Messages 2017 and 2018

Changes in the World

February 17th, 2017

Gibsons. B.C.

Received by A.F.


I am Augustine. There has been much talk of late about change, changes in the world and I have come to speak about this and hopefully add some clarity for those who are concerned and those who wish to act to ensure their safety and the safety of others.

Beloved souls, change is a part of this world. It has always been a part of this world. Change has been a part of your lives and always has been. As you receive more of God’s Love within your souls, so changes take place within your beings as a result of the inflowing of God’s Essence enlivening your souls, having its effect upon your thinking and doing, the countenance of your being.

God is pouring His healing energies upon this world that is indeed under stress and in crisis. As many of God’s creations leave this world, as much of this beautiful planet created in harmony is disrupted by the will of man and so in response to this, these healing energies and the efforts from the world itself, there will be upheavals and there will be change. Because mankind has brought about disharmony on such a wide scale, there must be an avenue, a channel for healing to regain balance and harmony. And we have told you of this for many years and now you are within this flow of change at this very moment. You feel the effects of the changing conditions in this world and this does bring concern to each one of you for you love your world, you love your lives, you love your loved ones and when these things are threatened, at least in your own mind they are, then you become concerned and worried, there is a sense of doom and foreboding.

Beloved souls, there will be no doom or conditions which will bring on widespread destruction or disruption within your lives . No, my beloveds, God does not work in this way. God does not punish. He does not disrupt with violence. He does not bring widespread disharmony. No, God brings healing and you must have faith that within this flow of healing and change all will be affected in a way that will bring harmony. Yes, there will be those who resist and turn away and indeed these souls will inevitably suffer the consequences of their decision. But you my beloveds, we have equipped you with the knowledge that change is coming, that healing and hope is coming, so there is no reason for you to feel fear. There is no reason for you to run and hide, to be on the defensive. No beloved souls, as these doors open, so you will step through and you will be channels of light and instruments of change, purveyors of truth. For as conditions in this world change, God has put within each soul a flicker of light, a desire to come into harmony with this change. I know you wonder how you may spread the truth of God’s Love and I tell you God has a plan. He has a plan for each and every one who is willing to follow and be a part of this. As long as you continue to ruminate within your minds, to conceive of plans and strategies to combat the coming storms, you will only create confusion and will invariably take yourselves down roads which are unnecessary and unproductive.

Truth comes from an open and willing and enlivened soul. Truth comes as God pours within you His Love and guides you along your path, devised for you in all perfect harmony as God wills it. Listen. Do not make much of what is not necessarily a severe and destructive future. Yes, there are elements that will be difficult, that will require you to apply yourselves in creative and thoughtful ways as you navigate the conditions that will be created by these changes. You will need great faith and great strength. Think of the story of Jesus navigating the waters within the boat during a storm. He slept in peace while all about him, his disciples worried for their lives. Jesus had faith that God would guide and protect and he was a shining example of that faith. So you my beloveds, during the storms that come must have the faith of our beloved brother Jesus who knew that despite the storms about him, he would arrive at his destination safely. And so shall you and so shall many who walk in the light of God’s Love and those who wish to release their fears, their anxieties and their projections of what may come to be at peace, to walk fully in the light of God’s Love, to be in harmony with God’s Will. And yes, creating circles of light, centres of light, places of refuge starts first within the heart, that calm knowing that rests within the soul must first be established and from there the wisdom rises up into the mind giving inspiration, showing the way so that you may act with wisdom, with knowledge and inspiration that comes from God and not from your own mind’s projections and fabrications.

It is difficult for those of you in this world surrounded by the human condition to walk in this way. It is so contrary to what you have learned, how you have been in the world, how you have found a measure of success, how you have built within yourself a sense of well-being. Yet God asks you to walk a different path, a path that requires a certain obedience to God’s Will, a listening from a place not of the mind, acting from the soul, acting from love, acting with faith, being at peace. For with this foundation, no matter what might come your way, you will easily navigate as Jesus did upon the waters. You will navigate and know that you are safe, that where you are going is where you are meant to go. The choices you make in your life are choices informed by a deep wisdom, by the inspiration of God’s Will.

Take up this challenge my beloveds. For, yes indeed, the time grows short and many of you are responding to what already is an intense flow of this great blessing of God to heal the world. And you clamour within your minds, you feel anxious and often confused seeking solutions to your dilemmas. My beloveds, rest in prayer. Know that God has a plan that you will navigate through these waters effectively in peace and with a sure judgment as to what you need to do as each day comes upon you. It is indeed the awakening of the soul as it is indeed the awakening of mankind in this world that will bring change. Have you awakened my beloveds? For in order for others to be guided and led you must be awake and true to God’s Will.

And so as change comes, you will adapt. As challenges come, you will face them. As the Earth changes you will navigate through. You know this within your souls and you are coming to realize within you this true knowledge that God has His Hand firmly resting upon you. Do not doubt this. Do not let the human condition, the condition of your mind, the murmurs of those who fear and are confused to affect your own equilibrium and true knowing. For each soul must come to that place while they forge their relationship with God. That individual, beautiful relationship that comes with prayer and true connection to the Source of Love. You forge this relationship each day in your prayers. This must be your focus and when it is time to act you will know it. There will be no doubt and you will see clearly what you must do. But without that clear and powerful connection with your Creator, all that you have at your disposal to enact change for your life, for those around you, is your mind and we all know what the minds of men have come up with over the eons that they have existed in this world. This is pathetic. This is grossly out of harmony with God’s path. And we have invited you and encouraged you, each and every day, to come to a different understanding, a level of awareness, a place of soul, a place of soul communing with God. This will bring the solutions, this will open the doors and many revelations will come in this relationship. You need not worry. You need not race about trying to find solutions where there are none to be had. No, true solutions come from God and you must open yourselves to what God has to give for that door, once opened ,will allow the treasure-trove of deep insight, powerful, beautiful and simple solutions based on love, based on truth, based on integrity and generosity as mankind learns to embrace one another rather than compete and push aside and accumulate and feed that need for power and control. No my beloveds, the time for that is coming to an end. The time for peace on Earth is dawning and you, my beloveds, can be used to usher this in, given your desire to do so and your efforts to strengthen your souls in love. God has a plan. Seek to find that plan that is relevant to you.

I bring you my love and blessings. I am your teacher Augustine and I thank you for this opportunity to speak for many have concerns. And I wish to reassure each and every child who seeks the Father’s Love that there will be solutions and answers to these dilemmas. Be a part of this, my beloveds, and always grow in the Love. God bless you. God bless you. I love you.