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Healing and the Law of Harmony Part 2

September 21st, 2017

Gibsons, B. C.

Received by A.F.


God bless you, my beloveds. I am Seretta Kem. I wish to continue my discussion on healing, for there are many aspects of healing and the conditions around a successful healing that may be discussed at this time.

I will speak about this instrument. He has now created a condition of back pain. Now, this condition is familiar to him. He is aware of a weakness within his lower back and yet he strained his back and created pain for himself. And now he prays for healing for his back. This is not an unusual situation in this world. For in many cases, physical problems are caused by the choices that each individual makes. That may be a choice of diet, even a choice of mental diet. There may be emotional strains, emotional blockages as you call them, within the physical system. There may be a physical injury caused by some event. There are many, many causes for the lack of harmony within the physical body.

Now, does God judge those individuals who may through some choice or accident bring upon themselves some physical injury? No, God does not judge. God pours forth His healing to all those who ask. This instrument is receiving healing to his back at this very moment.

Because the conditions in this world are so complex, because the energies which circulate through your material world cause both positive and negative reactions within each individual, one cannot tease out the negative and positive consequences that come about with each day of living. We encourage you all to pray for soul discernment which will come with the inflow of the Divine Love. This will help you upon your journey to avoid consequences that are unpleasant. But God does not preempt your free will, it is your choice. So before the need for healing takes place, is there not a need for wisdom,, for perceiving the conditions which you encounter each day so that you may avoid those situations that are troublesome, difficult, which detract from your physical and spiritual wellbeing? Rather than continue in habits that are not welcome, would it not be a better idea to choose those conditions, those activities, those choices that bring a positive response?

We have said that Divine Love will heal everything and this is the truth. But the amount of Divine Love that is required within a soul to do so is tremendous and will require a great deal of effort and prayer. We do not observe this within those who live in this world ,for there are too many distractions, conditions that pull one away from that condition of high receptivity of Divine Love. Of course you all pray for God’s Love, for this blessing, and you seek to be in harmony. As we have said in previous messages, the counterweight of the conditions of this world often draw you away and disrupt your soul desire to receive these gifts of Love into your souls. So it is a constant push and pull, having to navigate the conditions of this world. Within your minds are set beliefs and patterns, habits which often are counterproductive and yet you continue to grow in the Love, this steady pace towards soul redemption and the complete healing of your being. All of this is possible and yet it is often hit and miss, erratic as you struggle to find your way to God. So it is with the healing that you all desire at times. You continue to lay obstructions before you or you make choices that are not in harmony with the flow of Love and healing towards you. Yes, there is a multiplicity of reasons of why healing does not come, or perfect physical health is not possible, or a great joy never ending is not the hallmark of your life. Yet you receive healing, you benefit from the Touch of God on all levels of your being. God continues to pour His Blessings upon all those souls who so seek His Touch. You determine how much you receive from God in every way for God does not disrupt your free will, God does not force anything upon any soul. As we have spoken of, there are many conditions that may disrupt the flow of healing, the flow of Love, the flow of all good blessings from God. As you continue to grow in this awareness and see for your own eyes what it is that holds you back from God, you continue to work, to struggle, to change, to pray, to plead with God at times that you may be healed and lifted up and blessed. Indeed, this is possible. Many blessings are given of which you are not aware. Much protection is put upon you keeping you safe in this world. The angels are with you. God’s Love continues to pour into your souls.

Often the expectations are higher than the reality of the process of your own healing and growing. You expect a great deal from God and yet often you do not expect a great deal of yourself in terms of your own responsibilities and condition. This you must be aware of, my brothers and sisters, this great responsibility to choose, to choose in a conscious way with each day, each moment. Not choose out of fear or self-recrimination or in an attempt to please God, but to choose out of a desire for harmony, to bring greater Light to yourselves, deeper awareness, a sense of joy and happiness for these benefits come with your choice, your desires, as you seek to live life in a higher purpose and expression.

All that you require to do so is given, given freely. It is for you to accept, to absorb, to say “I love you, God, for all You give,” to truly feel within you a deep sense of gratitude and joy for this Light is truly a blessing. Your lives are truly blessed. Yes, there are these situations, trials and tribulations, conditions that must be overcome but is this not the character of life? Is this not a part of your growing soul’s experience? So you grow stronger each time you realize that you have created a condition for yourselves which is not in harmony and you make an attempt to overcome, to rectify, to become stronger, to choose Light. Are you not fulfilling the purpose of this life? Are you not creating a future for yourself which is of greater Light and harmony, a future that will extend into the spirit world? You will, as you grow, make swift progress and find greater happiness. It starts with a choice and a desire.

With these simple things, acknowledging the true power of your soul, the beauty of your soul and the knowledge of your soul, you continue on this journey of awakening. As these little set backs are overcome, so you discover the source of healing that you so desire is within your soul and within your grasp. To receive God’s Blessings is to open to His Touch, that your souls may expand in Love. In this expansion, your conscious self may realize the great wealth of wisdom and strength and beauty and Love that lies within you which God has placed there through your prayers and that you can rely upon this resource, for as I have said God has given you all that you require to grow, to be in harmony. This resource continues to grow as you continue to pray for His Love and be blessed by His Touch. As you are closer to God, so the power of His Touch and blessing of healing has its effect upon you and, brings you into greater harmony.

Choose well, my beloveds, choose Light, choose wisdom, choose to be in harmony with God’s Laws, choose to love yourselves and to love all those around you. In these choices, all will indeed come into harmony and those conditions which challenge you will not be so powerful and you will be able to overcome them with ease, with joy even. This is our promise to you, my beloveds, for upon this path comes many benefits and blessings. All is that is required is for you to be receptive, to choose to stay within the Light, to stay within the Love of God. And there you will be mightily blessed and all of those conditions and thoughts, patterns and habits must be irrevocably changed by this Love. This is the Law of Love.

So do not resist these changes, beloved souls. Give in to the Will of God. Allow His perfect Truths, His powerful Love to wrought the changes that are required to bring to you what you desire which is harmony, healing and joy. This is what your soul seeks, to be in the flow of God’s Love each day, each day closer to God in greater harmony, stronger in Light, fulfillment within. Wisdom, wisdom, my beloveds, comes with the Love of God.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am Seretta Kem. I thank you for this time to speak to you. Do you see, my beloveds, the power of healing that comes with God’s Love? It is the greatest power in all of the universe, a well of resources and blessings that come with a simple prayer and a true faith and trust in God. God bless you, beloveds. May He keep you well as you traverse this life and guide you so so that you may indeed discover your true purpose and the plan that God has for each one of you. God bless you. God bless you.