Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: Faith and Healing.

August 18, 1987

Received by D.L.


_Dearest Jesus, well, Master, now that I am back from vacation, I guess it is time that we get back to your wonderful messages again. I have been reading some of your messages through K___, and one sentence in particular especially caught my eye and captured my interest: “So, as you continue applying your prayers and faith to the situation, this gives us the extra ability to bring about the exact outcome we are striving to accomplish.” ( March 22, 1987 message.)

I have some understanding as to how faith allows both a channel for healing energies to be directed to a supplicant on earth and facilitates your abilities to more easily and clearly impart your daily guidance for us, and your formal messages as well. But we often hear, Master, that there are people in assemblages who receive healings from “spirit doctors,” even though they have little to no faith in the ability of spirit persons to heal anyone, let alone heal them of what may be their particular ailments.

If faith in God’s Healing, and in the powers of His angels to heal, is not believed in or felt by such skeptics, how is it that we hear of their still being given healings in some cases in spite of their absence of faith?

Also, we have heard that there are Healing Energies through the Divine Love, and that there are different healing energies also employed by “spirit doctors” in bringing about healings to mortals. If it is not God’s Divine Love that is doing the healing, what is doing the healing?

And, finally, why is it that healings are given to those of little or no faith in prayer meetings (such as Kathryn Kuhlman used to conduct) when presumably they have not even prayed or asked for any healing - only being present to accompany some relative or friend who may have asked them to come along? Would not an “imposed” healing be a violation of a person’s free will, if I may put it that way?

I truly hope that I may be a clear enough channel today to receive your answers to these questions accurately and well. Thank you, dear brother, for all that you do to bring the Light of God’s Truths into our lives.


I am now here to write, my dear brother in Christ, and I come to you today most happily to answer the questions you have posed the best that I can. First, let me say welcome back from your vacation. I am pleased that we will now be resuming our rapport and that you will be receiving more of the many messages we still have to impart to humankind. I am your dear friend in spirit, Jesus, Master of the Celestial Heavens and the eternal leader of our church on earth.

As to your first question concerning faith and how the apparent absence of this exists in some who nonetheless receive healings, as you know, faith is a force of great power and is not restricted in its operations when applied on a large or larger scale. In prayer meetings, there are always enough present who do have faith and true soul yearnings to allow the effects of that faith to be exercised in various ways. Not all present need have a firm belief and faith in the powers of spirit healers to heal in order for the exercise of the accumulated faith of the believers to establish those favorable conditions which allow healing energies to be employed. While it may seem that healings are often taking place randomly in such large gatherings or assemblages, as you say, such healings are not random but intended.

At times, the healings performed with skeptics are the result of others praying for these skeptics - those loved ones who nevertheless pray for them in their behalf, realizing the healings can be effected in others of little faith if their own exercise of faith is strong and sincere enough to bring about the healing desired. At other times, while there are persons who maintain an outer appearance of skepticism, yet, within, they secretly retain a strong hope that they will receive some form of help in spite of their minds’ resistance to the possibility of receiving such help. And it is this soulful hope that takes precedence over their mind’s lack of intellectual persuasion in the Power of God or of His angels to heal. And, finally, there are occasions when the Father Himself, Who sees into the hearts and souls. of us all, through His Love and Mercy, decides that He will gratuitously provide a healing, knowing that, although a person has not prayed to Him in word’s for a healing, his soul is nevertheless reaching out to Him in supplication at some level where He sees that a healing accorded will bring about even a greater gain in that person’s soulful condition and development.

Nothing occurs in God’s Universe strictly by chance. There are always forces in operation which are the normal operation of God’s Laws taking place. At times, the innocent fall into the snare of the effects of the wrongful exercise of the free will of others; and, at other times, the presumed “guilty” (those without apparent faith), such as those skeptics to whom you refer, receive the “unexpected” benefits of virtue in operation, such as in a healing performed. But, as I say, while the inner workings of these complicated and intertwining laws may seem random, they are not. God’s Laws are perfect in their workings, even though His children do not always recognize or understand their complexity.

