Messages 2015 and 2016

The winds of change blow upon this world

July 25th, 2015

Received by: Al Fike

Gibsons, B.C.


This is John. God’s Breath is blowing upon your world, my beloveds. His touch touches everything and His Breath blows upon the mountaintops and into the valleys, the streams and the lakes, the oceans, the creatures of the world, all of creation in this world, my beloveds, is touched by God. At this time there is great change to come from His touch. There is great change, and the world will change, beloveds. The world will change and you must be strong enough and aligned enough with the Will of God in His Love to be a part of that change in every way, to allow yourselves to be transformed by His Love, to allow your bodies to be touched by this special blessing that is transformative in this Earth, to allow your spirits to reflect the Light within your souls and to allow your minds to be receptive to the knowledge that God is giving you within your souls through His Love.

And it is time to put away all that is false and not a part of God’s Loving laws. It is time to acquiesce to the will of your souls and the Will of God which is known by your souls. It is time to step forward and say I am a child of my Heavenly Father and I know the way to His redemptive Love. For in this new world, this Love will be the currency among mankind and you must teach this. You must teach this and show those who are willing the way to this new life, this new beginning, this unfolding of God’s plan for the salvation of mankind and the healing of this world.

It comes, the Breath of God blows and affects all and shall continue to do so for many years to come. Be a part of this change, my beloveds. Open your eyes and ears, open your souls, your spirits to the great change that is coming. For much will shift, mountains will crumble, oceans will rise and your climate continues to shift and change and there is much more to come, my beloveds. Rather than be fearful, be joyful that God has put His Mighty Hand upon this world in order to bring it back to Light, and balance, and Goodness.

Listen to your guidance. Listen to your souls and do not allow your minds to place barriers between you and God and you and your true self which is your soul. For God wishes to give deep and profound guidance to each one of you and show you the way through the tumult to a place of peace and strength and stability. The time grows short, my beloveds. Pray earnestly. Pray often and be with God always.

Beloved souls, you are surrounded by angels, each and every moment of your lives you are surrounded by angels and God’s Hand is upon you. Walk in the sure knowledge of this, beloved, beloved souls and seek ye the Heavenly Father in all things, in all ways, in all that you do, in all that you are, be with God and God shall show you the way and nurture your soul with His Love and walk with you as you live your lives in Light and fullness, in Love and beauty. God bless you, my beloveds, I am John and I love you. God’s Touch reaches your souls and mighty inflowings of His Love open, beloveds, draw it into yourselves. This is manna from Heaven. God bless you.