Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: The bouncing sun of Fatima.

Santa Cruz, California

September 19, 1999

Received by K.S.


Dear Creator, Please pour out Your blessings of Love upon me and help me put aside my thoughts so I may be a clear channel for a message from Your ministering angels so they can explain about the “bouncing sun” seen by thousands of people who went to witness the miracle promised by, supposedly, Mother Mary, to happen on a certain day - something like the 13th of October in 1917.

Please God, help us understand more about this miracle if our reasoning minds are able to grasp the explanations. Please protect me from lower spirit influences. I want to know the truth. I desire to have greater faith and bring myself under the purview of higher spiritual laws. Thank You for all the blessings You bestow upon us every day. Amen.


I am here now to write, my dear sister in Christ, and I come in answer to your question today about the miracle of the sun at Fatima. I am your friend and brother in spirit, Jesus of the Bible and Master of the Celestial Heavens.

You can know by now that something “unusual” certainly did occur on that day, as promised by the so-called Virgin Mary, and as witnessed by the multitude. And also, as you know, the higher spiritual laws do have governance over lesser material laws, this is why people refer to these occurrences as “miracles” because they do not fit into the framework of normal material reasoning.

It is quite difficult to describe the workings of the spiritual laws to the reasoning mind because it has its own set of values and experiences to use in understanding the workings of the universe or, at least, the portion of it with which they have become acquainted. So when there’s a particularly rigid or set pattern of thinking involved with certain rules like, what goes up must come down, the mind has to undergo some effort of change. When the rules change to what goes up either comes down, goes into orbit, or is destroyed, so a person’s thinking needs to be open to change, to be flexible and realize that there’s a lot more to be learned. In fact, the learning and growing and changing never ceases. We, of the Celestial Heavens, are still learning new things as we receive more of God’s transforming Love. His Laws are all-encompassing and nothing is ever left without governance by His Wondrous Spirit.

In certain cases, where people are anxious to have it proven to them that there is a Higher Power and that their unhappy and/or mundane lives have a “happy ending,” or something glorious to look forward to, this anticipation and excitement leaves them open to accepting the reality of unusual events. Let me assure you that everyone did not see the same thing on that day in question because it is interpreted differently through the eyes of different people, and to add to this discrepancy, the memory of the event is even more different than what they believed they witnessed at the time.

So, the prophecy was fulfilled, much power was brought to bear to refract light from a created source so it would appear as if the sun was not remaining steadfast in its location because God Loves His children and so many came there to see a sign from God so they might increase their faith in His existence, in His Power, so they might feel less insignificant, so they would have tangible evidence to believe that He watches over them and cares for them. And, as in other “miracles,” where accounts differ in this case too, thousands of people were witness to some strange events which brought to them the ability to believe and to have hope, and the work of the angels was successful in helping these souls so desperate for a “sign from God.”

Now after the event, it still devolved upon the individuals what they did or would do in the future as a result of this sign. It might strengthen their faith for awhile, then, in the face of adversities, they could fall again into despair. Some could recall the event and renew their faith, while others might convince themselves that it was all their imagination and that nothing really ever happened at all. There have been wonderful signs of God’s Love for His children displayed often in the world. Those without faith rarely see these signs because they aren’t looking for them, don’t expect them to happen, don’t even believe in them when they do, but just try to explain them away “scientifically,” as if they are only natural workings of the material laws. This is the only way their materially-oriented reasoning can deal with the event they witnessed. I’m quite certain we’d be able to “blow your minds” if we were to describe the many events of spiritual intervention in the material world, but I assure you that it would not be a productive endeavor because, if you were to make known to the world these monumental events, it would create more doubt about your sanity - most people would not even believe a word of it.

But as you pray for God’s Love and act on your faith and manifest your love in your daily activities, you will be recipients of these many blessings and miracles, and when the time is right for a handbook of spiritual laws and how they have governance over the material laws, these spiritual facts can be written and presented for the greater understanding of those on the spiritual pathway of soul progression. But, the time is not yet right for such a publication and even those of you who are most advanced would have difficulty grasping how these ethereal, seemingly powerless spirits can move material objects, for example. But a different set of laws has to be taken into consideration where electromagnetic forces have more power than material energy.

Miracles will continue to occur on earth every day. Some will witness them and others will not. As you progress in Love, you will not only witness their occurrences, but will begin to understand how and why they work and, to some degree, have the ability to channel the spiritual energy for the benefit of humankind in search of spiritual meaning.

It will happen. Be patient. We don’t like to say “soon” because that could have a range of 50 years and that’s not what any mortal living in their earthlife considers soon. The miracle of Fatima’s “bouncing”sun involved the power of the angels and good spirits working together to create an illusion of changing refracted light which would make it appear as if the sun was moving up and down.

So, now I will leave you with my blessings and hope that this will satisfactorily answer the question. But, I’ve discovered oftentimes an answer to a certain question tends to create more confusion and/or curiosity or makes one attempt to find out things which are beyond the perceptions of the soul to grasp at that particular moment. So, hang in there! Keep up your good prayers and know the answers to your questions will be forthcoming when you are ready to understand them.

I am your brother in Christ, who leaves you now with my Love and will come again soon.

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens