Messages 1984 to 2000

Mary: Jesus’ ascension and Daniel’s prophecies.

December 1998

Received by A.R.


Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for your Love to fill my soul, mind and body that I may meet my Celestial guide above this earth plane to make rapport with their wonderful love. I pray with faith that You will protect me from any harmful influence and that the truth will prevail. I want to be an instrument of love and peace and I love You, my dear Loving Father, and Your Celestial angels.


I am here with you now my dear sister in Christ and I am Mary, your guardian angel and I was the mother of Jesus of the Bible, who is now the Master of Celestial Heavens. I am a partaker of the Divine Love of God and have received this Love to the degree that it qualifies me to channel the truth such as will aid the spiritual condition of God’s children.

I am most pleased to be given this opportunity and I encourage you to continue to pray for the Divine Love and for this work to continue.

I would like to answer D___ question regarding the ascension. As you are aware Jesus’ ministry extended beyond the earth plane and into the spirit world and after his departure from the flesh, he took his ministry to the spirit world, beginning with the hells. As you can understand the importance of Love in your life, it is only that much more imperative that souls suffering from a lack of love be made aware of their opportunity to be free from the darkness of their sins and torment. Jesus was given certain powers by God to be a way-shower to the Divine Kingdom of Love and at such time that he went to the hells you can be assured that not one soul who inhabited those dark planes was not aware of his presence and what message he had to bring. That message still alive and vital to be heard by all God’s children was a message of hope and such hope that does not fade with time, but is impervious to time, for this brings me to the subject I would like to discuss “Time.”

Although the prophets were given information from the angels of God to the degree that it would help point the way to the message of hope that was to be brought by the promised Messiah, you will understand that time is a thing man uses to frame his history and recollections, a clock by which he measures past, present and future. But as you have studied some of the eastern philosophies, there is a premise that the only time that matters is now and this is what hope is all about. There is no thing in the experience of humankind, past, present or future, that will prevent a soul from receiving the Gift of Love that God offers. It is ever present and available and He does not judge His own by deeds or thoughts. So, if we were to embrace the lovely thought that irregardless of time, God has prevailed throughout these many ages of human development with this one Message of Love, what is despair? Look into the eyes of a young child and you will see their question. Do you love me? Do you recognize me as a soul filled with longing for what, I am only waiting for the answer? Do you have an answer? Look into the eyes of any person and you may discover this question, perhaps manifested in the desire for wealth, power, or in the desire to parent a child or accomplish a great deed. But the desire and need to know is there, always present.

I see you ask why it is so easy for the souls in the highest natural heavens who have perfected their natural love to ignore this longing. But you understand that if they believe with their minds that the answer has been found, their contentment is a muffler, as it were, to this reaching of their soul. The natural love is a beautiful and powerful thing as you witness in your own life, but it is also a distraction if the mind is in ascendancy over the soul.

So, to return to the question of why Daniel was given information, there was purpose in such information being given, but only insofar as it would help the mind of man gain some clue or insight in what God’s message to him is, and, yes, He can know what His child will do, again, in His Timelessness, He knows the workings of the laws and the nature of His own.

Amada, please understand that the natural love of man is a mere shadow to the All Powerful Love of God for His children and He has a Will that you may understand more as you receive the Grace of Divine Love, the Substance of His Soul. It is patient, it is kind and gentle, and He has forever to wait for the inexplicable but perfect workings of His Laws that will bring all His children to Him eventually. You know what I speak of, just seeing how people you know progress on a spiritual path - it is a transformation that cannot be doubted or denied, and must be the possession of the one who is aware of its potential.

Now as for the question about the ascension. Jesus did ascend into the natural heavens following his ministry in the hells and he was just as welcome, especially by those who were aware of the Gift of Mercy and Love that God showered upon His children when the potential to receive the Gift of His Divine Love was rebestowed. I do not want to digress into what day, because as I have explained, this is merely a thing man uses to refer to as an aid to his mind grasping the truth and I want to concentrate on the spiritual significance of this event. With his advent to the natural heavens, he came to the gates of the Celestial Kingdom with the joy and thankfulness of thousands of souls, and praising their God, so Loving and Kind, they entered these Heavens Celestial where the soul longing for the Divine Gift was granted, this life of immortality and atonement with their Father. As you can understand, many prayed for this Love while Jesus was still on earth and because they had purified their natural love through their obedience of God’s Laws and their devotion to living a life free from sin, they had achieved a condition of purity that then allowed them to advance into the waiting Arms of God.

Such a rejoicing was never known and there is still the joy and singing when a soul passes into these wonderful spheres of happiness and eternal light.

I love you and will ask that you sit again soon. I am your sister,

Mary, the mother of Jesus