Messages 2019 and 2020

A Serious Talk On Changing Earth Conditions

March 15th, 2020

Received by Al Fike.

Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

Beloved souls I am Keea Atta Kem and I resided in Egypt many hundreds of years ago and now reside within the Celestial Kingdom, a redeemed soul and angel of God.

The world is in great change and shifts beyond your understanding. These are massive shifts within the world that will bring change to each of you here and all of humanity. Nothing can stop this, beloved souls, and nothing will stop this. As you ride upon the changing Earth so you must learn to keep your balance and to be in harmony with God. For it is those who are in harmony with God, in harmony with their own souls and able to reconcile their minds with their souls and their souls with God, who will carry the answers and the key to the next awakening of the human race. This is all being orchestrated my beloved friends. God has a plan for the salvation of humanity, and I will assure you my brother that there will be upliftment and progress upward rather than a descending and chaos, which is in the present trajectory of humanity’s intentions that this will come about. Much pain and suffering will be realized through the intentions of men but what is happening now is the result of God’s intervention and in this way many spiritual blessings and awakenings and manifestations will come with these changes.

We are calling many to come together to pray together to come and gaze upon one another in recognition that each carries a purpose, a gift, a potential in order to awaken humanity to a deeper truth and greater understanding of what life is meant to be. Many whom we gather together are often unaware of these potentials and the deep purpose within the soul. They feel drawn, as do you beloved souls, and they desire to be something beyond the mediocre that is the way of life in your world and to understand more clearly the deeper truths of life and who and what God is. This question burns within each soul for within that soul is the answer if directed towards God. In this redirection of thought and intention there is an answer as God responds. Then what is meant to be within each soul is ignited provided that soul turns to God in all earnestness and desire to receive the blessing of His Essence, that great creative and transformative force that is the Essence of His Soul is then given to the soul of the mortal or the spirit.

God is seeding many souls with truth and a desire to serve and be uplifted in light. This is part of His plan for the unfolding of higher truth, of deeper purpose, of soulful recognition of the true nature of humanity. It is evident that if God left this awakening to mankind that it would destroy itself before the possibilities of this recognition would occur. God’s intervention is required, a redirection if you will, of the flow and actions of humanity away from the delusions and the distractions of materialism to a place of truth and simplicity and harmony.

Many in your country and in what you call the Western world are content with the way of life that is essentially built upon sand and not the rock of Truth. Because of this unsound foundation of belief and way of living, much of what you enjoy and much of this illusion will fall away. This will challenge each of you to find a different way, a way that is in greater harmony with God’s Truth and Love, and of what is truly meant to be in this world, which is a harmonious interaction between humanity and the creations of this world, the diversity and beauty of this world. This great gift to humanity must be acknowledged. The Earth itself is a deep blessing that nurtures you all. Because of the potentials of humanity, you have learned to manipulate the Earth to your own benefit. Some have fared very well in your world and have come to a place of comfort and pleasure and abundance while some have suffered greatly and in great deprivation. This is not God’s plan nor Will for humanity, for God’s plan ensures that all will be provided for, that needs will be met so that what is required for a soul born upon this planet be available to each soul in equal measure and in beautiful harmony.

Humanity has come to a level of consciousness that they may intellectually understand this, but unfortunately their souls lag far behind. The understanding of the soul is very weak and feeble in most souls. In order for balance to be struck in the nature of man, God is providing those blessed souls who have great potential and gifts to be aware of this truth of the soul and to awaken to be nurtured and uplifted to the point where this wakefulness may be present and may be expressed in many different ways through those individuals who within their souls have chosen this work and this role in the world.

Many of these souls that God has seeded are beginning to wake up and are beginning to feel a deep yearning for things spiritual and for God. In this way God is orchestrating that many of you may meet and acknowledge one another, that those who are a little further ahead than others may come and help this birthing of new perception of new truth and new potentials. Each of you will be called upon to do your part, though some of you feel unqualified in this regard. I say to you that the potentials of your souls go far beyond your mind’s capacity to understand and within the soul you must put your focus and trust that it will awaken, but it must awaken through your yearnings to the Creator of all who will provide for each of you the spark that will bring this awakening and open the great potential of the soul.

You ask: “How may I teach others, how may I reach out to others where they will not reject me, but will listen?” I say to you my friends, as conditions in your world intensify and changes and shifts continue to manifest and the world is turned upside down in tumultuous conditions of change and disruption, many souls will be asking. Many souls will ask with such intensity and fear: “Why, why is this happening, what is happening and how may I survive these dreadful conditions of change?”

