Messages 2017 and 2018

Who Will Bring the Truth To This World?

January 21st, 2018

Gibsons, B. C.

Received by A.F.


I am Professor Salyards. I have taken a keen interest in your work together. I have been with you all along.

I merely wish to say that I am happy to see the Light that has grown in each one of you and the maturity of your gifts and your approach to this great venture. I long to show you all the many details and aspects of the development of this gift of direct voice, but it would take the keen perceptions of the soul and the psychic perceptions to truly understand and see what it is of which I wish to share with you. So suffice to say that the work continues and that we continue to work with you. There is much to do yet to bring this beautiful gift to all its fullness and beauty in the world. But you are well on your way, my friends, well on your way. Do not lose that sense of excitement, hopeful expectation of what is to come for every day you gain another drop, another step closer to this gift.

Continue to pray for it, to long for it, to keep it in your consciousness. We will continue on our part and our dedication to this cause. We are joyful in our expectations as we continue to see the possibilities that this gift may bring, the possibilities of teaching the truth of God’s Love, of awakening humanity to a higher level of awareness, to encourage them to seek spiritual Truth, to seek God in their lives, to be better people. So much can be given in this way that will garner the attention and the inspiration so that others may take seriously the prospect of growing within their souls and bringing greater Light to themselves. For how will the world change if not by this awakening of the soul – the faculties of the soul – the desires of the soul, the connection of the soul to God and God to the soul? These things are important matters and so forgotten in this world by some of you. Humanity must awaken or there is a real possibility that you shall all perish in this world by creating such inharmonious conditions that the world cannot survive the impact of the human condition.

There is time, my beloveds, there is time. Certain changes and influences and occurrences are about to happen that will bring their warnings and their message to awaken. You are being well prepared, my friends, to bring this message of Truth, in conjunction with the earth changes that are coming. You will have an impact with many souls bringing this Truth, bringing hope, bringing a new way so that harmony may come to this world, that Truth may be known in all of its power and simplicity and acted upon with all sincerity and true soul desire.

I wish to stress that even if you are not successful with this gift, you will bring this Truth forth. You will bring other gifts. It is not reliant solely upon the achievement of this gift of direct voice but indeed this gift will bring great interest and awareness and is very much worth pursuing. So we make every effort possible to bring every gift possible to bear to help awaken mankind. To bring a different condition to this world, one that is of greater light and greater harmony. So those who are willing and eager to do this work will be given all means necessary to accomplish these tasks and bring forth these Truths. So, we continue to work diligently, tirelessly, constantly to bring the conditions that are required to change this world and bring greater Light and harmony.

Thank you for listening to me. I am very happy to be able to speak to you. I continue to work with you my friends. I continue to work in this world in whatever way I can for this brings great joy to my soul, great joy. I am blessed in my efforts as are you. God bless you. God bless you, beloveds. Professor Salyards at your service. God bless you.