Messages 2019 and 2020

Nurturing This Center of Light Will Open Many doors in The Future

January 4th, 2019

Received by Al Fike.

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

I am your teacher Augustine. The pace of change in your world is quickening, beloved souls and the pace of change within your own lives is following suit, quickening as well. Many blessings are coming to you, each one of you, in order to bolster your efforts to serve humanity and to adjust to the coming times, with the shifts and changes that are manifesting in your world.

So you have been summoned together to help bring to reality a Centre of Light in your world. Through your prayers and efforts, you will help to construct a powerful condition of light in this place that you call your church. God has summoned you and instructed you to follow your guidance, the knowings of your soul, to help clear all obstructions and conditions within this place, to usher in a new era for your church that is in greater alignment with God, has greater light within and many blessings forthcoming.

What is coming in your world are serious matters, beloved souls, and for you to build a fortress of light for those souls who are in need of shelter from the storms of a changing world. You must be strong, beloved souls. You must be willing to give of your hearts to be a loving channel for whoever comes through your door, to not turn those aside who may be challenging to you but to accept and love, to trust that God guides each soul into your midst, that God brings many opportunities to serve through this place that is a part of His plan for the salvation of mankind.

Yes this Centre of Light, beloveds, is the beginning of a tremendous project which we will all engage within that will have outreach that will spread around this world. Though on the surface, this small church with its humble participants is like any other, and yet beneath the superficial is something tremendous and beautiful that is beginning to germinate within this place. What will come of this will surprise all of you. How this will be will be surprising, and the plan for the emergence of this beautiful and powerful blessing from God will be like nothing that you have experienced, my beloved souls. It will awaken many of you to the possibilities of God’s Touch and will expand out and bless many in your world.

So your commitment today is a commitment to something far deeper and greater than what you imagined. God is inspiring many to make such commitments in your world. To place their feet in the right place, the right environment for this emergent light and truth to manifest in your world.

Each of you has heard the calling that God has placed within your souls, to awaken, to come together in loving commitment and deep faith and soulful knowings that you may work together towards these ends. For as I have said, there is much change coming in your world and these places of light will be shelters for many in this great storm and upheaval in your world.

You are all strong enough to walk this path together, to gather others by your side, to enlist your brothers and sisters who in their own souls hear the bell toll bringing you all to service, awakening your gifts, awakening your beating hearts and expanding souls. Each will play their part. Each will see clearly the road they must take. Each will find great joy in these efforts.

Yes this plan will continue for many years, each step, each day unfolding, bringing to reality this beautiful awakening of mankind. Each of you will be gifted with many insights as to what all of these events are meant to do. You will be able to assist your brothers and sisters with your understanding, your perceptions so to explain that through the upheavals comes new life, new possibilities, wiping away all the darkness, inequities, pain and anger.

All the wilful places within each heart will be expunged and a new beginning will be given as a gift from God and you will all be a part of the healing of this world. Though you see your parts in support of this little church, it is only the beginning, a small step towards many other steps. But this step, this simple commitment, this loving outreach to the souls who come into your circle and midst is a crucial step that will ignite many other opportunities, allow many doors to open and many possibilities to be realized. For as you know, the Law of Free Will is powerful and thus your choices are powerful, beloved souls. To choose light, to choose service and love, to band together as you have in prayer, to ask to be guided and supported, to listen to God’s Will, you place your feet upon a path of light and love that shall lead to many, many other opportunities to serve your Heavenly Father.

How these choices come unbidden and in surprising ways, but indeed God’s plan is beautiful, is it not? God’s Wisdom is perfect. God’s Love is endless. You will all find your ways and is this is not a great gift that you have each other in loving support, in prayerful support of your efforts, in actions done in love, sharing your insights and wisdom, proclaiming truth in simple and unambiguous ways, recognizing the power of love to change all, to heal all, to awaken all for this is within in you?

You embark upon a great journey, beloved souls, a great journey that will bring joyous and wonderful blessings. You will see what great blessings God has for you. You will come to know in deeper ways what is truly within you as God draws out your gifts, your light, and utilizes His instruments in your world. God bless you, beloved souls, and keep you in His light, protection, and care. Continue to pray earnestly to receive His gift of Love and in this gift of Love, many other gifts are a part of His great blessing upon your soul.

God bless you, beloved souls. Your teacher Augustine is with you, loves you, continues to teach you and support you, always, beloveds, always. God bless you.