Messages 2003

Anxious about Tomorrow.

September 3, 2003

Received by PJR,

New York City.


Dear Dad & Friends,

Anxious about tomorrow morning’s database changes, I look forward to the day where I am in an environment better suited to my soul.

Many appreciative thanks to you all, and the Father, for helping me to stay able to keep up as well as I do. Tired and worried; please stay close by and give me strength.

_Love P____


You have the smiling face of the Father upon you and, notwithstanding the trials of a production support job in New York City, I must say that your progress has pleased both Him and us. Do not worry too much about all that computer stuff. Each beginning has an end, and your current task is no exception. Oh yes, I know how it is that you wonder what ever it was that got you into this place and yes, even about your very awareness

[and God’s]

Right; and these are simply wonderful questions to ask, the likes of which will keep you searching for a long, long time. I see your fatigue and so will let you go - even as you wonder who it is that I am.

Jesus who, yes, is one with the Father - you start to grasp what that means.


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