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Predicting the Future is not 100%

March 7th, 2018

Punaluu, Oahu, HI, U.S.A.

Received by Al Fike.


I am Matthew and I wish to address the subject of coming changes in the world in relationship to your understanding and preparations regarding these changes.

Firstly I wish to say that your abilities and capacity to understand the events of the future are quite limited even though your souls continue to expand and open to the inflowing of the Father’s Love and these conditions and faculties that respond to this Love may give you some insight into events of the future, visions of things that may come, experiences, connections with people and a sense of direction. But these things are rather vague often and not very detailed, although there are occasions when your perceptions are acute and open and able to receive from God various insights and understandings of things to come. As you continue to grow in the Love, so these things will come to you and assist you in making decisions for the future.

We who assist you, the celestial angels, are more finely attuned to these matters and indeed we know much more than you regarding the future, yet even we are limited to some degree. You must understand that the world is governed by many complex flows of energies. But mankind has the power of freewill and may make various choices, crucial choices that will affect the future. This is the nature of life in this world of yours, always changing, with many variations and possibilities coming like waves on an ocean, changing the landscape and potentials of this world.

So when we discuss and bring forth guidance regarding changes in the world, they are not to be taken literally or specifically in any given time and expression. For these things are fluid, the timing of a particular event or possible events is not set in stone. You cannot expect that what is said by an angel to you is one hundred per cent, as they say, accurate. It is merely an indication of the flow of things within this world that may come about. We in the celestial realms will give certain information in order to clarify and hold your attention to the more than likely possibilities of certain events in the world. Yet even this can change and is affected by the choices of mankind.

As you continue to grow in your soul’s perceptions you will understand that many aspects of this world and the world of spirit are fluid in nature, moving, shifting, influencing, changing. Thus, you must be able to adapt and move in accordance to what is manifest in the immediate future and what can manifest in a more distant future. Each of you have had visions of some portent, some idea of what may be in the coming times. These are expressions of your soul’s perception. At times you have received some very specific guidance and direction and understanding of things to come. In this case it is important to take notice when these experiences come to your consciousness, for this is expression of God’s Touch upon you, giving you a gift of insight. Yet even in this case what you perceive, the details that come to you may be distorted by your minds and therefore there is a measure of unreliability to these bits of information.

I realize that in saying this you are somewhat confused, but my effort in communicating these issues is to ease your concerns, to encourage you to have faith and to not propel yourself in a certain direction that you deem to be valid and important and yet may come to nothing in terms of benefiting your life and your service to God. I am not suggesting that you question everything and give no credence to that which is given, for this too is folly. For it is a fine line, my beloveds, a fine line, between what will be and what can be. The world is not a place that is governed by definitive conditions. It is, as I have said, fluid. It moves, shifts and all the aspects, layers, concerns, possibilities, potentials which colour the conditions of this world and the reality of this world are so complex and subtle, yet powerful and changing, so that to create definitive forecasts of the future is not truly possible. Yet through the perceptions of the soul and the understandings that come from this, either from a spirit or from your own individual perceptions, many possibilities come to light and trends that are often reliable and present within this world can be predicted to some degree and understood.

Beloved souls, do not allow your minds to govern your actions. When it comes to these matters of a changing world, one must rely upon the soul perceptions, your daily awakenings and knowings, to influence your day, your moment, your life at present. It is a reliable approach rather than try to extrapolate these perceptions and bits of information that come to you in guidance and perception to forecast and formulate a future. You are not capable, beloved souls, to truly know these things. Yet you hang on to every bit of guidance and information which we give to you and try to solidify these things by creating times and places, events and things that will come about despite these fluid conditions that will change and influence these things.

So I say, beloved souls, rely upon the reality of today, consider the warnings that are given for tomorrow. Yet the key to responding to these things that have been given to you regarding the future, you must focus on today on the development and awakening of your souls. This patient process, this journey of soul awakening will give you the answers that you seek, will help you to understand the changing nature of this world and will provide for you that which you need to know in the immediacy of your life. With the wisdom of your soul, you will not be drawn into speculation and fear and to mindal solutions that are not in harmony with the Will of God. For it is the Will of God that you seek, my beloveds. If you receive certain guidance that seems or is powerful and irrefutable, my suggestion is that you follow that guidance, that you bring that gift of information and knowing close to your heart and follow that approach and journey in your life. You will know that this is in harmony with God’s Will because all aspects of what you do in accordance to this guidance will fall into place, will feel harmonious, will have a deep validity within you, and harmony will come with your actions. This is your signal to act, beloved souls. But when you reach out to do something and it feels like there are many barriers and difficulties related to these proposed actions, this is a signal that your approach is not in alignment with God’s Will but in alignment with your human condition, that part of you which desires to act and is often impatient to act and wishes to have concrete responses to these intuitive feelings of the soul.

