Messages 1984 to 2000

Swift Bear: Your Relationship with God.

November 12, 2000


Received by Alfredo


We all ask ourselves, how we should develop an intimate relationship with God. Each and everyone strives, in a greater or smaller degree, for obtaining this goal in the best way possible. We search in an infinity of beliefs, religious rites, philosophies, etc., feeling many times disillusioned by the long list of adversities we find in each one of those. If we think it over, however, we realize that they may contain some truth, therefor we think, “this part is what I’m interested in.”

And here we ought to meditate, for what is it you did choose, because you’re interested in it?

A possible approach to God and to spiritual perfection could be, to behold moral laws, love, sincerity and humility, a structure, which leads us in fact to feel in our inner selves the fountain, which quenches our thirst.

There lies the principal basis, the construction upon well laid foundations. You are all free, you enjoy the free will, conceded by God, and here you can apply this freedom, deciding yourselves, based upon what I have just explained.

But never think that you are alone, that you don’t get any help; the spirits who have progressed and developed to perfection, they assist you. And you constantly keep asking, “how can I hear them?” Every creature of God, who desires this development, feels an inner impulse, an inner voice, or whatever you want to call it, that leads you to where you wish to be, provided that your interest be the progress in love and morality, as I have already explained.

All those feelings of adversity, bitterness, and what causes pain in your souls, are sentiments which bear the unmistakable stamp of spirits, who have little development, and it depends on you to get rid of those feelings.

Always remember, what you have to reject is hatred, reactions that lead to hostilities against your brothers. You must cultivate forbearance, and never consider that you have to reject those persons, who show instability, emotional as well as any other kind thereof, betraying the small amount of progress in their souls.

And you, who believe yourselves more advanced, don’t you recognize that you, too, need love and understanding? And when you receive it, don’t you feel satisfied? So why denying it to others, who need them even more?

If you don’t know how to give it, aren’t there those more developed spirits, who supply those necessities to whomever needs them?

Never say that those are hopeless cases, you must try to teach those souls, because sometime in your lives you, too, have been instructed. You cannot deny the love to anybody, for all need it, as well as understanding, if you just listen and understand, you contribute to strengthen those who need it most.

Thereby, we achieve something fundamental, obtaining a close relationship with God. We must understand that we are one big family, and that we have to furnish these necessities to all those in our family, who are also trying to improve their relationship with God.

May God shower rich blessings over you in His infinite Love.

From your brother Swift Bear