Messages 2009

A message from Bill Reilly.

July 20th, 2009.

Vail, CO, USA.

Received by D.L.


My Dearest Jim, Joan, Laura and Michael,

Yes, through the great love and friendship I share with my brother in Christ, David, I am blessed to be permitted and enabled to send you all a message from my home to yours. I realize it has been some time since I passed from this earth, but surely you know and have felt my presence with all of you on many different occasions. While you cannot visit my spirit home, I am never unable to visit your earthly home and to see how you all are, and to provide whatever counsel and help I might be able to share or impress upon each of you during my visits.

Let me tell you first a little bit about what has occurred with me since leaving you all. As you know, Jim, I used to have the blessing of being able to see my own Mom and Dad each night before drifting off to sleep myself. Well, need I really say who was here to greet me when I passed over? But on earth where I could only see their faces wishing me a good night, when I arrived in the spirit world, not only were they the first to greet me, but they also appeared before me in their full spirit form. How beautiful they were and how loving and subsequently helpful to me!

When one arrives in the spirit world, there is what you might call a central meeting place for new spirits. The surroundings look very much like a beautiful place on earth, and this location is the place where all former relatives and friends greet the new spirit entrant. It takes a little bit of time for one to acclimate not only to one’s surroundings, but also to discovering and accepting that one is no longer mortal but now a spirit. And the task of all these greeters is to make the new spirit at ease and to orient him or her to what is ahead in the way of living in the spirit world.

My mother and father were wonderful and they alone brought me much joy and happiness upon our union in spirit. For different lengths of time, new spirits remain with all these greeters and well-wishers, and all enjoy a most happy reunion. But, eventually, one is escorted to a place or location where one’s soul is qualified to stay. My sphere was indeed a beautiful one from the beginning. It was also a place of soulful review, if I may put it that way. We have all done at least a few things on earth, either in thought or in deed, that we must atone for. This atonement occurs when one goes through periods of regret and remorse. At the same time, if one also desires more of the Love of God, when this is fervently asked for and received, these sins of our earthly life start to fall by the wayside and feelings of happiness become their replacements, along with the earlier memory of wrongdoing being no longer dwelled upon or remembered. You see, true forgiveness occurs with ultimate forgetfulness.

But let me move on to say that my first residence was in the Third Sphere where I lived and communed with the souls of those very much like myself. My happiness there was wonderful and very fulfilling. But, as you should know, any sphere below the Celestial Heavens is still not heaven where the soul is actually transformed into the very Substance of the Father’s Divine Love, and where one becomes literally immortal and a divine angel of God.

And, so, I continued to pray for more of God’s Divine Love and eventually moved into the Fifth Sphere. It was during my stay there when David asked our brother, Jesus, through the mediumship of Amy Bolton, where I then resided in the spirit world. The members and friends there at that annual meeting seemed very pleased to hear from him that my progress to the Fifth Sphere was that relatively quick and elevated.

Well, I could continue to describe my trip “up the ladder,” but suffice to say I did make it into the Celestial Heavens. Your grandmother and grandfather are there as well, Jim, and presently reside in the First Celestial Sphere. I am presently in the Second Celestial Sphere and have progressed up to some of the higher planes in this Sphere.

And, so, let me move on, now that you know where I live and have some idea of how very happy and fulfilled are those who seek and receive God’s Love can be. On earth, I was hardly very attractive in appearance. Now, you would hardly recognize the handsome and love-lit fellow who is your dad and granddad.

As you have said to Dave in your email to him, Jim, you indeed have often felt my presence while you, Joan, Laura and Michael have been together, and particularly when you personally have had need of my companionship, advice and assistance. But let it be understood very clearly, I love you all beyond the telling, not only from watching you all grow and develop now for quite a few years, but also because my love has increased immeasurably beyond that for you, my son, for Joan, my daughter-in-law, and for my grandchildren, Laura and Michael. While I indeed love you all with a father’s and grandfather’s love, my love for all of you now is beyond mortal description in its intensity, fullness, glory and fulfillment.

Since David has been so kind as to allow me to speak to you through him, I do have a simple, unitary message for all of you. No matter what your earthly lives may be at any given point of time—be they happy or troubled ones—the assistance of God is as close as your own breath when it is He and His Love you seek. Your period on earth is a probationary one—an important developmental one—but a very short one in terms of the eternity ahead for us all. And I want you to make the most of this remaining probationary period where you are all concerned.

Continue to love God, continue to love each other, and know that both God and I are as close as a mere thought away from your having our presence in your lives. And learn to give of your love to others, for, in so doing, reflexive love will come into your own souls as well in greater and greater abundance. Does it not feel great to be loved? Well, don’t forget how great you can also feel giving your love to others.

Laura, Michael, in terms of the school of life’s earthly probation, you will get an A+ if you just continue to ask for God’s Love to enter your souls and you give this Love out to others. Do this for as long as you both shall live on this earth, and you will be able to live where I live, and to know of happiness now beyond your wildest dreams.

Jim and Joan, you are doing a wonderful job as both parents and as human beings doing their very best to love and be loved. And when things occur that might cause a measure of pain or grief, as this has happened to us all, know that your souls have the loving capacity to still move onward and upward. God is with you all, and with an open, listening Ear. And be assured of this: God’s Love and my own are available to you always. Be of good cheer; we are always here!

I shall sign off now with great thanks for the angel-to-be who has lent me his heart and soul so that I could give you, Jim, you Joan, you Lauren, you Michael, not only my love for you today, but also with the added assurance that I do and will continue to love you daily and throughout all eternity.

Your loving father and granddad,



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