I can assure you, beloved souls that when these conditions are upon you, which now you feel just a mild outbreak of physical and potentially harming conditions, many will seek you out provided you are grounded with God. Provided you are with such faith and trust in what is God’s plan you will be given all that you require from the wisdom, the needed energy, desire and provisions so that you may go out into the world and help your fellow man in all of this chaos and danger. You will be protected and you will come to know the potentials of your soul. You will feel God’s hand upon you as real and powerful and you will be guided by your own soul. Not so much by the mind, but a harmonization of both so that you will come to know the actions that are needed. You will be guided with each step each day. You will see clearly the road you must travel, where you must go, how you must get there and who you will meet and what will be the outcomes. These things will come clear to your beloved souls and in this way there will be no confusion or ambivalence or fear, but a true sense of purpose and a truly awakened understanding of what it is to be an instrument for God, a channel of love, a purveyor of truth. Though I cannot assure you that there will be no challenges for yourself in this changing world but they will be far less than many who are lost and have no anticipation of what is occurring and what will come.

We beseech you beloved brothers and sisters to firmly ground yourself in prayer, in increasing faith in your relationship with God. There is no other way to approach what is coming. You cannot anticipate everything with your mind. You are not capable of navigating these conditions solely with the strength of your body. You will not be able to hide. You will not be able to willfully navigate the world to bring safety to yourself and to your loved ones. Too many elements will be in play in your world and in this regard using your mind will be futile. When your mind is attuned to God’s Will, which requires the opening of your soul, then the solutions will be evident and the guidance will come clear and the journey will be lit with God’s Will and touch upon you.

I will say to you my brothers and sisters, you cannot save humanity for what is coming is the result of consequences and their choices. Unfortunately many of these choices have been the result of blind actions and often innocent actions, of those who are asleep in your world. I say to you many, many souls in your world are not awake but continue to slumber in the contentment of their material well being and lack of spiritual desire. As such, there will be great upheavals as the world, which you call Gaia, responds to the apathy of humanity which has built in numbers to such a degree that it is a great force upon your world. A force not for good beloveds but a burden, with actions that are destructive, that are self serving and that are unwise and unloving. The world in response will always bring balance and harmony back. All life in this world continues to suffer as many creatures leave this world and so must come back and be a part of this beautiful tapestry of life.

We have warned you many times about what is coming. We have done so in these circles of light, we have done so through various channels and mediums who we communicate with and through. We have given ample warning. Even your scientists are alarmed at how quickly things are changing in your world. In their foresight they have seen how the rhythms of the world change gently and take time to manifest and yet in the conditions of today this is not the case. There are disruptions and eruptions that are taking place with great intensity and this will continue as your Mother Earth awakens to the dangers imposed by you. You have done so through your free will. You have done so because you do not know what else you might do. You have not done this out of malice or a desire to be destructive. It is difficult for you to see the picture that is present in the actions of humanity all around your world. We who come from far off who see you from that distant place see clearly how there are such great waves of disharmony, energies of destruction, desires and intentions of humanity that are inharmonious and do not agree with the laws of God and the laws of life and the laws of love.

Many continue blindly down these roads of darkness, destruction and inharmony and as I say many do so innocently, asleep, trusting in the powers of men to ensure their safety and their well being in the world. Unfortunately this trust is very misplaced. The powers that be in this world do not consider the well being of their brothers and sisters, but only of themselves. Those who are presently in power who presently control the life on this world will lose that power and lose that control. The structures of your world are crumbling. You see this now as plans made and ideas of future plans seem unlikely and impractical as the world changes.

You must live day by day in faith and trust in God, who is the true power of all things. In this way you will find your way through and be used in surprising ways. Not all will be lost, there will be communication amongst you, there will be ways and means to support one another that will be simple in nature and expression but more in harmony with God’s Creation. Unfortunately after all is said and done there will be fewer of you upon this world and many will enter into the world of spirit so that there may be a recalibration of the way in which you may live. In that time there will be great assistance given from many different avenues and possibilities. Forces for good and for truth and love will come and teach humanity the new ways within this new era of peace and harmony.

These changes are a great gift. So I urge you, when you are in the midst of difficult times to remember this, as this is happening for a reason and has a purpose and outcome, to uplift humanity and bring the world back from the brink of destruction to a place of harmony. These are tough lessons, difficult lessons but necessary so that all may find their way into greater light and deeper truth and that harmony may be with your world as it is with ours. May God bless you on that journey.

Now I will give you our beloved friend Josephus, who will answer questions as you give them after my talk to you, my serious talk, but I believe it has answered some of your questions in the outpouring of these words and truths.

May God bless you, I am Keea Atta Kem and I am happy to speak to you today. God bless you all, God is with you. Remember this, my beloved brothers and sisters, God will always be with you and you will never be alone. Seek the blessings of God, seek the resources of God which are His angels and His blessings and His Love. Seek these things my beloved friends and you will come to know a measure of peace within these times of great tumult. May God bless you, thank you and my love is with you.