Messages 1984 to 2000

Mary: On the gift of spirit communication.

August 5, 1999

Santa Cruz, California

Received by Amada Reza.


Dear Heavenly Father/Mother God, I know You are not of the material when I call You Father/Mother, but Your Love for me is complete and whole, a Divine Love that lifts me to Your Peace and Harmony. I wish to serve You and to be of service to my brothers and sisters in answering their spiritual questions. One of your children wishes to know how best to guide her son with his psychic gifts. Another wishes to know how he might develop the ability to receive communication from the angels. What can Your Messengers of Love share with us to help us understand how to use these gifts and abilities without harm? If I am in condition to receive a message, please help me put my own will and desire aside and protect me from lower spirit influence. I love You and thank You for Your Love. Amen


I am here, Mary, the mother of Jesus, and your sister in Christ and your friend who is with you now. I am a follower of my son, who is Master of the Celestial Heavens and the Wayshower to at-onement with God through the inflowing of the Divine Love into the soul.

I wish to let my dear sisters and brothers know that God is a merciful and loving Creator Who watches over His own through the perfect workings of His Laws. The angels are His spokespeople, His Eyes and Ears on this earth plane and in the spirit world, and when there is a sincere desire on the part of anyone to manifest their love and faith in the Power of God’s Love to bring light to the darkness of this world, only the goodness of their motive and desires are needed to assure that good will come to pass.

You have heard it said that no spirit in the natural heavens can impersonate Jesus when he is present, but as well, when a low spirit is challenged to acknowledge the Divine Love, as the Substance of the Soul of God, shining through the guardian spirit who manifests Christ Love, that spirit cannot do harm. In the Presence of this Love, the Truth will prevail and it is well enough to ask for protection of the angels and to investigate the motive you or anyone has to use the gift of spirit communication.

In the case of a child who has unexplained experiences that are perhaps frightening to him or her, it must be stated that if one prays for the angels to guide and protect that child, it will be done, for God will not let harm come to the innocent of heart. Be aware, however, that the family who surrounds and influences the child has an effect upon that child’s experiences, so it is important for them to pray for such protection as well.

Now it is a concern to try to explain the effect the interaction between mortal and spirit has upon the brain and mind of the mortal. Such experiences are frightening because there is nothing to compare it to that exists in one’s life. This may make it difficult to explain to someone else and so there is the problem of carrying the burden of such questions and fears alone. It is important to recognize the role the mind and brain have then in protecting the mortal from “overload.”

Sometimes people will say it was a hunch, a dream, or their eyes and ears playing tricks, but it is good for the person to try to resolve the experience in the only way they can grasp at that time.

If we were all so lucky to have loving and understanding parents or guardians who could accept the reality of spirit/mortal communication and explain its place in one’s life, this world would be truly amazing. But, as it is, superstition and disbelief in anything other than the tangible universe is the “reality” we are dealing with. So it is good to try to always keep perspective of how this information helps us in our personal lives by taking to prayer what can be done with this information, realizing that God is there to protect and guide, as well as His ministering angels, who are always present. By remaining focused on the moment and trying to embrace the significance of the otherworldly experience and asking for angelic guidance, it is easier to come away with more peace and understanding of how to deal with the effect of these strange occurrences. The world really is a magical and mysterious place and we have nothing to fear of the unknown when we are prepared to accept the Pattern of Love that has been woven into all things material and spiritual. By God’s Hand we may see beyond these five senses and our eyes of Love may be opened to the wonders and secrets of our life. Each one of you is an amazing gift, given the will, desires, and appetites but also the perceptions by which you may investigate and enjoy what life offers to you. The limitations of your minds and souls need not keep you from seeking to open your hearts to the Love and Knowledge which comes to the humble seeker of Truth. Take God’s Hand and be led into these lighted avenues just waiting to be traveled. Be mindful that you are a complicated and intricately designed being that has depths and perceptions unknown by even you and when you embrace yourself as such a creature, gifted with otherworldly sight, you may see the workings of the Law of Love in your life and in the lives of those around you. Accept that the mystery of your soul need not be a mystery any longer and that God will give you the ability to perceive the truth of your essence, your soul, a reality that has yet to be awakened in this material world. It is a sacred knowledge and a private experience that may or may not be shared, but most importantly, you will be in the company of angels who will not leave your side, who will show you the steps. It is God’s Promise as the fulfillment of the highest Law of Love, for through the transformation of your soul into that of a divine being, you will know the Presence of Love in your life. Have faith and pray for His Guidance to be with you always. There is power in this Prayer to protect you from all harm and to help untangle the confusion that may belong to the mind.I love you and I hope this sheds some light on this subject for you. If you should ever need me to help you, I am always here. Please believe that it is our privilege to protect and guide you in your progress through this world. I am Mary, the mother of Jesus.