Messages 1984 to 2000

Mary: Personal Advice to A___

November 12, 1998

Received by Amada Reza


My dearest Heavenly Father, please help me now to better understand how I may serve the needs of my brothers and sisters, beginning with me. I am upset right now because I did not know whether my neighbor, Mary, was going to survive her seizure. I did not know if I was doing all that I could do to help her but she seemed to be all right and the emergency medical technicians were able to help relieve my concerns. Her husband was not able to be instrumental in holding her and being with her when she was grasping in her semi-conscious state and I assume that it is because he felt unable to help. Is this true?


I am here, Mary and your friend and sister in Christ and I want to assure you that you would have known what you must do or not do to help her life. A___, life begins with the soul and the will of the person to relate to their lives on earth and sometimes it is beyond our capacity to understand why illness and breakdown of the body happens, but when you understand life begins with the soul, the real person, who loves, feels, needs and considers how their will has wrought the events of their lives, you may better serve the need, the true need of their life.

You are a healer and it is because of love that you have this capacity. You do not need to know the intricacies of the workings of the body to know that love is the force in this universe that makes another feel good and comforted. If Mary had passed over due to the laws of the universe demanding that she leave her earth life behind, you would have understood where she was due to your faith in the continuance of life beyond the mortal. This understanding is a comfort to those who do not know and have faith and this is why you are drawn to help others. When you understand some truth that has helped you process the many crises of living within the imperfect realm of earth life you can provide comfort and knowledge to those who do not have this advantage. I encourage you to believe that you are a powerful influence in this respect because you are such a one who can help and heal and not because I want you to feel that what you do to survive in your earthly life is not worthy of the greatest love you have. You love everyone regardless of the circumstances that bring you together and this is an unspoken but nonetheless understood force. I love you and pray for your continued faith in this power in your life and I will show you how you can help those who need to empower themselves with this wonderful knowledge and faith. You are willing to do this because you love them and cherish the opportunity to be of service and it comes from an unselfish and aspiring soul filled with the love of God. Do you consider yourself one who is loved by those who in turn consider it a privilege to work with you in this world to shed this love and influence in such a way that will bring the souls of men and women to happiness and health? I am such a one who loves you, as there is a host of those in the Celestial and Natural Heavens who are working diligently to bring about peace and harmony on earth. You are an angel and I do not say this to make you feel ashamed, but that you are a teacher of those dear ones who need and you will always be, as you have always been since you were a very young age.

Although it is difficult to separate yourself from those who do not need you as the spiritual mentor and guide you are, you do so because you accept their will to be what they need to be and you recognize that your work is done. Let go and let God. You did this with your daughter when she was a step away from the spirit world and it empowered her with the strength she needed to help herself through her own desires and will to make better sense of her life and why things bad things happen. Please know that we love her as we love all God’s children and can from our silent presence encourage that personal strength. A___, pray for acceptance of yourself, embrace your goodness as a precious gift. I love you so much, let us love you more and more. Thank you and God blesses you and those you love abundantly.

I am your sister in Christ Love, Mary.