Messages 2019 and 2020

Change is Upon This World

March 24th, 2019

Received by Al Fike.

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Change is upon this world of yours as the Will of God continues to bring blessings and energies and initiatives that will bring change to your world. As these changes intensify, as conditions become more diverse, even chaotic, you will be called upon, my brothers and sisters in this world, to serve, to be agents of change, to be teachers and healers, to bring Truth and love and comfort to many.

You continue to prepare yourselves. You continue to wonder as to what the future may bring. I say to you, my friends, be in the flow of God’s Love. Allow yourself to awaken. The slumber that most of humanity continues to be within, is falling away from you, and a new clarity and sense of purpose emerges as your souls awaken and are blessed by the Father’s Love. You will be called, my friends. You will be called in service as you have seen with the dear souls who have traveled and answered the call, so will you. Many of you answer this call and find yourselves in places that are unknown to you now but will come to be known. You will be used to establish Circles and Centres of Light, Portals, blessings, expanding this Lattice of Light in the world.

There is so much work to do, my friends. God has a deep desire to see his children come into Light and wakefulness and Truth, that the world may be imbued with the Light of Love. The affairs of men will be conducted with wisdom and there will be compassion for all. You must exemplify these Truths, beloved souls, channels of Love and beacons of Light.

As you venture forth in the world, each day promises opportunities to serve, to grow and to learn. God blesses you deeply. Your souls begin to awaken to their potentials and the subtleties and complexities of God, God’s Creation, your world and our world. All of these things will come with your awakening. You will see the grandeur, the complexity, the power and the glory and the light and the joy of God’s Creation. You will convey your joy and your perceptions to those who are blind and asleep. The opportunities will be yours to help awaken those who are willing, who have a desire within their souls to know the Truth.

We will work closely with you. We already do. The intensity and impact of our rapport with you will be felt by you and by those around you. The atmosphere will be charged with Love. The possibilities that come with your awakened soul and our fellowship together will bring many manifestations, signs and portents in the future that will help to calm the troubled waters and awaken many souls, to assure these souls that God loves them. You will convey this Love as God’s instrument. You will walk in the world in a way that is different from many, and yet many souls will be drawn and wish to have what you possess. Your serenity, your love, your comforting embrace, your wisdom and your light will draw many. You are just upon the threshold of deep awakenings and knowings and experiences with God.

This awaits you, beloveds. God awaits your awakened soul, sending out its longings, desires to be in at-onement, receiving this great gift of Love and with it many blessings and openings of your magnificent souls. The transformation continues, my beloved friends. Insights and understandings come like breaths upon the wind, enveloping you slowly, gently awakening you, bringing your soul into alignment so you may have these conscious experiences and communions with God.

There is nothing that will impede you, my beloved brothers and sisters. Only that which you put before you withholds you from God. Take your time to be with God. When you go about your daily life, think of God. Pray that you may be used as His channel of love. Allow God to infuse every part of you and every part of your life. The reality of God will continue to awaken you, and you will continue to see more clearly this reality of love and light and truth.

My beloveds, you are precious to us. You are so deeply loved by God. Allow this to be your reality. Allow God to be with you always in a conscious and powerful way and the work that is set before you will become evident. Your ability to be God’s instruments will strengthen and be in alignment by love. My beloved souls, continue on these journeys. Continue to yearn and long for your Heavenly Father and to serve God and your brothers and sisters in love. There will be many awakenings, many opportunities to serve, many wonderful experiences to come. In this you will share with all that are with you the truth, the grace, the upliftment and the love.

God bless you, my friends. I am Seretta Kem and I continue to accompany you upon your journeys of life and assist you in the development of your souls and your gifts. This is my pleasure and honor and joy to serve you thus in accordance to God’s Will so all will unfold and be made clear and bright, joyfully so. God bless you, my friends. Seretta Kem loves you all. God bless you.