Messages 1984 to 2000

You all have the capacity to be a channel for healing energies

Santa Cruz, California

February 27, 2000

Received by Amada Reza.


I am here with you now, my dear sister in Christ, and I am your guardian and friend, Mary, the mother of Jesus and a true follower of my son who is Master of the Celestial Heavens.

I am now going to address this concern of our brother Alfredo, and I want him to know that we are indeed with him, an angelic band, as it were, to keep him in good rapport with his soul nature, and he must now know that we want to help him become a clearer instrument for the healing powers which are a gift to him.

One of the necessary steps to becoming an instrument of healing love is to allow this love to find lodgment within the soul and to elevate the condition of the soul and mind to spiritual things, to make contact with forces that exist within and around us at every moment.

God’s Divine Love is a Substance that I cannot describe in words, but its power is felt by the soul who aspires to know of this love and become more like its Creator. This power draws to it all manner of influences that bring that person to such a state of mind that they may understand the true relationship of the body, the mind and the spirit, for the truth is we are spiritual beings, first and foremost.

Alfredo, we want to surround you with our love at this time to bring about your own healing of spirit and mind, to help you not to worry about those things that would tend to distract your spiritual and healing energies. So, when you are prompted to sit for a message, the message you are receiving is the message that God loves you, as we love you, and you may rest assured in this Love.

When you begin to have more faith that this Power is present in your life and that we may come at these times, you are going to be able to manifest your love and connect with the powers of the angels who are present, who will help you channel healing.

We want you to become comfortable with the idea that you will always know when we are present and that you can make rapport with us at any time, because your desire to serve God and give love will enable these healings to occur. You all have the capacity to be a channel for such energies and instantaneous healing will occur quite naturally because you will know that this power effectively works through you.

The mind and body are mere instruments and when you allow your conscious self, your soul, to dictate what you think and desire, you will begin to realize this power that the mind and body are subject to. Do not allow your doubts to darken your vision of this truth, for this will only keep you from the true happiness that can be yours, if you only embrace this love, this soul, that is your strength and your being.

The soul can perceive truth in such a way that all things are clear and the road before you is laid out with no obstacles. The mind, on the other hand, is very talented with throwing up blocks and making your sight unclear. The truth is clear and is what will guide your heart to what is right. You must trust this and have faith that this is what God wants for you: that you can walk through your life with faith and knowing, not doubt and fear, unclarity and disappointment.

The Laws of God work to fulfill the highest Law of Love that is working through you as it works through us, and when you pray for this Love to take hold of you and manifest through your thoughts and aspirations, you will aided to accomplish those goals you see before you. There are no obstacles that can keep the Love of God from manifesting through your life, the law will not allow that to happen.

So, Alfredo, trust that you are safe in the Arms of Love and that we are surrounding you with this love to help you get into that condition that will make your dream of channeling healing to the heartsick come true. You are a blessed brother and we have faith that you will allow the Will of God to be manifest in your life.

I love you and I am your sister in Christ, Mary,

the mother of Jesus,

and an inhabitant of the Celestial Heavens where Divine Love reigns supreme.