Messages 2004

Where on earth IS the spirit world?

October 31, 2004

Santa Cruz, California

Received by A.R.


Now for the question about the nature of the spirit world – I would have to deal with this question from the point of what it is comprised of.

What is real to you as mortals is limited to the physical perceptions which you use to navigate through your earth life. When a spirit who is not developed in his soul condition finds himself in this new world that he has no association or familiarity with, he will depend largely upon his memories and his beliefs that form his sense of reality to paint a picture of what his world looks like. In his memory he may have associated evil and unhappiness with certain things and so, to suit his soul’s condition, these things will accompany him.

For the spirit who has progressed in his soul condition so that he becomes aware of and acknowledges the goodness of all creation, his reality would be in direct correlation to what he imagines goodness to be. You will find in many written experiences of spirit life references to flowers and trees, sunsets and beautiful lakes and rivers, for these are things that we associate with what is good.

But what is real? The real substance of the life of the spirit is the condition of the soul, our true life. This condition depends upon the development of our soul in the natural love or the divine love that in turn elevates us to higher and higher states of awareness.

Mindfulness is a term often used to describe developed natural love. The ability to observe the truth of what is going on around you is a blessing for it allows you to effectively interchange with others. The other side of the coin is “soulfulness” that is the condition that allows the greater reality of love to shed its light upon people and things around you.

We have spoken of love’s power to alter conditions within and around you, and so it is true. It is possible to conceive that when a spirit developed in Divine Love interacts with another spirit of lesser soul development, the thoughts and intentions of the former would effect a change in the less developed spirit, not against his free will but in compliance with his will to progress and accept higher help. An analogy would be if you were hungry and held out your hand for food, you would receive the food being offered not because you had to, but because you wanted to, it looked so delicious!

So here you see that the condition of soul is the determiner of what one’s surroundings in the spirit world would look like. You may ask where do these surroundings lie in relation to your physical locale. It would be important to consider the greater influence of Divine Love’s energy upon lesser energy levels because you would then understand that “location” is as transparent as how receptive one is to what is real – Divine Love.

Heaven on earth is not just a passing fanciful remark – it may actually exist for the soul whose development allows the power of love to change and effect all that person touches and sees. So where is the Celestial Heavens? In a place? Yes, it is a place created by the actual nature and substance that forms a part of that soul. It is not confined by the space and time that may be measured in miles because it is beyond mortal reality and becomes yet another way of “measuring” the distance between the truth and reality of your worlds, physical and spiritual.

As you so aptly recognized, D__, in the Celestial Heavens there are no comparisons made between the spirits who inhabit the lower spheres to those who live in the highest. There is an appreciation that each unique soul brings the gift of itself to these heavens that are beyond description. This could explain the numberless planes and spheres of the spirit world, for each soul creates a reality of its own nature.

This may have helped you understand a little, but I am sure it also creates more questions. I am happy with what I have channeled and thank you, dear sister, for being a willing medium for my thoughts.

I am your friend and guardian, Mary the mother of Jesus.