Messages 2003

All is never lost.

October 2nd, 2003

Received by PJR

New York City


Dear Dad,

Thank you for your love, support and patience. Love PJR.


I know you are tired and reluctant to write, and I thank you for putting forth the effort to do so anyway.

When we take on the responsibility of watching over a mortal, we are taught - or have to learn - patience and perseverance. Eventually we come to realize that all is never lost, really, when you consider that the Father, in His love and infinite wisdom, provides for each and every one in the end (or what you consider the end) a habitation and environment harmonious with the individual himself. And that environment - those surroundings - are so compatible that the progress of the individual is assured - eventually. So, no matter what anyone goes through, or puts others through in the mortal existence, the next life for each one is suitable - in view of their prior life. And, yes, that prior life can be, oh, so short, or it can be very long, very hard, very discouraging and scarring. All of these things, these variations on the living-on-earth theme - and don’t forget the lives of some mortals are quite uplifting too; look at yours, really - are merely the admixture of Physical Nature’s randomness combined with the unfettered free will God gave to man, unleashed upon the Earth and upon man’s fellow men, women, and children. And if there is anything that bothers you about this, look behind the event and you will most likely see echoes - faint, perhaps, but discernible - echoes of the moment when we as mankind, or we as His creation, chose, as He allowed, to turn away from the road He offered, and chose to make our own road. And as you watch the Police Files1 and those other, real-life police videos - especially the more horrifying and graphic documentaries police show only to police2 - know this, that by their actions you can see their results: what people do to others, and themselves, and theirs. Their ancestors were given a choice or choices, and the results you see are either from their own choices or from being trapped by choices made by others long ago. As you have been told - with each step you take, with every action, the Father places before you a way to Him - a way of His bidding - though always you have the free will to make your own way. But no matter what path you take, rest assured, when your days of earth - long or short - are over, your real life begins. And after you become fully acclimated - well enough to know where you are and how you may function - that beginning commences in a place which reflects in a totally harmonious way the very essence of your being, your soul. If you were a saint or monster or anything between, if you lived to a hundred or were barely half born when you pass away, these factors and circumstances only matter to the degree that they influence your own harmony, for it is to your harmony that your environment in the spirit life is fitted. You will find your home befitting of you after you complete your arrival here. So don’t feel cheated by the monsters who destroy others. They will wind up in a home fitted to the darkness of theirs - in which they will remain until they choose to move toward more light. And their victims as well, will be, and are, accommodated in like manner - the evil in darkness, the good in happiness and light. All of the direct and collateral damage is accommodated by the setting for each one in the “final” tally. Do not underestimate the Father’s ability to set them down where they belong - where they will have only but to blossom and grow to start on the road of fulfillment. As you are human - or humane, rather - your heart will bleed for victims who suffer at the hands of others - either by cause or neglect. But before you lose faith and your cheerful disposition, recall the Father’s plan, which is carried out to a perfection only He could effect. And if you want to be constructive, tell Him of your concern for others who suffer.

Yes, I see you are really tired now. So relax for a spell and know that I love you as He does, and also in my own way.

Love, Dad


1 referring to the television programs that show real police in street situations.

2 referring specifically to video tapes of blood soaked infant murder victims and so forth, I was shown while at the NYPD.

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