Messages 2001

Judas’ death and passing into spirit

September 5th, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador


Hello, my dear brother. Yesterday we could not meet, there was simply no opportunity. You need not worry about this, there was just no quiet moment.

Today I would like to initiate a series of messages, which surely will interest you. We are going to make a journey together, a virtual journey, of course. And our point of departure is the Temple at Jerusalem.

After my treason and Jesus’ arrest, the disciples almost panicked. You know the story of Peter’s denials, and well, it is understandable, they were scared to death.

I felt dismayed. Jesus had allowed them to take him prisoner. I saw his battered body with my own eyes when Pilate presented him to the public after the lashing, and I just did not know any longer what to think or what to do. I ran to the Temple to speak with Joseph Cayaphas, but the guards would not even allow me to enter the court of the gentiles. I implored them, but it was in vain. I took the money out of the purse and threw it onto the marble floor, where the coins tinkled, bouncing and rolling. The guards only laughed, expressing their deep scorn.

[H.: Why did you accept the money?]

It was a symbolic price, the value of a slave, a ridiculous price for such an important man for the priests as Jesus was.

I threw the money away. I ran out, without knowing what to do or where to go. My only friends, the apostles and disciples of the Master, would certainly hate me. They would have never understood me. The Sadducee priests scorned me. What should I do? I headed for the valley of Hinnom, seeking a steep cliff, where I fastened the rope which I used as a sort of belt, the other end I put around my neck and jumped. But the rope slipped off the rock, and I fell into the abyss.

I saw myself, or rather, my body, as it lay lifeless on the rocky ground, with distorted members and broken and dislocated bones. I didn’t feel pain, and I watched myself from outside. Somehow I had left my body.

It was bright daylight, but everything seemed so dark, almost like at night. At the beginning I didn’t notice this, but after some time, I realized that there were some spirits near me. They were kind, they smiled at me and they were so bright, and only then I became aware of the darkness, because they contrasted so much with our surroundings.

I saw that I was naked, but they gave me clothes, the same kind of clothes that I used to wear, and I felt better. Finally they signaled me to accompany them, and I did so. They took me by my hand, and I felt as if something attracted me, like some kind of suction, and suddenly, in one single instant, I was at another place.

It was like an enormous meadow, like on earth, of green grass and flowers. It was beautiful. There were some buildings, but I never entered them. The spirits who accompanied me told me that if I wished so I could enter one of the houses and rest there, but I didn’t feel tired. I rather stayed outside, observing my surroundings.

There were literally thousands of spirits, newly arrived like me, and also some who already had spent some time in this place. There were many others who took care of them and attended the needs of those newly arrived ones, like the spirits at my side. They were all brighter and very kind.

Well, the situation seemed so unreal that I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to return to the place where my body was, and in the same instant I was already there. I saw the deformed corpse but I felt totally out of place. This was not I, I had nothing to do any longer with that lifeless body, what was I doing here? I felt a desire to return to the beautiful meadow, and at once I returned. My companions were awaiting me. They smiled at me, calmed me, and we sat down. They explained to me that now a new stage in my life had begun, that I had to try to forget about earth and to adapt to my new situation.

This was not so difficult a task, because I had always believed in life after death, but my suicide entailed negative effects. My rash action had not given me time to get ready. I had also wanted to escape from something, which was still present: my betrayal. This recollection had not faded, I still remembered it. But my companions never mentioned it. They never uttered a single word about that affair. So I calmed down a little.

I cannot tell you how long I stayed at this place, because there were no changes of days and nights, there was no way to measure time, but it seemed a long time to me.

I also met some of my relatives, who had died some time ago. My parents and my brothers still lived on earth because I had died at a relatively young age.

The spirits who arrived were of all ages: babies, children, adolescents, adults, and old men, of all classes and races. It seems that the first part of my stay at this beautiful place of coming and going I had spent lost in my thoughts, without noticing what was going on, because suddenly I realized that the spirits who arrived had very different appearances. Some were beautiful, others quite ordinary, but some, I’d even say many, were ugly, very ugly, some even looked like monsters of ugliness. How strange, I thought, I had not realized that before.

I began to study my hands, and they also looked ugly! Oh my! I could already feel something very serious. I asked my companions to bring me a mirror, and what I saw in the mirror, took away my breath! You know, H___, how I look like. I was not an outstanding beauty, but neither was I ugly. Ordinarily, I would say that I was happy with my appearance, but what I saw in the mirror – was not I! It was an ugly face, not as monstrous as some of those faces I had seen, but ugly, really ugly. I think I lost my emotional balance. I wanted to leave, to escape by running away… One of my companions approached me and said: “You are right, it is time to go.” And he took me by my hand and left with me.

That place I have just described is an entrance place for those recently deceased. There they stay for some time, under the care of selected spirits, until they realize that they have really passed from earth life to spirit life. But what is more, in such places they become aware of their own condition; there they learn to see themselves as they really are. When this happens, they are ready to proceed to their destination, the place they are fit for according to their soul condition.

There are people who die in peace in a hospital. When they wake up they believe they are in another hospital, because they find themselves in a clean room, in a bed. But they are no longer in the hospital, they are already in the spirit world. The spirits try to make the passing over as easy and as non-traumatic as possible. And they are very skilful in their work. They give the first advice, they calm the newcomers, they never criticize, they always help. It is a place of temporary happiness, it is like the transit lounge of an airport. But finally, the moment comes when the spirits have to leave for the place which the Law of Attraction determines for them.

I think that’s enough for now. Write down what you have seen and what I have described you. Next time I will continue the story, and I will describe to you my first experiences, the second station of our trip.

[H.: Judas, before you leave, I want to ask you a question. You spoke of your appearance on earth, and in fact, the first times I saw you, I saw a young man, I don’t know, twenty, twenty-five or perhaps even thirty years old, I am not good in guessing age. But now I see you like an older person, perhaps forty five or fifty years old, and your hair and your beard are already a little bit gray. What is happening?]

Yes, this is true. But my face is the same now. I mean, I have the same features, haven’t I? What happens is that I wanted you to know me as I really was on earth. But I felt also that it would cause you problems to accept advice from a man younger than you. That is a very common human defect. Since we can present ourselves as we deem it opportune, you see me now older, a little older than you are, and you feel better this way.

[H.: Yes, this is true. But I have another question. You spoke of the darkness that you saw immediately after your death. Was that darkness the product of your soul condition?]

No. The reason is that I was then already a spirit without a physical body. The spiritual vision is not dependent on sunlight, but it is rather another form of “light,” which determines the brightness of our environment or of our spirit bodies.

[H.: It is Divine Love.]

Yes and no, you cannot say this so simply. It is a little bit more complicated. I know that the Padgett messages state that it is Divine Love, and in some way it is so, but this is only part of the truth. I will dedicate a separate message to the subject of light in the spirit world. This message is already very long.

It is time to say good-bye. A big hug, my dear brother, and may God bless you always.

Your brother in the spirit,



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