Messages 1984 to 2000

High Celestial Spirit: Mind, Love and Perfection.

April 7, 2000

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


_Dear God, Source of All Love, I would like to serve as a channel for Your ministering angels to give X__ advice about the mental/emotional causes for his physical ailments. I pray for an inflowing of Your Wondrous Divine Love at this time. I pray for protection from negative spirits. I pray to be able to put aside my forethoughts so as to not interfere with the Celestial messengers’ information. Thank You for the great Gift of Your Love and all the many blessings You bestow upon us everyday. I want to know the truth. I have faith in Your laws to protect me and faith in Your ministering angels to help us. Amen_


I am here now to write and have come in answer to your desire to receive input about the cause for X’s present physical distress. I am one of your Celestial band who watches over you and your loved ones and have been aware of this conflict for some time. If it is any comfort, you will be able to recognize that the reason [the illness] is “manifesting” at this time is because of X’s sincere desire to learn about the underlying causes of the “signal.” Meaning to say, that as long as a person is not seeking truth and wants to conceal his emotional blocks from himself, he will be able to do so.

This is the unique ability of the mind to “imagine” to “presume” - it is the great deceiver. But when the mind is willing to admit defeat, when it wants to know the truth and is willing to face whatever is hanging in there, which is keeping you from experiencing greater joy and fulfillment in life, this willingness allows the blocks to be melted away to some degree, and in turn allows you to get the message about what it is you’ve been unwilling to face, deal with, see, that has been out of harmony with love and your souls’ desires.

Perfection is relative. Whatever is done in love is relatively perfect, more perfect in fact than what you decide is perfect. Because the project - whatever it is - that is done in love will take on an emanation which sets it apart from creations done by rote, following a prescribed plan, mechanical performance, and the like. In order to feel fulfilled and accomplished, putting love into the project is a prerequisite. The saying “do your best and God will do the rest” is not an idle statement. When love is infused into a music composition, for example, it takes on a life of its own, it becomes alive and vibrant and can speak for itself. It does not need someone, even the composer himself, to say this is not perfect enough, because it may very well be perfect enough for its purpose to get the project off the ground, so to speak.

Waiting to achieve what in your own mind’s opinion is perfection is like waiting to become a divine angel before you reach out with your love. Have faith that you can manifest your love in everything you do, and that this is what will make it “perfect.” You cannot arbitrarily make the decision about how people are going to respond to your efforts. What may seem imperfect to you may be just the ticket for someone else. Do your best, or even if it is not what you consider best, if you do it with love, there are people out there who will feel that love, even if they are not sensitive to what it is they are feeling.

You need to learn to take chances, to have faith that everything you do is good. Then doors will open. Then you will relax and enjoy, even if you do not become “successful” right away, because success is not measured in material terms, but in peacefulness and joy. Relax and enjoy and you will be successful! There are lots of little hang-ups, but if you deal with the big one - the lack of self-acceptance - the little ones will disappear.

Do something, even it it’s wrong! It won’t be wrong if done in love and faith. We are with you, showering you with our love, trying to impart to you strength and courage. Take heart, reach out, be there with your wonderful self and you will notice a difference in your freedom from worry, in your looseness, comfort, no more feeling up-tight about limitations of your own making.

Even if you do not believe that it is good enough, put it out there anyway. Somebody will like it, that’s a guarantee!

I hope this will prove to be of some help to you. We love you with an abiding love, which comes from God. A love which will never let you down or leave you feeling sad or lonely when you allow it to flow into your soul and strive to the greatest of your ability to give from your heart to your projects, to your work, to your fellow human beings. For it is only in the giving that we are able to receive in great measure.

I love you, each and every one and I leave you now with my blessings for a productive and harmonious week ahead. Activate your faith, love yourself, and we feel that you will regain your health of spirit and body. I sign myself, a high Celestial spirit.