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Mary: How one may honor father and mother if they espouse violent or abusive behavior.

Santa Cruz, California

December 1, 1999

Received by Amada Reza.


I am here, Mary, the mother of Jesus and your sister in Christ. I am a true follower of my son, who is Master of the Celestial Heavens, and the one who showed us the Way into at-onement with the Soul of God, by partaking of His Divine Love.

I am most happy to come at this time to address the question that our brother asked on how one may honor the father and mother if they espouse violent or abusive behavior, and keep the commandment as given by Moses.

I would like to clarify that at the time in the history of humankind that the Ten Commandments were given to Moses, the condition of the natural love, which was the only love available to them to help them in their relationships to one another and to God, was not sufficient to withstand the temptations of the physical appetites and negative behavior that dominated the social interaction between men and women. There were no “rules,” so to speak, that could bring their thoughts and desires to supportive and loving behavior, therefore the need for the discipline that Moses admonished his people to employ through the commandments that were delivered to him by the Messenger of God.

But, you will remember that the commandments were very clear on the point that “you shall love the Lord, your God, and serve Him with all your heart and with all your soul; and you shall have no other gods before you.” This is an important distinction to make because, if the father and mother of the child were to disobey this first commandment, it would fall upon the child, who wishes to serve God and obey the commandments, to put God before his parents.

There is nothing which can be construed in the commandments that violence and abuse is espoused or condoned by God. Contrary to how the Old Testament may represent God to be a wrathful or vengeful god, this is not and has never been the truth. There you will only find Love and Kindness, for this is the Nature of God and it has never been otherwise.

Although men and women may continue to believe that God supports their efforts to vanquish their enemies, and that He stands behind one as righteous against his brother, this is not the truth. God loves every one of His children, and He awaits the opportunity to give His Love, to whosoever will call for it.

I understand the dilemma that our brother finds himself in, where there is the expectation that he obey his father and mother, at any cost, and I will try to encourage him to believe that he may be able to serve them and obey them in love, in those ways that do not contradict his desire to love God and demonstrate the truth of God’s Love in his life. But when his obedience would make him break the harmony of God’s higher Law of Love, he must decide to use his judgment to clarify what his heart feels is the truth, and do so, loving them, and knowing that by his obedience to the Higher Authority, he is fulfilling the laws of God and man. It takes courage to stand against a force that insists upon its own way, at the cost of harmony and understanding between parent and child, but if he were to call upon God at those times, and ask the angels to be with him to bear him up under the weight of his decision to stand firmly on his ground, he will find an influence will be brought to bear upon the lesser forces of evil.

Pray for the souls of your parents, who are only God’s children, and if they are lost to His Peace and Merciful Love, pray that they find their way back. Keep this vision in your mind and heart, that they are souls, wanting of love, and that your love is there for them when they seek it. Sometimes it is difficult to forgive a loved one of his sins when the sin is against you, but it is not impossible and, in this forgiveness, you will find peace and compassion that will give you the presence of mind to be calm in stormy waters. Often it will only take your silence or gentle understanding to diffuse the savage anger and, if you employ the help available to you from this Source of never-ending Love, you will find the strength to stand before the mightiest storms and not waver.

My children, try to see yourselves as born of God, first, and let your relationship to Him flourish within your heart and mind. You are souls made in His Image, and you will become at-one with Him, should you choose to accept the reality of His Love and its Power to lift you above your trials. In this redemption you will fulfill all law, and you will become a true child of God, born anew into immortal life and at-onement with the divine qualities of God’s Soul.

He will not abandon you-only you can choose to keep Him by your side and in your heart. Hold His Love before you as a shield against the onslaught of evil and ignorance, and you will find your strength in Spirit. I say this to you, as God’s redeemed child, and I know that not one of God’s ministering angels, of whom I am one, will forsake our mortal brothers and sisters, should they need our help. Although it may be difficult to find comfort from an unseen source, it is a truth that we are here, and you must try to believe this truth with all your heart. Hope is an important quality to have when facing difficult situations, and faith is the one thing that you may use in your life that precedes the manifestation of this goodness of which I speak. It is a power, it is a substance that can literally move mountains. Believe this and you will find your life improved by leaps and bounds.

I love you and will leave you now. Thank you for taking the time to receive this writing.

I am Mary, and your guardian who loves and serves our Master, Jesus.