You see, as you continue to awaken and perceive the nature of life, the nature of this world, its complexities can seem overwhelming and indecipherable. This is why you must ground yourself in faith and in your relationship with God. In this way you will know what you must do. The answers will come readily. Your actions will be in harmony. Yet I know many of you take interest and pleasure in your speculations, your discussions regarding the future, for you feel change is coming, you know this is and has been a constant in your soul’s perception. Because of your human nature, you want to know definitively the answers, to see the future, to act in a way that will bring greater harmony in your lives.

I say to you, beloved souls, the closer you are to God, the closer you are to the Truth and it is the inflow of the Father’s Love that will bring you to that place of clarity that will help you to act definitively and will help you to see the shifting tides, the fluidity of the energies of this world. A strength comes from a sort of innocence, a naivety, the trust in God rather than the formulations of your mind. In this way God’s Will is discerned simply and beautifully. This is true strength, my beloveds. Faith is a real thing. It is a powerful part of the soul’s expression in this world and the understanding of God and the relationship of God to you. Faith, my beloveds, you must hold onto your faith and not allow these human conditions of fear and speculation, projection and deduction to rule your decisions at this time. Is it not faith that brought you here together at this time? Something that seemed rather improbable became a reality and it came together without too much difficulty. You all felt the harmony of this. We helped you to see, to understand the steps you had to take to be together in this way. The doors opened, the possibilities became reality. This is how it will be, my beloved friends. This is how it will continue to be, the inkling of the soul bringing some insight to the mind, the mind giving way to greater insight of the soul, feeling purposeful action that is not bound by the mind but by the flow of knowing and feeling that comes from the soul, and recognizing the influence of the angels in all of this flow of action and bringing God’s Will to a concrete manifestation in this world.

So it will be with your efforts for direct voice. It is step by step utilizing the power of your own faith, your own trust in God, keeping yourselves in the Light, allowing God to manifest this Light in your daily lives and continuing to be receptive to His Guidance and Will. It is difficult for you to trust in this way I know, my beloveds. You have been taught to act in accordance to the deductions of your mind, your material mind, and it is difficult to give credence to this other way of being in the world. Yet you have seen for yourself that in this way of faith and trust in God, many wonderful things may come in your lives. As your faith grows stronger, the love in your soul builds and changes the very structure of your being. Living in this way will become easier and easier. You will become a reflexive, common, easy flow of responding to your life, of knowing each step that comes of being in the flow of God’s Love and Light and Will. Those changes in the world that have been given, information that has been blessed to you will be more clear in your mind and less speculation and more understanding. Confusion will fade. Worry will not be a part of your life. Fear will be replaced with Love. There will be a deep recognition that these changes that are coming reflect a healing of this world, a relief for humanity from all the darkness and destruction that is present at this time. When these clouds disappear, fade away, the future will actually be quite recognizable, for it will be simplified, because these contradictory energies that mankind has created in this world will not have its influence. There will be greater Light and peace, deep peace.

But how this can come, how far you feel from this, these conditions in the world that will manifest, brings the dilemmas in your minds, these thoughts of the improbable. I say, beloveds, rely upon your faith and know in the very depths of your soul that what is coming comes from God and will manifest in a way that only He truly knows. So put away your crystal balls, your speculations, your worries and your cares, and know that God has you well within His Hands. He carries you forward and in this way you will find your way, you will know when you are supposed to know. You will see when God gives you this vision. You will act when God compels you to do so. But He cannot compel a soul that is cluttered with many things which come from the mind. You must cleanse yourselves, beloved souls, of these things that are not in harmony with Love and allow that pure and beautiful harmonized completion of the coming together of your soul and your mind, the alignment of these aspects of yourself guided and transformed by the Love of God.

Until this is your reality, you cannot possibly know the future, God’s Intentions, or God’s Plan for the salvation of mankind. So release these things, beloved souls, release. Be at peace. Have faith and trust in your Heavenly Father and be patient. Allow His Will and timing to wash over you and let your mind drift with the ecstatic awareness of His Love bringing the peace, bringing harmony, bringing Truth. It is here, now, with you. It is always available to you. Are you strong enough, beloved souls, to allow this to be in your life and to let go of those things that do not bring harmony and Truth to you? I hope I have brought some clarity to a difficult subject. It is rather ironic that I must speak to your minds to understand these very complex and subtle issues where your souls may readily understand. So we continue in our efforts to bring Truth to the world and Truth to yourselves, to bring Love to the world and Love to yourselves, to be with God and be in the world with God, and to allow the influence of God, the power of God’s Will to be your guiding Light as He pours into you deeper awarenesses, more profound understanding, greater wisdom. May His Love continue to work its benediction upon your souls and bring the changes that are so vitally necessary to your consciousness so that you may truly be a clear channel of Love and Truth in this world, continues to be, continues to evolve.

God bless you, my friends. I am Matthew and my love is with you. God bless you for He will keep you safe and show you the way to greater Light. God bless you.