Messages 2003

It’s really all one place.

September 26th, 2003

Received by PJR

New York City


Dear Dad,

Tired but still able to write, although unsure what subject I am opened to. Many thanks for all of your continued support.

_Love P____


You have to understand that we are always working for your benefit.

I never get more than the vaguest of notions or suppositions of that. Sorry.

That is your lot in life. And you have come to realize just how constrained that lot is - to move through environments basically aware only of the Physical.

I see you have got it, what I want to say now: There really is no difference between the Physical & the Spiritual universe. It’s really all one place - strange in many respects, but of a consistent nature on both sides.1 You really do live in the Spirit world every minute of your life here on Earth, just as we really live in the Universe of the Physical as well as Spiritual. As I said, it’s really all the same place.

In other words, what you see or think of as the Spirit on the one hand and your Physical on the other, they are just two of different localities in one space, all created by God to be one unified whole. You think of these two sets of locations in the same whole as two different universes because you cannot see into one of them.

Oh, yes, you have some vague notion about the existence of the one you cannot really see. You are certain that is where I reside, and the place from which I am dictating - or just talking to you now, really. But all of that is simply an illusion you maintain for yourself as a way to remain at ease - for the most part - with the fact that there is a whole sector of the environment you occupy, that you are pretty sure is affecting your life, that you cannot see, that you are almost completely oblivious of.

How on earth are you able to live in an environment you cannot really perceive? It’s hard to come to grips with that, and furthermore there is almost no point in trying - since you cannot see this other part of your environment and you have no hope of ever seeing it, really, until you leave that body behind. Then the blinders come off and you realize in an instant just how correct you were in thinking that the Physical and the Spiritual are really all rolled up into one thing: the Universe of Creation - a gift to us from God.

So, yes, feel free to finally accept that you are basically going to spend the rest of your life “living” only in a subset of your environment because you cannot see all of the environment you are really living in.

I see you just fine. And you are a part of my life as much as - and even more so - than you ever were when I was in the same boat as you - locked into the Physical and fully occupied dealing with that, being physical myself.

Of course I still think of myself as physical because I have a body - be it a spirit one - that I can see when I look down at it or when I look in one of our mirrors. And I have a sense of its weight, although I have to tell you that it is not gravity that precipitates our feeling of body weight but something else entirely different, and that is - as you suspect - this thing we call Love, or harmony - or the lack of it.

So we all live in the same universe. It is the perception of each that makes it seem as though this one place or universe is divided in two - or many, as it seems to some. Of course you are well familiar with the levels paradigm, that says that the Natural Universe is banded into levels from the deepest of hell’s to the Sphere of Natural Perfection. And these are so separate as to almost, each one, be its own separate universe. But that whole concept breaks down for someone, such as I, who can easily see all of these so-called levels and, as I have said, they all seem to me to be just different locations within the same Universe of Creation - each one with its own particular characteristics, not unlike the way it is with you.

You think of places within your reach. You are familiar with the characteristics of Morristown, for example, on one hand and Trenton or Newark on the other. So it is with me. I can visit all of the places of what I perceive as my universe or my life just as surely as you can visit yours. Of course you have to train or drive to your places and I get around in my own way; so there is that difference, but the analogy holds, nevertheless.

When I arrive at my destination - in order to interact with its environment - I have to adjust my perceptions to that of the environment I am in - its “vibrations” you might say - just as surely as you have to adjust your perceptions to fit the environment you occupy. You open your irises when you go somewhere at night and close them when you’re there in the day.

It’s OK to think of these as two different universes, even though I have told you they are really just one, because that is the way you perceive things, and thinking this way makes it so that you do not appear to be crazy in the eyes of others, and there is something to be said for that.

But still, now you know what I have just told you, what you have heretofore surmised. And it is real and true that all these levels are actually all in the same universe. And all of it’s bands and strata (or, OK, levels) only make it appear to be so divided. And these divisions are really only apparently there because of the limits of the perceptions of the occupants of these various bands or levels. And these things are so to all of the occupants of these levels because they all, each and every one, suffer from the same limits of perception, each in his own band or level. So they all see the same thing, or they all can’t see the same things, rather, and so they all operate in agreement that what they see or can perceive is really it! and anything - anything beyond the range of that - is just legend, suppositions, or religion.

Of course the Father cuts across all of these levels. His Love creates effects in all of them. And I want to add, since It cuts across all levels as easily as He does, those who have His Love within the very fabric of their being, to a remarkable degree, themselves, also cut across all levels - just as He does. In fact they do so at His bidding,2 having become a part of Him in the way of joining Him through the acquisition of Him, through His Love, His Substance.

So you see? You will see more and more, and that as a mortal, right there in your present life, but the seeing will not always just be with your eyes, but as His Love blossoms, you will see with your soul, your soul perceptions. But you will “see” with a knowing, a true knowing, that is just as certain and accurate as if you were looking at physical objects with physical eyes.

You have persevered through the writing of this message remarkably and I am exhausted, but delighted at what we have written. I can’t wait for you to read it over, proof and correct it. Do publish this as it is full of truth - especially the truth of the Love of the Father and what it can do. There is nothing else like It.

Love Dad


1 meaning: both sides of the divide between earth life and spirit life.

2 Refer to messages on the Law of Activation.

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