Messages 1984 to 2000

High Celestial Spirit: Personal Advice; on the First Parents.

June 19, 2000

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


Dear Creator Soul, I pray that if I’m in condition to clearly receive spiritual thoughts from your wonderful ministering angels, I would like answers for these questions; why do I have sores in my mouth, again?

One of the followers of Your teachings wonders what would have happened if the first parents hadn’t fallen and had accepted the Gift of Divine Love? If their children were born with purified natural love, how would they progress? (It seems to me that if their parents were praying for the Grace of Your Love, that they would teach/exemplify for their children to do the same, but would they?)

I pray for a great inflowing of Your Divine Love. I pray for protection from lower spirits. I pray to know the truth. Please help me put aside my forethoughts so I won’t interfere with what the Celestial angel wishes to convey. Thank you for Your Gift of Love. Amen


I am here now to write and am happy for this opportunity to convey my thoughts in writing through you again today. We never run out of things to learn, for the more Divine Love you receive into your souls, the more capacity you have to grasp higher truths and laws, and the statement that only a smattering of these have been delivered to humankind on earth at this time, is still a truthful statement. Even though there are some spiritually evolved souls throughout the world today, as a result of their prayers to develop their spiritual qualities and to come into alignment with God’s Will, they are not always effective in helping others learn the method of progression.

It is not a popular procedure to isolate oneself and spend time in contemplation or “listening” to what might come into awareness. There are advantages to meditation, chanting, harmony with fellow worshippers, but further direction is helpful in order to develop a deeper, more meaningful spirituality and way of integrating this into daily living in the material world activities.

If the first parents had accepted the great Gift of Divine Love and had not fallen, the condition of humankind would be entirely different than it is these days. And since they were created perfect and still made the lesser choice of depending upon themselves instead of God, then we could not say for certain that some of their children would not make the same lesser choice. But, in the case where the parents were praying for the Grace of the Higher Love and exemplifying It in their lives, it would be easier for the children to follow in their footsteps.

In the case where Jesus was an example of this Love made active in his own life, he was able to influence others to follow in the Way, even though they had not been born free of sin and had the inherited tendencies to make the lesser choices. So, coupled with a soul born free of sin, and parents who exemplify the power of Divine Love in their lives, the likelihood of the children following that example would be great.

There would be great harmony and contentment, there would be goodness and helpfulness; violence would be unheard of, even the weather on Earth Mother would be more calm and peaceful. A day will come when such a peace will come to earth. You and followers of the teachings of God’s Love will help usher in this great era. It will come to pass. It is foreordained because God’s Laws are set up to bring His children into harmony with His Will. You will get to witness this transformation from the Celestial Heavens and rejoice for the wondrous progress and joy you see manifested in these times.

The sores in your mouth, as you do know, have to do with your thoughts which aren’t loving toward yourself and the pressures to be “perfect”, which can be very complicated since the interpretation of perfection varies with each individual.

“Do all things with great love” is a good rule of thumb to follow. When you feel anxious and seem to be pushing yourself beyond your limits, where love for the task is no longer being manifested, it is best to stop and find something else to do for a while. The days will unfold in good harmony when you pray for guidance, have faith in the Power of God’s Love to raise you up to a higher level of functioning. Give your love, first to yourself, take the time you need to rest and pray in order to breathe and reassure yourself that all is well.

Progress on the material level can take just as long as progress on the spiritual level. There’s no need to feel discouraged if things don’t get done “on time”, whatever that means. [When you] “do few things but do them well”, fulfillment will follow. When living your lives on a spiritual level, you have many advantages the “general public” is unaware of. You attract angels to watch over you and guide you. They can help detain/repress lower spirits from interfering with your plans when you ask for such help. God’s Love in your soul opens your perceptions to higher thoughts and influences which would not be able to penetrate a mind oriented only on material pursuits.

You are the keepers of your gateway to heaven. You can keep the gate closed by limiting your horizons, or you can open that gate and allow the higher thoughts, ideas, influences, to guide you in a more fulfilling direction, filled with joy and peacefulness.

The Laws of God work perfectly. When His children decide that they are satisfied and content with only material thoughts and possessions, their awareness isn’t developed to the point where they realize there is so much more beyond what they have, so they are relatively satisfied with this limited way of life. It can be compared to “you don’t miss something that you have never experienced.” When a child listens to the inner voice of the heart and soul and seeks for something more, something yet undiscovered, this causes an awakening, a deeper yearning, to become activated. You are blessed to be seeking truth and desiring to do God’s Will, for these spiritual longings are bringing you closer to God and to a deeper fulfillment which cannot be experienced by those who remain satisfied with material thoughts and possessions.

I love you, each and every one, and leave you now with my blessings for a harmonious week ahead. I sign myself “a high Celestial spirit.”