Messages 1984 to 2000

Bill Reilly arrives in Spirit

October 10, 1995

Received by D.L.

Cliffside Park, NJ


Dear friends and fellow trustees, I finally got around to having my little spiritual talk and visitation with Bill Reilly today. I figured that Bill had had enough time to adjust to his new surroundings and life, so I called upon the angels to invite him to my home for a little visit and a one-sided chat from yours truly. Well, when I got to the end of what I had to say, I had a very strong impression that Bill wanted to convey a message through me and I obliged. I have no guarantees as to my clarity this time around, as I have not taken any messages for some time now. But, be as that may, this is what I obtained:


Oh Dave, my dear brother in Christ, you don’t know how happy I am to be able to give you a communication this day! I am so happy and grateful that you have given me this opportunity, as I have been hoping for some time that I might be able to more directly communicate to you and the other trustees.

Dave, I cannot tell you how wonderful it is being here in a spirit body that they tell me is quite handsome, and among the most beautiful and loving spirits that you could ever imagine. The surroundings are magnificent and truly beyond any kind of description that would be meaningful to you. I am among some of my relatives and friends; others I am trying to help progress in the teaching mode that you are familiar with.

Yes, when I came over, I was indeed surprised to find my mother and father and many others waiting for me. I had not realized of my passing from the mortal to the spirit for some time because the transition is such that you are still YOU, and nothing seems so different that you are aware of any sudden change. Of course, it was surprising to see my mother and dad, but not all that surprising when I had been seeing at least their faces clairvoyantly for years each night before falling asleep.

My seeing Jesus was not immediate because there were so many others who came to me—not only relatives and friends whom I knew on earth, but also many others whom I had never met but who had been helped in some way by my sermons and informal talks, and who wanted to thank me personally for all the help they claimed I brought them in the way of enhanced spiritual understanding.

Oh, I tell you, Dave, there is nothing I can say to give you any realistic idea of what lies ahead for you and the other trustees. All I can tell you is that your welcoming will be glorious beyond your most extravagant expectations. Indeed, you and the others will have nothing to fear, as there is only extreme happiness waiting for all of you. I know this not only from my own experience but also because I have been told that all of our co workers will be received magnificently.

Dave, you just have no idea how much our work has meant and is now meaning to others, both here and on earth. Yes, I know that our progress has seemed to be so slow and our membership so few. But what you do not know is that our influence has extended to many more individuals than you can imagine. It is truly a rippled effect that has taken place where one small stone dropped into the ocean of life has sent reverberating ripples far and wide. By no means, don’t think that the work you are doing doesn’t have its extensive effects. The ripples are ever growing, and you will be amazed at how much we have accomplished when it is time for you all to come over.

Dave, I would like to ask you to call my family every once in a while, as you offered to do. Jim and Joan do love me and they miss me, and I know that they regard you as a link to me. A call from you would be the next best thing to a visit from me. Thank you for your interest in them and in their welfare, Dave.

As for the others in our group, let me say that I love them all with all the love I have had for them on earth and more. I am making some progress and indeed hope to be in the Celestial Heavens before long. I am being taught as well, for there are subtleties in progressing in the Divine Love that most mortals have no idea of. Only those truly advanced know of these subtleties and how to teach them to those aspiring to progress even more rapidly.

The Master told you that there are many sights to see and that I would be given the cook’s tour, if you will. Well, I have seen such things already that I couldn’t even begin to tell you what magnificent sights exist here and among the many planes I have visited. Suffice it to say, no mind of man has conceived of the wonderful things the Father has in store for those children of His who love Him and do His Will!

Yes, I have met your mother and son, and have seen Eileen as well. In fact, all three were here to greet me when I passed over. I can tell you that all three are most beautiful in appearance and fairly radiate the Divine Love they have accumulated within them. They are so proud of you, Dave, and especially your son who feels that you are the greatest dad in all the world, and without whom he would never have achieved the exalted condition he enjoys today. Your mother, of course, is as proud as a peacock that her son has such a central role and place in the scheme of things.

I see you’re getting tired, Dave, so I’ll sign off for now. But, before I do, please convey my love to all the trustees and assure them that none of them would ever recognize me now in terms of the comparison of what I looked like as a mortal and what I have attained as a spirit. Also, please assure them that I will indeed watch over them and pray for their welfare Tell Bill Carroll especially that I have not stopped praying for him. hi fact, I want him to continue on Wednesdays at 10:00 a m. with our healing sessions together. He knows what to do and, to be sure, I will be with him in all his prayerful efforts.

And to you, Dave, my dear brother and friend, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your taking the time to receive a message from me. Your inner prompting was quite accurate. Several of us impressed you to take my message. The Master is here and adds his thanks for taking this communication. He continues to encourage you to perform the work you have set out to do.

Until next time, if there is a next time that you would care to hear from me, I want you to know how much I love you and how grateful I am for all the loving help and friendship you extended to me on earth. Your rewards will be great, Dave, and our friendship will truly extend through all eternity.

Your loving brother in Christ, Bill Reilly.