Messages 1984 to 2000

Mary: Prayer and Response.

September 2, 2000

Received by Amada Reza.


There are many reasons why the soul seeks for the higher help which God offers to His children in His Love for them. Each prayer is personal and between the soul and one’s Maker. And because each soul is unique with its own set of experiences and thoughts, feelings and desires, the form these sincere longings take are unique. What one may feel as an answer from God, another may not and it is not ours to question or judge another’s sincerity of soul longing or how that longing brings a response from God.

It is for each of us to have faith that we connect with our Father, and trust that in this connection with Him, we will be provided for and given what we need to understand the truth and what our relationship with the divine is. In our faith, we then have the confidence that we are loved, and so we can love in turn and become an example of the Christ, as our dear Master, Jesus was while on earth and continues to be.

So you may ask why the answers to your prayers are so immediate and evident, and what brought on the answer to your prayer to be free of lustful thoughts. I tell you that you have, indeed, received an inflowing of the Divine Love of the Father, for without such an inflowing, you would not have made rapport with the angels who helped you find relief in your mind and heart, and you would not have been rid of the spirits who have accompanied you and kept you from your love and faith. Because you have not had a physical manifestation of this love as it becomes a part of your soul does not negate its presence and the fact that it has become a part of you. Your prayers are sincere, and it is the sincere prayer that brings such a response as you have received from God.

Perhaps your mind may doubt that you are a recipient of this Love because of your measuring your experience by the experiences of others, but I ask you to continue to have faith. You must pray for the Love of the Father to come to you and to lift you into your faith that He is with you, as I am with you, and that you are deserving of this Love, as all God’s children are.

I love you, my dear brother, and I pray for your happiness and fulfillment.

I am Mary, the mother of Jesus,