Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: Is violence ever justified in self defence?

September 8th, 2000.

Santa Cruz, California.

Received by K.S.


Dear Father in Heaven, Source of All Love, Creator of our souls, I pray for a great inflowing of Your Love at this time. We have this same perplexing question about how to keep the commandment “Thou shalt not murder,” when wicked people are on the attack. How can we protect ourselves and our families without using arms against the attackers? I pray to be able to put aside my forethoughts and all my blocks and anxieties and not interfere with the message our Celestial friends and co-workers wish to deliver on this important issue. Amen


I am here now to write, my dear sister in Christ, and I have come to attempt again to satisfy the question about how you can protect yourself without bearing arms against your brethren. I do know that it seems like a perplexing question, but when you know that the earth life is but a moment in eternity, and that it is for the sole purpose of individualizing one’s personality, you will know that this purpose has been fulfilled at the moment the soul enters the fetus, and whether that individual dies before birth or lives to a ripe old age, the purpose has been fulfilled just as perfectly in the one case as the other.

We do understand the problem and we do know that humankind is in a deplorable state of a lack of spiritual development, which is the cause of the problem. But do you not see that there needs to be a change in the reaction before the aggression pattern will change?

To strive to become an example of God’s Love made manifest in the world should be your constant goal. You will reap the rewards of such actions and desires by attracting Celestial guides and protectors who can influence circumstances around you in ways you cannot even imagine. When you have these high ideals and intentions, situations will unfold around you which may entirely eliminate the need to take up defense because you would not be put into circumstances which would require such action.

The spiritually evolved souls who have taken a non-violent stand against oppression have been the most effective in making positive changes. We acknowledge this choice is not without risk of life, but to live in fear and feeling the need to take up arms is not the kind of life God intended for His beloved children.

You might work toward adopting the idea that it would be better to “go to your reward” and live a peaceful and harmonious life as a spirit than to quarrel and defend and worry about how to survive in an unpeaceful place. But to become more effective in bringing about a more lasting change in the world, you can set high goals for yourselves and maintain your dedication to demonstrating peace, love and harmony in spite of the wickedness of your fellow human beings.

I would go so far as to say that the penalty for taking up arms in self-defense demands less of a penalty than what the aggressor will be required to pay, but there will be a penalty, nonetheless, for warfare of any kind.

The choice is yours to make, and if you are willing to pay the penalty, then you can choose to take the action. But, if you wish to develop the highest potential of your soul, and you wish to do it sooner than later, then you should choose death over killing another.

Pray for guidance and love. Put yourself into the Loving Hands of your Creator and trust that He Loves you and knows how to protect you from harm when you do not try to take matters into your own hands. When you use your mind and body to conduct yourself in your earth life, you will be attracting situations which require that you use your mind and body in your daily activities. But when you keep your soul in ascendancy and live your life as God’s child, willing to give up your life for His Blessings, then you will be attracting untold protection and influences which will render the attackers unable to harm you or your loved ones.

Amazing events can and do happen. There have been cases where godly, prayerful people have been hidden from view of their enemies while they were practically in plain sight. These people have been influenced to visit relatives in a nearby location, just before some disaster was going to happen.

You cannot out-guess God; even the cunning aggressors cannot devise plans which would render God’s protection invalid. But He has given you free will, and if you feel that your earth life is more important than your spiritual development, you can choose to conquer the aggressor, you can choose to kill rather than be killed. You will then have to live with the consequences of your choice.

That is my answer and it will continue to be my answer, no matter how many times you ask it or in what way you express it, because you are a soul, a spiritual being with love as your most important quality, and if you defile that quality, and the purpose for which you were created to express in this world as in the next, then you will suffer the consequences of your decision and choices.

If you decide that you have to take up arms because your evil brothers are going to harm you and take your property from you, then you are essentially deciding that your earthly and material life is more important than your love nature, more important than your soul and spiritual life. Which do you believe is more important?

If humankind always feels the need to retaliate, then how will the cycle of violence ever come to an end? If the aggressors have all the property and feel like they are the “winners,” they will discover, sooner or later, that they have not gained peace or harmony or happiness as a result of having all the material possessions in the world. Peace is a result of love residing in your soul.

Those who have the aggressor-mentality do not have their love nature developed. Therefore, perhaps they prefer to be worried and anxious, wondering where they might find a safe place to sleep tonight because they have not become aware that they are God’s beloved children. They have never considered that their needs would be met if they would turn to God in prayer for help and love. For the most part, they do not even believe in a loving God. They have created God in their own image - wrathful and vengeful - and presume they are serving their God by waging so-called “holy wars” in His name.

It is a pitiable mistake they are making because this only perpetuates the warfare and does nothing toward creating peace in the world among nations or neighbors. I will leave you with these thoughts and tell you that you received my thoughts very well.

I am your friend and brother in spirit,

Jesus of the Bible, and Master of the Celestial Heavens - the highest spirit in the Heavens, with many followers who are close to my sphere, and who are Christs and wise enough to be representative of my teachings.