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Healing and the Law of Harmony Part 1

September 18th, 2017

Gibsons, B. C.

Received by A.F.


God bless you, my beloveds. I am Seretta Kem. I have returned to speak to you, for there are questions about healing and the power of prayer to heal the physical body not only for this instrument, for those who are in your lives and who you are concerned for and love. This is a complex subject, for there are times when souls are healed of their physical maladies and yet it appears that there is very little effort in prayer. Merely a request and in this a blessing surges forth in response and the healing takes place. At other times there is intense prayer that is given by many souls for one individual and yet there is no response.

So what are the factors in the manifestation of healing for the individual? Certainly, the greatest factor involves the desire of that individual for healing and their desire to go to God in faith to receive that healing. For without this, no healing can take place. That desire, that opening to God is not necessarily an overt and conscious thing; it can be a deep desire from the soul expressed directly to God. That individual may not even be consciously aware of it, yet the power of this prayer and desire is evident in the results of the healing.

Then there are those who pray intensely, who long and desire for healing, for relief, for harmony within their physical being and their mental being and their soulful condition. God does not choose who is to be healed. No, my beloveds, healing, like any other aspect of God’s creation, is governed by particular laws. One law that is often overlooked is that the gift of healing must create greater harmony within that individual. So one must not look at a particular condition that requires healing, but the overall harmony of the individual.

God does not treat those who are suffering like some mechanic fixing a machine. This is not how it works, beloveds. It is bringing overall harmony to the body, the spirit, and the soul. When one aspect of these three aspects is severely out of harmony and causes an obstruction to the healing, this causes God’s attempt to heal to be diverted. The most obvious obstruction is that of the mind which is unable to accept and has little faith or trust in the healing of God’s Touch on earth. Yes, this is the most obvious malady of the human condition. There may be an obstruction that can be present within the spirit, the spirit body and spirit mind. This is often caused by a sense of unworthiness, a deep anxiety, where on one hand there is a desire for healing but on another, there is an inability to trust completely in the Will of God.

For the soul, the conditions of the physical and spirit are not seen as something of great concern. The soul continues on in whatever condition is a part of its life. So the perception and the attitude of the soul is quite different from that of the mind. Yet it is the soul that can, through its power, clear away the conditions that obstruct the blessing of these healings. There is a complex system within each individual that is influenced by these levels of consciousness and being. The conditions and energies within each individual are constantly in flux. When there is an alignment of all of those aspects of the individual creating a channel, an opening for God to heal, then healing takes place. It may not be exactly the healing that one intends or desires, but there is a healing nonetheless. When the body responds and begins to find harmony on the physical level, the spirit also responds and creates harmony within the energetic systems of the spirit body. And the soul feels the joy of that Touch from God.

But as I have said, often these elements of your being are not in alignment and this disrupts the flow of healing from God. But the power of God’s healing can indeed heal everything and anything within the body and soul and spirit of the individual. But often because of the conditions of this world, there are obstructions. Energies are not in alignment. Desire is not altogether in unison, and there is great disappointment in the mind, for the mind feels like it is indeed putting a great deal of energy and thought into this healing. Yet a part of that individual is not completely in harmony with this desire.

For you see you are a complex creature with many subtleties, many subtleties and complexities to your nature, your being. As you continue in life and you experience these parts of yourself, you begin to recognize the power of aspects of your being that you did not know before emerge and then you must learn how to bring these parts of yourself into harmony. So it goes, layer upon layer of understanding, for in some ways you may consider that there is a whole universe within yourself, a very complex creature that God has created. When all is in harmony, what a beautiful creature you become. There is no illness, there is no pain, as you are healed from your soul receiving the Father’s Love. That energy of Love emanates out into all layers and aspects of your being, creating the healing and the harmony that is so desired.

Each of you struggle with some condition or another that is not completely in harmony with your creation. This is part of the human condition and yet you see the power of God’s Love, the beauty of His Healing upon you and this continues to grow and manifest in many wondrous ways. So my beloved souls, there is much to learn, much to understand about the healing of God, the power of this healing, the many energies involved and the power of your free will and choices.