You were correct in stating that the greater the faith, the greater our ability to perform healings, to guide and influence you, and to deliver our messages to humankind. But, as I have said, faith can be exercised in many forms, and it is not always essential that a person receiving a healing be the one who is directly asking for the healing. Of course, it is most desirable for each and every child of God to recognize the importance of praying to our Heavenly Father for any and all blessings desired, healing being only one such blessing. For it is through prayer and the blessings which flow to the supplicant in response to sincere prayer that brings about faith and increments of faith. And, of course, faith is mostly and greatly enlarged when the blessing of God’s Great Love is sought for and received. Yes, faith is a most important ingredient in man’s true mastery over all of life’s circumstances, and I am happy that you have thought of asking me to relate to this subject today.

It is not a violation of free will for a person to receive a healing, for there is scarcely anyone who could or would object to the positive effects gained and felt as the result of a healing. But you can be assured that if a person soulfully does not have the least desire for a healing, then no healing will be imposed upon him. There are those, for example, who wish to end the mortal phase of their existence for a variety of legitimate and approved of reasons. I am not speaking of suicide when I say this, but to such reasons as extreme infirmity due to advanced age, where the prolonging of the mortal life is no longer useful or productive, and where entrance into the spirit world would be desirable; or, a desire to pass on in order to be released from a terminal illness where a relief from further physical and emotional suffering will occur, and where life can begin anew on the spirit side of life. E____ is a good example of this latter case where, as I have said before, the Father, in His Love and Mercy, saw that higher purposes would be served in bringing her to the spirit world where her life and work could continue uninterrupted and unfettered by any further pain and infirmity.

As to your question about spirit healing as opposed to the healing brought about by the Divine Love of the Father, yes, there are spirit powers given to “spirit doctors,” as you say, that are an extension of the healing powers given to, and gained by, mortal doctors. These spirit powers are also God-given and are much more advanced and effective than are those prescriptions or healing techniques brought to bear by mortal physicians. But as you might well understand, even if you have not yet learned of the inner workings of spirit healing powers, “spirit doctors” live in a world where there has been great advancement in both the knowledge and application of healing techniques and remedies. There are spirits in the spirit world who have studied and applied such techniques and remedies for many centuries, so it should not be surprising to discover that their accumulated knowledge and effectiveness in the healing science has been and is vastly accelerated over that of their so much younger mortal brethren.

But, yes, the Power of the Divine Love to heal is a different Energy, and comes only directly from the Father Himself. And where the Divine Love is concerned, this Healing Force does require the exercise of faith in a much more active and direct way. As you may recall, when I was instrumental in performing healings on earth through the Powers of the Divine Love acting through me, it was only when faith was exercised by those seeking healing help that healings occurred. Among those from my own people who saw me grow from a child to an adult, they did not at first have the kind of faith that would have enabled me to have been instrumental in bringing healings to them as well. It was most difficult for them to have the kind of faith that unbiased strangers were able to exercise. But, over time, and with the many healings reported to them by word of mouth, many of my own people came to eventually believe that the Father had given me a healing channel in my person wherein their faith, properly exercised, not in me but in the Father operating through me, would result in healing benefits to them as well. And some, in fact, did exercise this faith and did receive the healing benefits of God’s Divine Love.

I may not have answered your questions as thoroughly as might be desired, but I think the answers given are sufficiently clear and accurate for now. Perhaps this subject can be enlarged upon at a later time.

Before closing, I should like to say that I am well pleased with your resumption of message taking, and I am looking forward to many more messages that I and others may impart through you in the future. I wish also to extend my love to all my co-workers in the flesh who continue to work so diligently and well in the many church-related tasks before them. Soon, the new volume, so near and dear to your hearts, will be well on its way to final completion and in readiness for printing and publication, and we are all most happy with the wonderful progress you have been and are making toward this end. Keep on working as you have been, with great amounts of your own love contributed to the task, and we shall see a final product of great worth and importance to humankind made available once again.

I love you all, my beloved children, and leave you now with my great love and blessings extended to you.

Your brother and friend, Jesus.