Messages 2017 and 2018

Restore the Harmony of Creation

September 13th, 2017

Gibsons, B. C.

Received by A.F.


I am Paul. Indeed the winds of change are blowing upon your world. Much is changing. Yet because you stick resolutely to your perceptions and routines and those conditions within you, it is difficult to discern these changes that are coming. Yet there are obvious signs, are there not? The world is changing, the planet is shifting and restructuring. Life is adjusting to what comes as many experience the fury of Mother Nature bringing changes, responding to conditions in this world. God is bringing His Light and Love, His blessings as well to this planet.

As all these energies and conditions conspire to force humanity to change, to see differently, to live differently in this world for the crush of humanity cannot continue to trample God’s glorious creation. There must be an attempt to respect and to love, to cherish this beautiful planet and allow the natural order that God has created to flourish and for mankind to be sensitive and loving towards what God has created. This will happen when mankind desires to love themselves, to love their brothers and sisters, to love all in this world. For that key ingredient of love is missing in so many places in the world and with so many souls in this world, there is a lack of love.

For with love comes a sensitivity and a sensibility that allows the soul to respond in love, to respond in harmony with creation. When this sensitivity is lost and replaced with fear and greed and a desire for self-empowerment in ways that are inconsiderate towards others, then it is not possible to truly see the glories of this world, the wonderment of life, the beauty of each and every soul that God has created. So this order must be restored, these sensibilities must come again to the consciousness of mankind for without this harmony, without a semblance of order and balance, all can be lost with this world, all can be destroyed, plundered, ripped away by those who conspire to create an order within this world that is of man’s making and not God’s.

This is not what life is meant to be for each beautiful soul that incarnates into this world. No, there is something far deeper, more beautiful, more powerful that is informed by Love, not by the powers of man’s reckonings, no, but by the Touch of God, the awareness of the Heavenly Father’s Touch and Light that infuses all of the universe where His Love, His Glory and Love, brings the great potentials and possibilities that are available to mankind. But it is for humanity to come to recognize their gifts and their abilities to know the Truth, to live with wisdom and harmony in this world and in the next world.

You, my beloved, beautiful children must continue to set forth with wisdom and truth, to join forces with others who also wish to bring harmony to this world, to renege the conditions that mankind has brought upon each and every one of you through eons of choices, through error of perception, through a lack of love. It is time, my beloveds, to step forward and declare the Truth and the power of Love, the great Divine Love that God wishes to give every child in this world, but for the asking. For those who are willing to receive and desire this Touch, great wisdom and understanding and sensibility will grow within their souls and infuse their minds with all that is required to bring these teachings, this wisdom forward.

You will carry a strength, a light that others will recognize and will see your example and hear your words and know your love. In this you will teach and heal and bring greater harmony to this world. This is God’s Plan. God is recruiting each and every soul who is willing to step forward in this way, those that are drawn to God and listen to that still voice that God has placed within each one of you. Every soul has this potential to know the Will of God, to hear the Wisdom of God, to be infused by His great Love and be changed and healed so that they may rise up above the conditions of this world to a different place of deep understanding, of compassion, of knowledge and love. This is what is needed in this world, for the world is drowning in materialism. The world does not require more of this condition where so many are numbed and ignorant and fearful and live in great error and judgement. This is not so much because they desire to be like this. It is a result of the conditions in this world that have been built up, the darkness that infuses so much and the ignorance and the fear and the hatreds that runs rampant in most places. Innocence has been lost, my beloveds, innocence has been lost and replaced with these conditions that hamper the growth and evolution of mankind to a place of great joy and harmony. Where their efforts in a material way will bring great support, but done so in harmony and love. That the material conditions of each soul upon this planet may be uplifted, that there will be harmony, that suffering will be greatly reduced and all will be fed and clothed, and housed. Their needs will be supplied but must be done in love, with a great equity and balance in this world. Many of you know this, you see the need for this, you understand how the inequities of this world have caused great pain for many in this world.

But first and foremost, you must be in harmony and in close connection with God for in this way the wisdom comes. In this way, the answers to these many dilemmas will flow into your consciousness, and you will feel great love and compassion for your fellow man. This is the foundation, the foundation from which you must act and move in this world, for those things that come solely from the mind have been tried over and over again in this world without much success. For when you rely upon those natural abilities which God has given you as a blessing and only that, there is a piece missing, a very important piece, your connection with your Heavenly Father. The wisdom that comes with your prayers and longings for God and the response that always comes and the blessings that are poured upon you. My beloved souls – you must listen, my beloveds, listen and yearn for God, come to know the solutions for your own life and come to live the Truth as best you can.

God will guide you to many souls as you are strengthened and grow within your soul and come to accept your true selves. God will guide you to many others whom you may influence and teach, not always by words but by your presence, by who you are. This is not a time to hide away from humanity but it is a time to be strengthened, to be resolved within your own soul, forging that connection with God, unbreakable and powerful. As this is done, you will forge out into the world. God will guide you. That innate purpose that God has put within you will explode forth in all its beauty and perfection so that you will fulfill those tasks that God has placed before you. These tasks will give you great joy and fulfillment. It will not be a burden but a glorious expression of your beautiful, beautiful soul. The world needs those who bring the Light. The world is desperate for higher Truth, greater Love. You will show those who are willing to listen where they must go to be with their Heavenly Father, to be awakened, their eyes opened, their souls yearning for the Touch from God, His great Love and Beauty and Light infusing, healing and enveloping.

This is coming, my beloveds. You will continue to rise up above the conditions of this world and find your rightful place in this Light and harmony, peace and joy, as your soul continues to shed its encrustations and be glorifyingly beautiful and in at-onement with God.

God bless you, my beloveds. I am Paul, Paul, the apostle. I love you. I love you. God bless you.