Messages 1984 to 2000

Faith and How to Discover Truth

December 19, 2000.

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


I am here now to write, my dear sister in Christ, and I come today to attempt to answer some of your questions, but will commence by explaining the importance of faith, because when you have faith in God’s Love for you, you will be guided. This faith will open the perceptions of your souls to the truth.

When you desire to do God’s Will in your lives, as His children, this desire attracts Celestial guardians who will guide, influence and protect you. When you pray to know the truth, you will “feel it” in your soul. When you are motivated by love to help others and to teach about the Way towards at-onement with God, this activation of love to help others to discover the truth will be the motivating force behind your outreaches. You will be able to answer your own questions when your reasoning mind gets in touch with your love nature, with your soul, which has been opening itself up to the truth through its sincere and prolonged desire.

We are happy to tell you again and again the answers to your questions because we know that as you progress onto higher levels of understanding you will be able to grasp higher levels of truth. But progression is the key and as you evolve in your spiritual awakening, you will be able to expound on truths you did not even know that you had knowledge of. A seeking soul first has to learn truth in his and her heart before it can be accepted as truth by the reasoning mind.


[Question: What should I do if I must teach the doctrines of the church that are not in accord with truth?]


I would suggest to the teacher of spiritual wisdom to put the truth ahead of doctrine. Always emphasize that being motivated by love in everything you do is more important than any ritual or performance, which is traditional of church practices. Love can be incorporated into certain procedures; for example, baptism can be viewed as symbolic of the true baptism of the Holy Spirit. Even though the water has no efficacy in purifying the soul, the mind can accept the ritual as symbolic of its dedication to doing God’s Will, of seeking truth with heartfelt and soulful longings, and therefore work toward aligning the mind’s thoughts and reasoning with the longings of the soul, to expand its understanding of God and His Will for His children.

When in doubt, teach about the love always coming first in everything one does. When there is a question about whether or not something is the right thing to do, look at the motive for doing it or for wanting to do it. Is it a loving motive or a not so loving motive? Is it for greed, lust, anger, revenge, and escape or for seeking answers, wanting to know truth, helping others find their way out of confusion and despair.

Loving oneself is important. Seeing loving desires as good is helpful to one’s spiritual progress. The reason one simple answer cannot be given to one simple question is because as one evolves spiritually, the answer will also evolve. What may have been considered as the highest and best action to take at a particular point in an earlier stage of progress would no longer apply when one becomes more spiritually evolved.


[Question: Do sins of the same nature/action carry the same punishment, even when the motive is less “sinful”?]


Self examination is always helpful in choosing what course of action should be taken in any given situation. “Am I being motivated by love in this choice?” should always be one of your first considerations. You can see by this explanation that an action by itself cannot be said to be “wrong” or “right” when the motive for the action is the determining factor. So, of course, two similar “sins” would not have the same “punishment” when the motive is not the same.

You can let your conscience be your guide. You can get in touch with your conscience through prayers to your Creator, through soulful desires to develop your awareness. Do not become despondent, as if you have given up on being able to find the “secret door” to God’s Heart. It is out there for all to find if you want to find It. It is not complicated. It takes looking inside your own heart to learn what God wants from His children. He wants you to come to Him in love and in trust. He has the greatest Gift for everyone, but you need to reach out for It. It takes reaching out, but it is within your means and ability to do the reaching. Go for It.

Do not believe everything your reasoning mind tells you, for it is extremely limited in comparison to your soul perceptions developed in Divine Love. Continue your search for Truth. Know that you will be able to find It. Never give up trying, for It may be just around the corner, you may be on the verge of discovering the understanding to a heretofore perplexing question. Remember that love is always the answer and the best guide to learning the Truth. When all else fails, when you think you cannot find your way out of a quandary, Love will guide you unfailingly.

I love you each and every one and I pray that some quandaries will be resolved through these guidances. I am a high Celestial angel who leaves you now with my blessings, and I thank you for the privilege you have given me to write. Amen