Messages 1984 to 2000

The meaning of Faith.

August 28, 2000

Santa Cruz, California

Received by:Amada Reza


Dear Creator, Source of All Love, I pray for a great inflowing of Your Divine Love at this time. Amy said to me that one of the followers, attracted to Your angels’ messages posted on the internet, asked “What is faith?” I’m sure there are many writings about faith in the volumes; and I know it isn’t easy to explain spiritual concepts to the reasoning mind, but if I’m in condition to receive the angels’ thoughts clearly, I would like to receive the answer again to this question.

I pray to surrender my will to Your Will. I pray for forgiveness and Mercy and faith. I pray to have greater faith in the Power of Your Love to guide me in the highest spiritual direction toward at-onement with You in Love. I am sure that our guardian angels are aware of other questions our followers are seeking enlightenment on. Help me, please, put aside my forethought and not block the angels’ thoughts. Amen


I am here now to write, my dear sister in Christ, and I come to you today in answer to your desire to receive a written message. As you are aware, there are many answers to questions in the writings we have already delivered. When one is seeking truth and desires to expand their awareness, they can pray sincerely from their hearts to be open to truth while they are reading and studying these messages, but we are always here with you to help you over the “rough spots” of confusion and doubt. When you pray to God for great inflowings of His Grace, Divine Love, to raise you up to higher understandings, we can influence you with thoughts which will lead you to that greater understanding.

Sincere prayers from your heart and soul will open your soul’s perceptions of love and faith to spiritual knowledge. Belief is of the mind, but faith is of the soul, and before a person can be said to have faith, the soul needs to have commenced its spiritual progression in Love. By this definition then, you can see that a large portion of the population who declares to have faith have only belief. You can realize that when certain religions taught that the earth was flat and adherents of that religion proclaimed to have faith that this was true, they were only going along with the teachings with the belief of their minds, and accepted what others proclaimed to be true. Each individual soul needs to seek for truth and love with its own will, and with the whole heart’s desire and soul longing to know the truth.

Some religions are absolutely sure that the Creator’s name is Allah, for example. Some believe It’s Jehovah, others have a variety of other names for God. The heart’s longing for truth is a desire and wish to know from humbleness and sincerity. The knowledge of truth is not dependent upon calling God by a certain name or holding your body in a certain posture. Communication with God is from soul to Soul. Truly spiritual souls understand this and therefore can afford to be flexible and understanding and know that different religions will call God different names and that it does not matter to God. What He hears and listens to is a heartfelt prayer from a humble soul.

Some people reject our messages because we refer to God as “He” or “Father in Heaven.” But, as you can see, they have a long way to go in their spiritual understanding in order to get past the block of using the male gender as a word or name for God. Even though we have been writing about the truths of God’s Love for centuries and in many languages, we are still up against a large variety of mindsets, of preconceived ideas which don’t easily change. And this is why we emphasize that each individual seek truth from his or her own sincere heart and soul and keep praying to know the truth until greater enlightenment comes.

The issue of greatest importance is seeking to acquire more of God’s Grace, Divine Love, into your soul. Love is the ingredient of all knowledge. Without Love, truth cannot be known. Recognize, learn and realize that Love is what will set you free. Faith is the other side of the coin of Love. They come together. When you pray for and receive more Love, your faith automatically increases. When you pray for greater faith, you also receive more Love.

There also has to be a realization that material things are of lesser importance than spiritual progression in order to see clearly how to follow your spiritual path. It is of no use to get angry with someone just because they make the mistake of believing it is a sin to eat meat on Friday or some such rule a church has made up to make its adherents follow their rules. Following the rules of a church is not a sin, except when it is not done in love. And I can assure you that many rules are followed with a resentful heart, which makes it detrimental to a person’s spiritual development.

Faith is a spiritual quality of your soul which is developed through prayers to be at-one with God through desires to do His Will in your life. People who have strong beliefs often make the mistake of thinking it is faith, but if they are sincere and humble, and willing to acknowledge that some of the dogmas of the church might be incorrect, they can find out for themselves if what they believe is true or not. Take it to prayer. Ask God to enlighten you with His Love to help open the perceptions of your souls, the only part of you which has the power to discern truth.

There are thousands of sheep-people who obligingly go to church, sit in the pew, act dignified, try to be kind and polite, as if this is their Sunday duty and then, they are “home free” for the rest of the week. Does this kind of performance develop love and faith in a soul? I will let you answer that question for yourselves. I am sure I could go on and on, as I often do. So many are set in their ways, so many religions are busy fighting other religions because they believe differently. Does it sound like these religions will anytime soon solve the problem of who is right and who is wrong? They are both wrong because they are operating from erroneous mental beliefs, not from faith.

When you have true faith in your soul you will agree, you will know that our Creator is a God of Love, no matter what name He is called. When you pray to do God’s Will in your life, you receive His Divine Love; it is God’s Will that we become at-one with Him in Love. When you have the Love of God in your souls, you will be seeking peaceful solutions to your differences, you will accept others with their differences, knowing that all God’s children are unique individuals. No two souls are alike. Each soul consists of two halves, one male, one female, so even the two halves of the same soul are different.

And it is Love that is the great equalizer and deliverer of harmony among God’s children. But it is up to the children, themselves, to want to activate this spiritual Love in their lives. You can only receive It through prayers to God. Affirmations are helpful but they are not soulful longings. Meditation is good but oftentimes it does not result in deep, heartfelt longings or desires for Truth and Love.

So you see the formula is the same throughout the whole world: heartfelt prayers to the One Creator for Divine Love, no matter what name is used; desires to do the Will of that One is what is important. A diverse world with diverse religions and languages, but with the same spiritual formula to attain divine status with their Creator, at-one with God in Love. The truth is so simple, but the complexity and confusion of the material mind makes it seem complicated and even impossible to figure out. This is an accurate conclusion because spiritual truths cannot be grasped by the intellectual mind, only by a soul developed in Love.

There will continue to be discrepancies in religions and in the hearts of humankind resulting in conflicts over unimportant material things until humankind becomes weary of fighting and killing one another, and desires Love to prevail on earth. In the meantime, we will continue to attempt to influence people to desire peace, but we have difficulty reaching the hardened hearts, those who have not had their conscience awakened. They will pass from the earth phase of their life and pay their penalty for their sins. When they progress into a higher state of Love, even of natural love, they may be of help to influence the followers of these religions onto a better and more loving pathway.

God bless you for seeking to do God’s Will in your lives, for desiring to know the truth and for wanting to develop the highest potential of your souls. We are a Celestial army able to bring great influence to bear on many segments of humankind, but you need at least a spark of desire to want to change for the better before you will respond to our help and love.

Thank you for being willing to receive a message from me. You have been quite easy to write through today. I will say goodbye and sign myself, a high Celestial spirit.