Messages 1984 to 2000

John the Apostle: Encouraging Alfredo.

Santa Cruz, California

November 20, 1999

Received by Amada Reza.


I am here, John, the Apostle and a true follower of our Master, Jesus and his disciple in spirit, as I was on earth. Our Master taught of the potential of the human soul to receive the Divine Love of God, a Gift that was rebestowed to God’s children upon the coming of Jesus to earth.

I wish to clarify for Alfredo that I did, indeed, come to him and deliver a message, as did Aristotle and Andrew and Lorenzo. It is important for our brother to recognize that it is God’s Will that he pray to come into the soul condition of at-onement with His Maker and become possessed of the Divine qualities that characterize the immortal Love God has for His Own.

I say this to Alfredo so that he may seek with his soul and mind to come to this spiritual development such as may elevate his thoughts to spiritual things, that his faith may only grow toward bringing the truth to light.

It is an interesting situation he finds himself in at this time of his life, and he may wonder, why now, with a young family to raise, and why him? But, I want him to have faith that we are with him and guiding him in this way. He has a gift that he wants to use for the glory of God and, so, this will be done.

(John speaks directly to Alfredo)

Because you are new to this kind of “attention,” you are somewhat disbelieving, but understand that you have been in the company of angels most of your life, and they work in such quiet and gentle ways that you are, perhaps, unable to detect their presence. When a prayer is raised, the response comes from God, and His Love is quick to move His Messengers of mercy and goodness to the sides of those who call to Him.

Continue as you have, dear brother. Do not lose faith. Stay focused upon the Loving Mercy of God and let Him into your life in every way.

I am John, the Apostle of Jesus, and his true follower in Divine At-onement with God.