Messages 2003

Not a great message.

October 6th, 2003

Received by PJR

New York City


Dear Dad & Friends,

I’m restless until I turn to the Father; then I feel better. Thank you for watching over me and helping to smooth the rough parts. Love PJR.

After a long pause I wrote…

[I can’t seem to settle down.]

You have merely to relax for a few minutes and our thoughts will get through as they always do.

[I am always a mass of mixed emotions when I realize it’s you.]

We’re not going to write a great message this morning, so just calm down and let me spend a few minutes with you.

I come to you more than you realize. And if it were that you would, you would not be so surprised and flustered when you give me the opportunity to write. Realize that you just do not intrude into any supposed busy schedule I may have. You deserve the attention of your Master as much as any of his friends do. As I am quite capable of spending time with you without disrupting my supposedly limited time, so you will see that you need not feel guilty, first, that I’m here right now and not somewhere else and, second, that you do not somehow measure up to some imagined holy level of being or living. I know you feel guilty over spending less time on True Gospel projects and more time on your interesting earth-life activities, but that in no way diminishes my love for and interest in you as my friend and brother. So be still and know that I am one with God in the attribute of His Love, and as you come to know more and more what that is you will more and more come to appreciate how I view our relationship and how it is that I visit you to write so often-even though it really is not so often to me. I see in you a real thirst and hunger for more knowing of the Father and His Love and even a deep desire to have a relationship with and connection to Him. And you wonder why there is in the messages we gave to Mr. Padgett - with all the discussion about his problems, successes and progress - why there is no mention of - even though he acquired a great deal of the Love - his direct contact or communication with the Father Himself, as you feel you have on occasion, and even this morning, early. And I will tell you this, that with you there is a different attitude toward us and the Father than most people have. And that relates to your notion of how accessible the Father is, and me too. You really comprehend that the Father and I are one in certain ways and that He, although I can not, can quite easily maintain a relationship with each and every one of his creations at all times as though He is bounded by neither space, nor time, nor even dimension, which He is not - having created all of these things in the first place. And you appreciate that there is no question as to what came before Him since it was He who created before’s and after’s in the first place. Yes, I realize you still can not conceive of how that might be, but the notion of it rests within you to the degree that you have an appreciation of Him - the scale of our Father - most others lack. So you see, since you are a little unusual in that regard and as I appreciate that very same thing in my own way and as in addition to that, you even perceive that I exist at all, realize it when I arrive to write and, most of all, you will sit with me and take down words and thoughts I give you: Now you see? It should not be so such a big puzzle to you that I make myself such a good friend - and that much more than you, personally, would expect - all other things being equal - which I just told you they are not. So you see? I am still a person as you understand the term, although quite advanced in the Father’s Love and, therefore, quite a bit more capable of those things this Love enables one to do and experience; and I have this Love, and my love, for all I come into contact with; and in addition to that I have my (what you could call) special friends: friendships with certain special characteristics about them; and ours is one of those for the reasons I just mentioned earlier. So you see? My spending time with you is really not all that strange or unbelievable and in any case it doesn’t seem strange to me. It seems no more strange to me than dropping in on friends, when you have the opportunity, seems strange to you. I like to visit my friends as much as you like to visit yours, and as I can get around more easily than you do, right now, you will not be too surprised when I tell you that I actually have a very large number of friends, and if but only for the Love of the Father and what that has enabled me to become - the ties that bind us together1 and, might I say, with the way we work together - I can keep all my friends straight, saving myself from the confusing embarrassment of forgetting who you are or mixing you up with another P___, mortal-friend, alive on earth.

As I have made my point in enough ways so that you have assimilated it, I shall take my leave and tell you that we can perform a work not unlike the work that Mr. Padgett did. Although with you it is a work of opportunity, whereas with him it was a work that had to get done. But this work can only blossom on paper if you will, one day, settle down and think of me as more your teacher, and less the “physical” embodiment of the Holy Spirit of the Father, which of course I am not. So, reflect on these words. They are for you. Don’t bother publishing them right away. But open yourself over the next few, well, years, really, to the notion that the Master (I mean you to write: “your teacher”) will just show up when he feels like it and “influence” your thinking as I have been doing for quite some time now, and then, when you sit to write like this, he will arrive to write on the subjects he has induced you to be thinking of. If you can do that then we will perform a work that might best be done and, I might add, we will go a long way to fulfilling that very deep and strong desire - to fill up that void within you, the one that keeps driving you in all those directions - to experience the Father and in fact follow the path He has opened up to you.

With all my love and the Love of the Father,

Jesus, the teacher


1 he and the Father

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