Messages 1984 to 2000

The importance of developing the love nature

April 9th, 1989.

Arlington, VA.

Received by K.S.


I come to you again today, to bring what I can to earth through you in the way of inspiration and helpful hints as to how any person, any one of God’s children, may apply the Truths of His Love in a personal way, and which in turn will afford that individual the necessary balance between material and spiritual qualities to make his earth life more rewarding and fulfilling. I am your friend and brother in Christ, Jesus of the Bible, who is Master of the Celestial Heavens, and I welcome this opportunity to deliver my thoughts in this way.

As you realize, mankind is for the most part extremely out of balance between his spiritual and material natures, and because of this imbalance, he strives to bring things into harmony solely on the material level of existence. And this is not possible because he is primarily a spiritual being.

The only way mankind can obtain harmony and peace is by recognizing the importance of developing his love nature. And since he is functioning predominantly on the material level, he does not understand the meaning of pure love - unselfish love - nor does be comprehend the great spiritual joys which he could experience as a result of developing this love quality within his own soul.

He seems to believe that love needs to be experienced on the physical level, but this is an erroneous belief because, unless or until love commences in the spiritual nature of a person, it cannot be manifested on the physical or material level; only a mockery of love can be demonstrated, and will not bring fulfillment or joy to the ones involved in such mockery.

Man must know that he has a dual nature, and that before the material aspect of his nature can come into harmony with his higher purpose, he must make great effort to develop the spiritual aspect of his nature - the love aspect, the development of his soul - which is his real self.

So many people do not even recognize that they have a soul, let alone that they are soul; that their consciousness is part of their soul quality; that their ability to learn and to love is a result of their being soul. And each person owes it to himself to find out, to learn what the potential destiny of his soul is, and how he can effect that destiny - what part he needs to play in order to bring about the finest result of future growth and happiness and fulfillment.

The only way he can discover what his future potential is, is to get in touch with his soul qualities, and seek with his heart for the answers to these most important and meaningful questions. For his heart is the most meaningful part of his physical aspect, more closely representing the desires of the soul.

Seek with your heart; want to know the Truth; don’t allow anything less than the Truth to satisfy your search for future happiness and rewards. It’s good to have short-range goals, but it is necessary to have long-range goals in order to work toward your highest good. And the only way a person can have a long range goal is to find out who he is to start with; to discover that he is a child of God with an unlimited potential, providing he gets in touch with his soul’s desires, and strives with all his might to fulfill these desires.

A soul is created with an innate consciousness of its relationship to God, and since the rebestowal of the availability of Divine Love, which I announced and taught when I came to earth, every soul has an inner drive and awareness and desire to become at-one with its Creator. So, when a person looks into his own heart and soul for the answers to his spiritual questions, little by little the encrustments of fear and other negativities will commence to decrease and his true feelings will commence to emerge.

These feelings are tender and sensitive; they cannot be “forced out” into the open by threats or anger. They must be sought for through silence and patience and sincere desires to know the Truth, through prayers to God for His Help and Love, through sincere desires to overcome negative qualities and to develop the highest potential of your soul.

These prayers and desires will not always be heartfelt at the onset of one’s spiritual progress. They must become firmly established as a way of thinking and being before they take root, so to speak, and become more of a natural and commonplace way of functioning. For example, you can’t force yourself to pray, any more than you can force anyone else to pray; it must come about as a soulful desire, as a response to an inner prompting. You can be taught, encouraged, influenced to pray, but the praying must be carried out by the individual seeking spiritual development.

You can change your thoughts in order to change your desires. You can decide you want to develop the highest potential of your spiritual nature, and know this can be accomplished only through holding good and loving thoughts, and through consistent striving to extend your love, even in situations you have heretofore found it difficult to do so.

These are positive and helpful steps that can be taken on the material level of thinking to bring about a change in your personality, and to bring your soul into focus over your material desires. In order to develop your spiritual desires, resulting in soul development, you must make conscious efforts to change your thoughts, and to bring your mind to focus more on spiritual things, away from revenge, anger and hatred. If these negative emotions cannot be avoided in the present circumstances of your life’s activities, then it is recommended to change those activities in order to assist yourself in bringing about higher, better, more loving thoughts into your daily affairs of living.

Each individual has the power to control what he thinks and what he desires, unless he has allowed negative thoughts and emotions to take over his life and free will by consistent indulgence in these negative activities. So it is never too late to start to change, for if it isn’t accomplished while an individual is still in his earth life, he may - must - continue to decide how he wants to conduct himself when he enters the next phase of existence: whether to be angry and bitter, unhappy and lonely, or to see the bright side of events, and of people too.

Make the decision that you want to develop the highest potential of your soul. Recognize that it is within your power to change your direction, to change your thoughts and desires, and that, as a result of a positive change, you will be bringing forces to bear in your behalf. The perfect workings of God’s Laws at work in the Universe and in each individual’s life will assist you in your progress and the attainment of your goals and desires.

I am your friend and brother in Christ, who leaves you now with my love and thanks for allowing me to write.

Jesus of the Bible,


Master of the Celestial Heavens