Messages 2003

Those Limits are Your Limits.

September 2nd 2003

Received by PJR.

New York City.



I wonder if I write for you now-less-because I feel you closer-more. Feel free to send whom you wish, to say what they will.

_Love, P_____


I am here to write, your Dad (PSR),

And, yes, we see your growth and development, and, yes, we see your dissatisfaction with your life - a sure bet to happen with progress.

You can be sure that you will go through many, many changes of over the course of your life - as you have so far, actually. The Love of the Father, it is more real to you even now, and your desire for Him, and those of His, is deeper and stronger than ever before-and, yes, that makes me very happy.

Yes, I know you still worry about the future and wonder if you will be able to meet the challenges it presents, but let me repeat that you have considerable talent working on your behalf on this side of life. And if that does not comfort you then the Father will - what with your ever growing faith in Him.

No, you are not spending too much time rereading “By a River.” We see you are taking the time to document your transcription process, which will benefit anyone who may encounter your messages - the autographs, rather - in the future.

I love you with my love and with the Love of the Father pouring through me. So much you and Hans want to know about the nuts and bolts of the soul and spirit - all to be revealed when it is your time to know - but as you are starting to see: the language of the Father can be “spoken” and all His desires for you realized without learning all the details of the structure that so fascinates the engineer in both of you. Once the vocabulary can be understood the tale may be told and the telling of it will be by the levels the story unfolds on - as it has. Yes, even now when you read Mr. Padgett’s work, it takes you to places you did not go to the first few times through it.

Oh yes, all of your celestial friends are still here and still love you as much as ever. Your life, as you are an individual, must funnel down to one stream of consciousness and, as you are a mortal - and so must sleep, eat, drink, work and ambulate everywhere, and as your vision is limited to the physical - well, we understand. We all understand you will not every day be writing for those you know over here.

It is so wonderful when the Master writes to you; many are gathered here when he does, to add their love and heartfelt desires.

Isn’t he tending others when he writes for me? Twenty minutes with me - that is only 72 people a day.

Those limits are your limits. He comes to each he visits in his own way, a way that closely resembles the way of the Father.

But doesn’t he have a form? unlike God-or do you see him in two places at once?

You are seeing this with human eyes, and a too humble heart. How can he be so many things to so many people and spirits?

If he is very fast, so that 20 minutes is the blink of an eye to him, then how does his time synchronize with my time?

Rather than grasp for and attempt to understand those things beyond what you can perceive, perhaps you might find it in yourself to just continue on the way the Father has opened up for you and simply be patient for all good things to arrive in due time.

Enjoy your experiences and growth, as they mark the steps on your road. The journey is hard and long enough. Tackle what you can - experience progress thereby - and save the rest for later.

We Love you - all of us, your guardians - and appreciate each of your kind thoughts and prayers.

Love, your Dad,

and your friends for whom he speaks just now.


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