this day, and I extend my love to you and all my co-workers on earth who are remaining so faithful and steadfast in the work before us. Until our anticipated communication again at your annual meeting, I will bid you good day for now.

Your loving friend and brother in Christ, Jesus