Messages 2003

He sees your desire to find Him.

September 8th, 2003

Received by PJR

New York City


Rats. Missed my normal train, but I can still write.

_Love P____


Even as you turn more toward the earth life, and subjects, you are still a child of God and His love for you is in no way reduced or diminished. The Father put the whole Universe there for your benefit, so that you may learn and grow and find your way to Him. It is for your enjoyment and happiness. There is nothing wrong with the desire to see Mars up close through a large telescope. And if your enjoyment is magnified by spending time on this subject, then to that degree, His Universe has served its purpose.

We do not think you have abandoned us by this shift in your interests. There is a time in all things for them to be, and as you have grown in faith and Love, it was a certainty that events, as they transpired, would awaken old curiosities lying dormant within you.

We can see how your faith in the Father has grown within you, and that has made Him glad. As you move on from here, you, He knows, will continue to be you, and the wonder of that life will continue to fascinate you.

Especially since these are easier to see than the wonders of your life.

Part of perception is knowing what you are looking at. You “see” more of our world than you realize and many will be the times when you encounter things here - once you arrive for good - that seem very familiar to you; and the enlightenment of a dawning will arise within you as you recall an almost-realized scene or sight you witnessed while in that life, that flicked by too quick and deep for it to register on your consciousness.

Swimming in a dream world it seems, sometimes, you are, but then what is a dream but an experience not fully realized, a place or event that may have happened, but faintly impressed into your awareness. These things form as much of a part of your life as do those moments when you are wide awake, alert, and actively responding aggressively to what unfolds before you on your way.

But which is the more real, you ask? That, as always, is a subjective decision. But I will tell you that what you perceive upon your consciousness, whether it be in the physical universe, the spirit universe, or simply a product of the imagination: What you experience, in any way, is solid and real in the eyes of God. And your thoughts, ephemeral and fleeting as they seem to you, are as solid, sturdy structures are to Him. And even as but your thoughts and prayers are forever emanating from you, they are as another whole universe under construction for Him.

Whether it be iron, lead and steel into which you pour your thoughts, or but a fleeting, fanciful notion, makes no difference to Him; all are in the universe of his perception, irrespective of how you measure them - thinking them insubstantial to a remarkable degree.

Is this message going to make sense to ANYBODY?

P___, if you just write what we give you, our purpose for this will be served. You did not at all feel like writing this morning - you were even angry. The unannounced train schedule change made you miss your desired departure and will make you late for work. Your faith in what we are doing here - and even your faith in your mediumship - transcends your unwillingness to suspend disbelief. You write for us even though you are not fully convinced in your mind, your author really is who he says he is (or she says she is); even though you have no verifiable way to know that the words you pen in ink express at all what your author desires that you write, still, you write.

So all of this, you are doing on faith alone. But not just faith alone as the Father’s Love is and has been growing steadily in your heart since you turned to Him for it. Faith and Love is guiding your action - are the motivations behind your hand. Such faith and Love you have as will overcome your understandable, natural reluctance to place any credence in the thoughts and words you have - which you write, right here, on this page; such faith and Love must be exceedingly strong as you, for us, write.

And so, now you see how we view your life, and perhaps you can start to appreciate our attitude towards you - even as you divert some of your attention to the fascinating subject of telescopes with which to view the wonders of God or spend a lot of time learning how to use your new video disk recorder, and then recording and editing a continuous stream of programming from the History Channel.

All these earth activities, borne out of Love, become a part of the Father’s universe as you share them with Him. And he even sees within them your desire to find Him. Of course, as always, your most direct route to Him may be found by simply asking Him to show you His path.

So you see? Even from the ashes of doubt that you will be able to write anything worth reading back over, this morning, will come a note, thoughtful in nature and provocative in what it is telling you.

Please accept our love as we love you too and are ever overjoyed for the opportunity to express ourselves by your hand. As we all contributed to the thoughts and words - and supported your a - forming them in your mind, and on the page, we find the desire to sign us, a few of the names who contributed to what became a group effort.

We are, but some of us,






Your Dad,

And, finally I get to say, your grandpa.


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