Messages 2003

Tired and Distracted.

August 28th 2003

Received by PJR.

New York City.


Dear Dad & friends,

I know I’m not supposed to be distracted by the earth parts of an Earth life but I find its possibilities are fascinating. Yes I know it is our lot in life to forever be leaving things behind, and that will eventually include my Earth things, but if they serve as a means to an end, rather than an end in themselves, perhaps time spent on them is not wasted or for ill.

Thank the Master for the last one, “By a River,” I have rather preferred to sit and read it over and over than write a new one. But as I have committed myself to sitting for all of you, my guardians, so I shall.

_Love, P_____


I know you are reluctant to get started because you are unsure of the results each time you sit and write, but as I said before: just start, and I will direct the writing.

[I feel tired and unfocused.]

We see the love you have for us that prompts you to pick up your pen, and that counts for a lot. Your summer has been a time for you to kick back and relax a little — as you say. And you have let the Fathers Love inscribe you more. So do not think you have wasted your time.

We can see how excited you get over all the possibilities in your life and how you stay up late working on your projects, sometimes leaving yourself so tired the next morning.

Remember that we are not out to save the world by writing these messages for you, but that they serve to give you the material you thirst for — that you no longer find in other books.

[And that mostly on the Love of the Father.]

And about all of His Universe of Creation.

Leaving you now as you are too tired and distracted for a long message, I will tell you about our love that is for you, and that you have quite a following.

Yes, you can sense them when you pause to reach with your “soul-eyes”.

Enjoy your day and remain ever mindful to keep it filled with thoughts and desires for the Father, as you have.


Dad [PSR]

and the many other’s surrounding you


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