Messages 1984 to 2000

Andrew: On Alfredo’s Doubts.

November 16, 1999


Received by Alfredo


I am here again, it is your attitude that you do not eliminate from your personality. To believe it impossible what is actually happening to you. Yet, you have received proof of the reality of these communications.

Sit down and meditate, continue analyzing with your thoughts what is happening to you, don’t deny the facts, in truth, the Father’s love is coming to you.

Although we see that you feel it, in fact, and believe.

Don’t give up and don’t leave these communications, you must go on proclaiming these truths in your own heart, resist the temptations caused by your own thoughts, for it is positive for you to fight your bad thoughts.

Soon, very soon, you will receive a message from another person, not through your own hand, but through another medium, what will convince you of the reality and give you more faith and confidence.

I will stop for today. Your brother Andrew with love.